It Girl

You have 2 read 2 find out :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


5. Chapter 5

                               "HONK HONK" I looked up from my thoughts and saw Harry waving at me. I walked over. "Hey Brittanie!" Harry smiles. "Before we go I think we should talk." Harry says. I sit down in the passenger seat. "I'm so sorry for being mean to you all these years. I guess I'm just really bad at showing my feelings. I guess I just was mean because.... I really like you. Will you be my girlfriend?" Harry poured out. I stared out of shock. "I guess so.." I trailed off a little unsure. "You look unsure." Harry says. Before I can respond, Harry's lips crash on to mine. I freeze for a minute than kiss him back. After about five minutes we pull away. "I'm sure." I laugh. Harry laughs and starts the car. He keeps one hand on the steering wheel and one arm around me. We end up seeing "This is 40." Harry and I laughed the whole time. I was amazingly fun. "Hey do you want to go to dinner with the boys at Nandos?" "The boys?" I asked lost. "Louis Niall Zayn and Liam.'' harry explained. I thought for a minute  I guess getting along with the boys had to be a part of being Harry's girlfriend. "Sure." I say. We pull up at Nandos and walk inside. I see Louis and Harry's other 3 friends at a booth. I slide in between Louis and Harry. During dinner I learn alot about the boys. They are actually quite funny. Niall ordered so much food that I thought he would explode. Louis argued with the waiter refusing to eat without exactly 5 carrots. Zayn looked in his mirror every 3 seconds. Liam is very sweet and quiet. By the time I went home that night with a kiss and goodnight from Harry, I couldn't be happier with my friends or boyfriends. 

                                              Author's Note 
                                You have to go back to chapter 2 because I changed the project!!!! Comment and like <3- Catie<3 <3 <3 <3

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