Why is love so complicated??

A teenage girl goes through the discovery of Love and why it is the way it is for her. She tries to see the changes that happen in boys and her everyday life as a teenager.


4. Oh, the anger.

Well the anger came from everyone else. I was happy. Extatic i can even say. I was going to be dancing with the Biebz. Or so I thought. Maybe it was the jealousy in the air, but i could sense that everyone was absolutely hating me. Especially my sister. She had told me that she completely liked him. Well she told all of us that he was just about her age and that we should all back off. But it isn't my fault that she is about 2 inches taller than me. I never told her to drink so much milk. There was this tension in the air until finally I decided to break it.

" Well I think its fine. I mean it could use some tweaks here and there, it will all be fine." I said. I was getting tired of the Hate stares coming from my so called "Friends". " Well I think that we should be able to dance with whoever we want. It shouldn't be size because you don't even know if you connect with the person so you might not dance right." Said Lennaie. We all knew that she wanted to all of a sudden become a Cougar. And I obviously don't mean the animal. "Fine then lets all talk and see who we "Connect " with" I said. But i knew better than to believe her B.S. I mean I'm her Best Friend. Who knows her better than me. Maybe her mom and Dad, but they weren't in our dancing group. So i decided to go off and talk to the guys. See who I "Connected" with.

We did this for a couple of minutes until Yocelyne's Dad came out and just paired us up however he felt like. So I was now (unfortunately) not dancing with Alan. I was going to have to dance with Isaiah. He's a pretty cool dude, I guess. I didn't really know him that well. Lennaie had told me many things about him and they were not good things either.

She would always talk about Isaiah. She had a HUGE crush on him ever since he had moved in next door to her. She was always saying how he was soo cute and whatever. I never really saw him as attractive or anything I saw him as Normal. We used to play soccer together and talk about skateboarding, but thats about it. Never anything out of the ordinary. I thought he was pretty quiet and a reserved type of guy until Lennaie told me something that made me see him in a whole different way.

You see Lennaie likes to make up very exaggerated things and tell us that they are the truth and nothing but the truth. We believed her sometimes, but other times they were way to hard to believe. What she told me about Isaiah was something that I somewhat believed. She had told me that he would always sneak into her house and makeout with her. I thought it was totally cute at the moment that she told me. She told me so many things that were probably just made up fantasies, yet I chose to believe. She even told me that he and her were going out and that they had to keep it a secret because supposedly no one would ever accept it. Some pretty intense lies.

So I had to dance with Isaiah, Ali with Danny, Melinda with Oliver, Lennaie with Alan, Yenni with Wayne, and Blanca with her BF Aidan. Not everyone was happy, but we didn't really have a choice.

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