It Girl

You have 2 read 2 find out :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. Chapter 1



             "Riiiiiiiiiiing!!!!!!". My alarm clock went off informing me that it was 6:00am. Time to get ready for school. I slam my hand down on my clock and roll out of bed. I glance in the mirror on my way to my closet. My dark red hair was an absolute mess. I sigh and grab a brush off of my dresser and run it threw my hair. I put on black skinny jeans and a pink and gray flowy top. I pair the outfit with black toms. I take one last look in the mirror before grabbing my bag and heading downstairs. I take out my phone on the way to my car and call my best friend Cali. *Phone convo*

"Hey Cali!"

"Hey Britt! I'm on my way to school meet me at the flagpole."


*End of phone call

 I looked by the flagpole and discovered that a certain British jerk was already there waiting for his idiot group. Luckily Cali pulled up just then and I didn't have to wait. I ran over to Cali. "Hey" she said. "Hi, look what the cat dragged in." I say pointing to Harry Styles. Harry Styles. That name brought up my breakfast. I can not stand him with every bone in my body. Don't worry he hates me to. I don't know why we loathe each other, we just do. Harry looks up and smirks as he makes his way over to us. I groan and walk in the opposite direction towards the school building ,dragging Cali with me. Harry and his friends followed suit but split off to go to lockers. I grabbed my stuff for health, my first class. And guess who was in it. Harry. I walked in and I instantly sat by my other two friends, Danielle and Eleanor. We talked until the teacher walked in. "Class we have a project."


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