It Girl

You have 2 read 2 find out :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2. Chapter 2

  "Class we have a project", Mr. Wydra the health teacher announced. I wondered what it was. Whatever it is it is probably boring. I turned my attention to my nails. "The project is to blah blah blah." I zoned out. "Here are the partners." "Pink blue pink blue pink blue." I thought looking at the pattern on my nails. "And last but not least, Harry and Brittanie.

     I looked up from my nails, a look of mortal terror on my face. I looked over at Harry. His friend Louis stood up. "No Jimmy Protested!!! Harry is my partner." "That idiot" I thought. "Ms. James, keep your thoughts to yourself." Mr. Wydra said. Oops did I say that out loud? "I do not care if you are not happy with your partners. Learn to get along. Tonight you will draw a sketch of the baby and bring it in. Then tommorow you will create your baby." He instructed. The bell went off. I could see Harry headed for me. I avoided him. For the rest of the day. At the end of the day, I was by my locker talking to Cali. Someone tapped me on the shoulder. 


   Harry's Pov: I saw Brittanie by her locker talking to her friend Cali. I was not happy about this project but it had to be done. I walked over and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around. "What?"  "Do you want to meet at my house or yours tonight?.'' I asked. "We can meet at mine." Brittanie said. "Okay after school?"  She made a face. "I have dance....." she trailed off. "I'll come to your practice." "Whatever." she replied. Britt slammed her locker door and walked out to what I assumed was her car. She got in and waited for me. I sat in the passengers seat.  The whole car ride was awkward  We pulled up at a a place named "Abby Lee's Dance studio. This was going to be an interesting project.

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