Can We Get Through This

Bella is moving to London to live with her uncle Paul and little does she know he works for a very famous boy band One Direction and she can't decide on two boys she falls the hardest for.


1. Moving is Difficult

Author Note 

hey this is my first fanfic si i hope you like it and sorry if it takes me a while to update cuz i have basketball after school!


My name is Bella Lockett im 16 years old and i have long curly brown hair and my eyes are teal. Weird i know but thats how i was born. Acouple of weeks ago my mom and dad djed in a car crash and they left me to g live with my uncle paul. he lives in london while i am currently living in the small old state of Maine. 


once i arrived in london i found my uncle paul and hugged him to death because i havent seen him in forever. when we were done hugging he said he coukdnt wait for me to meet the boys! i was wondering what boys i didnt think he had any children! o well i guess ill find out when i get to his house! i wondering what he means by the boys?

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