Why is love so complicated??

A teenage girl goes through the discovery of Love and why it is the way it is for her. She tries to see the changes that happen in boys and her everyday life as a teenager.


6. Me and Isaiah

After everything though, Isaiah turned out to be a kewl guy. I even started to think that he liked me. But that was a BIG mistake. I didn't want to be heartbroken.Once again.

Me and my friends had just finished with practice when I was still talking to Isaiah. I thought that he was a pretty kewl guy. I thought he had the right to know what this girl was saying about him.

"Hah, I can't believe that you didn't know that Lennaie liked you. I mean its sooo obvious." I say as I pick the bark of the tree in front of my house.

"I didn't know. And I can't believe she said that . She's ugly too. Thats just nasty. How many people did she tell??" Isaiah asked.

"Well she told all of us and my friends from school. So probably a few. She's passing you off as her secret boyfriend." I say. Now don't get me wrong. Im usually not one to give away my Best Friend's secrets, but she had it coming. Especially after everything that she did. She went off and told all my friends that I was checking out Isaiah in his Football uniform. True , but she didn't have to tell everyone. 

"I can't believe that. My whole reputation with those girls is ruined. I hope you know that none of that is true." He said and looked at me.

"I know 'cause your telling me. But I can't believe you never even noticed. I mean everytime you pass by she does this look. She's like talking to me and then her eyes wander off and look at you. Every single time.You never saw??" I ask him.

"No, but thanks for telling me. I really appreciate you telling me." He then leaves and smiles.

That is when I totally fell for his smile. I always am a total freak about having perfect teeth. Yet he has one tooth that isnt quite perfect and his smile was still so perfect to me. That's when I made up my mind and knew that I had started to like him. And I HATE when I start to like someone because then its impossible for me to forget them. Like the Italian guy. I still haven't really forgotten him. I know that for some people it easy to move on and like someone else , but for me it seems like an impossible thing to do. I don't know why though afterall I was never with him.

I was completely mordified because I knew that once I started it would be hard to stop. But I guess that didn't matter much to me. Especially since I started to talk to him through Facebook too.

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