It Girl

You have 2 read 2 find out :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3. Chapter 3

   Harry's Pov: Britt walked into a room in her studio to change. I played on my phone and texted Louis. "Girls attention!!" I look up to see a lady with curly hair. My eyes search the room for Britt but I don't see her. Finally I see her. She looks beautiful. Wow I can't bealive i said that. I watch her dance. She looks so free as she flies across the room. I smile and then stop. She hates you. I tell myself. Even so the smile comes back. 

   Britt's Pov: I glance over at Harry. He smiles and then quickly looks away. Weird. I've never noticed the way his dimples show when he smiles and the way his green eyes shine. Stop. I tell myself. He hates you. I turn and keep dancing. By the time class is over I am tired. I walk over to Harry. "You were great." he says. I smile. Harry grabs my dance bag and his phone. He takes my hand and walks me out the door. Weird but I let my hand stay. We drove to my house in silence. I took his hand again and led him up to my room. "HI MOM!" i yelled. "Hi honey." my mom says coming through the kitchen door. "Oh who's this." Harry shakes my moms hand. "I'm harry." My mom smiles. she looks at me and then says i'll leave you 2 alone. I blush like crazy. I run upstairs with Harry hot on my trail.  We work on our project and finally finished. The whole thing was actually fun. Harry and I got along well surprisingly. "Hey Brittanie," Harry said as he was about to walk out of the door. "Yes?" I asked. "Bye." He said as he leaned forward and kissed my cheek. Before I could react he walked away. As I go to bed at night I realize that maybe just maybe, Harry Doesn't hate me after all.

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