The heart that broke away

It was a new day in a new town in a new country. A fresh start for keely (pronouced key-lee) was mistreated since day one except by her best friend bridget. These to girls are gonna have there time of there lives when love next door finds that these to girls have a broken way.


1. Moving hurtles part 1

Chapter 1- Keely's pov

-As we un-packed our boxes and set everything how we wanted in our house. Oh how i love saying our house, well me and my best friend bridget have had the same dream since grade 7. It was to move away from cold boring Thunder Bay, Ontario and in this case plane old Canada. Its not like we didn't love our city or anything it was getting to boring. Everyday it was the same macs robbed again blah blah blah oh and there is a hockey game tonight. We decided to spice life up a bit and leave to go to Ireland. Since Ireland wasn't our first choice we had to find the quickest and easiest place even if cost alot and in which it did.-

Ding dong

"Keely go get the door"  yelled bridget from the bathroom witch was filled with lots of baskets and no possible way to have a quick escape.

"Ok" as i ran to the front door like a ninja hoping and dodging boxes i finally got there. I opened the door gentally.

The short blonde ladie stood infront of me with a big smile " Hi, I'm Maura I'm your next door neighbor. I thought since you and your friend ( as she waved behind me because i assumed she saw bridget) would like for you two to come over and have dinner"

As I quickly replied with out thinking " Of course bridget and i would love to, oh I almost forgot I'm Keely Sheehan and that is Bridget Whelan"

"For girls that have strong irish last names and first names are you from here?"

I replied with a puzzled look "No, were from Canada"

"Your name means Beautiful and your last name peace. Your friends name means Strong willed and her last wolf. You to have very strong names. Well of course I wouldn't know because i just heard my friends talk about those names" 

"Oh really" i replied kinda creeped

" Oh and just to let you know i have 2 boys but 1 is away and the other one is bringing over his little band! alrighty bye" she walked away smiling.

I slowly closed the door and wondered about if i have ever heard the band?

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