Can We Get Through This

Bella is moving to London to live with her uncle Paul and little does she know he works for a very famous boy band One Direction and she can't decide on two boys she falls the hardest for.


2. Didnt See That Coming

when we got to the house ill be living in for probably the rest of my life i couldng wait to see the inside because it was absolutely gorgeous on the outside. when we walked through the front door Paul yelled boys get down here i have someone you need to meet i instantly heard the bounding of feeting coming from upstairs and i thought o he must have dogs! but no i saw the mkst gorgeous 5 guys i have ever seen and a bonus 4 had british accents and 1 had an irish accent! i am a complete sucker for accents exspecially irish ones!


the first that i saw was a boy with the most gorgeous curls and green eyes anc he said hi my name is harry in the most gorgeous accent ever! the next 3 werw Liam,Louis and Zayn. They all were gorgeous but thelast one caught my eye the most his name is Niall! he has gorgeous blonde hair and blue eyes that are hard to resist!i was so happy that i got to live with paul because i get to see the five most gorgeous guys ever every day!


Paul introduced me and said that my name is Bella Lockett and im 16 i think i saw liams eyes get sad when paul said that i wonder why? then he tells me that they will also be livingn in the same house! i was shocked i thought they probably got their own flay or something but now im super happy!! when i lookedover i caught Harry looking at me and i got a glimpse of his eye and i started blushing why was i doing that did i have feelings for Harry? no no i cant i have feelings for Niall right o great now i have to pick thanks uncle paul for these gorgeous guys thay will be hard to pick that i have feelings for the most!

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