Just A Dream (not related to Nelly)

Rosie and Caroline have trained for the X-Factor practically there whole lives. So they get the grand prize, duh. Caroline hates being home alone so she is always skyping friends from home. But when Niall gets a little crush, Caroline gets jealous, even though its nothing. Then there is Rosie, Liam and her have been flirting ever since the beginning of tour so when they play truth or dare, Caroline dares her to do seven minutes in heaven with Liam. Do they become a couple or just awkward. (Ok so I know what you are thinking "Liam has a girlfriend though" in this fan fic he does not) Enjoy!!!!!


5. Getting Ready pt.2

Rosie's POV: I was sad to leave my family, even though they annoyed the shit outta me. Right I was in the market getting some on the road food, I had already sad by to my family earlier and trust me it was WAY sappy. I know who Caroline was saying goodbye to forever and it really saddened me. Molly had always been a part of my life but off the sad topic. I was getting three bags of potato chips, three packs of pudding and some marshmallows. Do you have that friend that always eats, like ALWAYS, and never gets fat? Caroline's that friend. Once I bought her a pudding pack and in thirty minutes it was gone. She is a shocker, so that's why I bought that much food. When I got to the bus I saw Caroline's parents' car just leaving so I knew she was on, typical. I started eating the potato chips while I was walking over here because I was REALLY hungry. I got on the bus put all the food and my stuff (clothes, bath stuff, etc.) away and an hour later I was done. Now I had to pee, so I peed and got settled on the couch watching the T.V.  Then the bus started moving I didn't realize everyone was already on until the five boys came in and took the remote and switched off the T.V. "Hey" I said "I was watching that you know" they just nodded. Rude. So I went back and saw Caroline skyping her boyfriend. His name is Anthony, pretty cute but not my type. I said hi to him and took a nap. When I woke up later I heard crying.

Caroline's POV: I was skyping Anthony but then he said something that I hated, he said he wanted to break up. Me: Hey. Anthony: Hey uh I think we should talk. Me: Is it that im on a bus full boys cus-. Anthony: No its not  that I uh I just think we should uh break up. Me: I get it *holding back tears* End Call. I ran on my bed and started crying and crying until Rosie started comforting me. I was done crying after a while and I got what Anthony ment. Its just to awkward. So I got a snack, thank god rosie got snacks. And it was 9:00 so I just decided to take an early night.

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