Cold Hearted

Ammie is just a normal girl who loves to sing and dance. Her dad becomes One Direction's new manager and she has to hide her love for Zayn from her dad.


2. Tour with the boys

"Hello, love! I'm Zayn." he said and shook my hand and hugged me

I took a deep breath in and smelt his manly scent. I hugged him back. Four others boys were singing in the booth. When they finished, they came out and introduced themselves.

"You sounded fantastic!" I said

"Yes, quite wonderful." my dad said "I'm Jones and I'll be your new manager."

They finished the song and we went out for lunch at a small cafe. We ordered sandwiches and drinks and talked all through lunch.

After lunch, we walked around and got on a big tour bus. We toured around London and saw the Royal Palace, Big Ben, and the London Eye.

We went on the London Eye and when we got to the top, I got scared and grabbed onto Zayn's hand out of habit.

"Are you okay, Ammie?" he said and squeezed my hand

"Y-yeah. I'm okay." I said, trying to pull my hand away

"No no. It's okay, you can hold my hand." he said blushing slightly

"Thanks." I said and held onto his hand

"Adorable." Niall said rolling his eyes




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