Just A Dream (not related to Nelly)

Rosie and Caroline have trained for the X-Factor practically there whole lives. So they get the grand prize, duh. Caroline hates being home alone so she is always skyping friends from home. But when Niall gets a little crush, Caroline gets jealous, even though its nothing. Then there is Rosie, Liam and her have been flirting ever since the beginning of tour so when they play truth or dare, Caroline dares her to do seven minutes in heaven with Liam. Do they become a couple or just awkward. (Ok so I know what you are thinking "Liam has a girlfriend though" in this fan fic he does not) Enjoy!!!!!


4. Getting Ready

little authors note: this chapter will be longer and it is a little sad I teared up writing it. -Caroline ( gummibearsrock )


NO ONES POV: The girls made it and the surprise was opening for One Direction on there tour. Right now they are bringing their bags on the tour bus. They do not leave for another two hours.

Caroline's POV: I put all my bags on the bus and hugged my family goodbye. I was crying by now. I was sad I always hated leaving home (but I could stand it) so that's why I said goodbye so early. And so I could get to know the boys and how I was going to live on tis bus. I sat on the step and started playing with my dog, I knew this was the last time I would be with her though and she knew too. I have had her since I was little and she was getting worse and worse by her age. She was really strong today though. She started licking my face and I started petting her after a little while I hugged her and whispered "See you later girly" then I waved goodbye and got on the bus. To my surprise I saw Niall watching out the window where I was. "I wasn't being a stalker I swear!!" he said. Me: "Haha its ok" Niall: "Have you been crying?" That was when I realized I have been, Molly (my dog) was a huge thing in my life. I loved her with all my heart. "Uh ya" I said. "Come tell Nialler" he said while sitting down. I sat next to him and told him what's up with Molly and how I hate leaving home. "Aw I'm sorry but she will be in a good place and we all miss our families, now we all have each other, just incase" he said. "Alright thanks Niall I feel better. Now can you show me where everything is?". "Oh ya haha" he said " Ok so at the back there are three sets of bun beds I sleep on the couch that pulls out and there is a curtain separating the boys' beds and your and Rosie's bed, uh there are two changing rooms, two bathrooms the kitchen, sorry its not so big, is over there and then three closets right there" He said this while pointing to all of the stuff. But anyways I was all set to go.

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