The heart that broke away

It was a new day in a new town in a new country. A fresh start for keely (pronouced key-lee) was mistreated since day one except by her best friend bridget. These to girls are gonna have there time of there lives when love next door finds that these to girls have a broken way.


3. Oh honey

first thanks for the nice comment's and secondly no hate meant in this fan fic nialls brother was just a filler character




Oh honey

Keely’s pov

After I saw Craig I didn’t know what to do, so I did the quickest thing and ran. I ran to my front door and unlocked it, and ran to my room and sat on my edge of my bed. I sobbed into my hands and looked up to my window and saw niall yelling at Craig. I opened the window and yelled.

“Yo Niall get your ass over here” they both looked up and niall jogged over as he did I made my contact with and I gave him the finger and I chuckled.

“Hey keely are you alright, what happened with that douche bag I unfortunately I have to call him my brother” he exclaimed.

“I.. uh… “ I quietly started to sob.


I was sitting at the bar all alone, I was absolutely, totally and completely sober. I have had like 5 guys ask me to dance, but the one next to me actually was nice we had been chatting for a bit.                              “So were do you live”                                                                                                                                                      I was hesitant to answer “well Canada but I came to Ireland, so I could sign off on some papers on a new house”                                                                                                                                                                                “Oh hey want to come back to my place” he kind of started to stutter, making me realize he was drunk.   “No sorry, I” he grabbed my hand and basically threw me into his car.

“Hun we talked for a while time to spice things up” he kissed my neck, since I was strong  I threw him off and got out. He basically almost raped me, he he almost raped ME! I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS!


“Keely, Keely. Tell me what’s wrong”

“Yo, you, your brother almost raped me; he pushed me into the car and kissed my neck. And, and that’s what happened” Niall was boiling with anger his face was beat red and he got up.

“Stay here, don’t move” He got up and left, I saw him walk outside and started yelling at his brother so I just laid down while he was yelling at him. As I drifted off to sleep I heard someone chuckle assuming it was niall, so I just started to sleep. I fell into a long beautiful, deep NIGHTMARE huh? I thought I was dreaming about bunnies and butterflies. The dream was a flashback about the night when Craig almost going to rape me. When I started to calm down I felt the warmth of someone hugging me and I snuggled in closer.

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