It Girl

You have 2 read 2 find out :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


6. Chapter 6

                    "HONK HONK!!!!!!!" I look up from my thoughts to see Harry pulling up. I walk over to his car and get in. "Before we go," Harry starts, his green eyes sparkling. "We need to talk. I'm really sorry about the fighting and hating each other thing. I am really bad at showing my feelings and I guess I just ignored you and pushed you out of my life because I really like you. If its okay with you, I would like a chance at being your boyfriend." I was in shock. "I don't kn-" I started. Before I could finish, I felt Harry's lips crash onto mine. I froze but then kissed him back. I felt instant sparks. we pulled apart and I smiled. "Yes." This defiantly felt right. I sat back in Harry's arms as we drove. We pulled up at the movies. I realized that I didn't know what movie we going to see. "Harry what are we seeing?" I asked. "You'll see." Harry smirked. We walked up to the lady. "2 for breaking dawn part 2 please." I held back my laughter. Harry looked at me. "I'm a sucker for romance and death." he said. I burst into a fit of giggles. We ran into the movie theater hand in hand. We sat in the very top of the movie theater. Harry and I held hands the whole time. I was really happy. After the movie I was starved.


      Harry's phone went off as we were exiting the movies. "Hello?" he answered his accent thick. "Sure I'll ask her." Harry turned to me. "Louis wants to know if you want to eat at Nandos with the boys and I." I thought for a minute. I guess I did have to get along with the boys since I am Harry's girlfriend.  "Sure." I say. 

                        We arrived at Nandos and saw Louis at a table along with Harry's other 3 friends.  I sat in between Niall and Harry. I ordered my food and handed off the menu to Niall. Wow. That boy can eat!! I learned alot about the boys. Niall loves food. Zayn loves.. well Zayn. Liam is quite sensible. And Louis. Ah Louis. let's just say the British boy argued with the waitress for 10 minutes because he refused to pay unless he had 5 carrots to-go. When I went home that night, I thought to myself, I couldn't be happier with my boyfriend and friends. I couldn't be happier with.. well, Life.

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