Just A Dream (not related to Nelly)

Rosie and Caroline have trained for the X-Factor practically there whole lives. So they get the grand prize, duh. Caroline hates being home alone so she is always skyping friends from home. But when Niall gets a little crush, Caroline gets jealous, even though its nothing. Then there is Rosie, Liam and her have been flirting ever since the beginning of tour so when they play truth or dare, Caroline dares her to do seven minutes in heaven with Liam. Do they become a couple or just awkward. (Ok so I know what you are thinking "Liam has a girlfriend though" in this fan fic he does not) Enjoy!!!!!


2. Authors Note

Hey guys im sorry my chapters are so so so so so so short. I don't know why just I prefer short chapters. :/. SOOOOOO thanks guys for reading guys and I will post later :) And my kik is gummibearsrock  incase u wanna kik me or give me suggestions..     - Caroline

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