Why is love so complicated??

A teenage girl goes through the discovery of Love and why it is the way it is for her. She tries to see the changes that happen in boys and her everyday life as a teenager.


3. I'm dancing with who??

"Ok. So we have it all settled. I'm going to dance with Danny. Not my brother, the other Danny. Lennaie do you want to dance with Isaiah or....Wait Selena are you dancing with Isaiah??" Yocelyne was going over the list of partners for the millionth time. Yet still she was unsure of who was dancing with who.

"How about we just wait until Aidan gets here with his cousins that way we can measure ourselves and do it by height, 'cuz we dont want the girl to be taller than the guy or do you Yocelyne??" I asked as I along with Lennaie and Melinda did our makeup. We had Never met these boys before. They were new meat to all of us and you can say that we were almost like hungry lions. Or should I say cougars.

"How do I look??" asked Lennaie as she applied her left false eyelash. We had all gone hardcore with our outfits. Going shopping the day before. Trying to accentuate what we knew we had and hide what we didn't. It was like a party for us.We just had to look Amazing:) 

Yocelyne had finally decided on a pink sheer button up along with black jeggings, dark brown knee length boots, and her light brown hair curled over to one side to accentuate her high cheekbones. Lennaie opted for her hair to be straightend, a navy blue knit blouse and light wash denim, with black heels that added height that she really didn't need. Ali wore a turquoise bubble skirt and a white lace shirt with a cute peek-a-boo effect with her turquoise bandeau. Her hair glistened with the rays of the sun. Blanca less fasion savy, wore a black t-shirt,jeans and her converse. She didn't look chic, but atleast she wasn't wearin a hoodie like usual. Melinda managed to rock her distressed short shorts and to die for racerback tee along with her too cute neon pink sunglasses. If those guys were into legs they were going to get them with her. Yenni was sweet as pie in her blush pink dress with her white boat shoes. Lastly I decided to wear a cute off the shoulder black shirt with accents on the collar with some bright Purple skinnies and black lace up booties. Too Cute. Well all except for Blanca unfortunately:( 

We waited and finally they arrived. No joke we all needed cups for our drool as the guys looked at us as if we had never seen a guy. But we had NEVER seen guys like these. I mean how many times do you have to dance for a Quince and have to organize the dancers and you look and see that you might have a chance at dancing with either a Justin Bieber look-a-like or a Taylor Lautner look-a-like?? I think NEVER. Which is why we were acting soo insanely stupid. But atleast we didnt look stupid.

Then it got down to business. Who would we be dancing with. It was all soo crazy. We all wanted Justin Bieber or Taylor Lautner. Trying to catch their attention. Then they did the Hottest thing ever. They asked the other guys to play soccer. We all just sighed these huge sighs of happiness as they began to play. We are all big soccer fans and ADORE guys who play soccer so that just hit us like a big sign.

"Ok guys I'm taking attendance. Like in school.haha" said Yocelyne.

"Ok lets see; Melinda, Selena, Lennaie, Ali, Yenni, and Blanca. I know your all here. So the guys Danny I know both of you are here. Ok so Isaiah?"

"Here" Isaiah said

"ok.umm. Aidan i know your here. Ok Wayne. wellduh your here if Isaiah is here. He's your brother." Said Yocelyne obviously still dazed.

"If you know everyones here why are you doing that??" Asked Alan, the Bieber look-a-like. "Yeah, thats true." Said Oliver his Taylor Lautner brother.

"I- its cuz.I dont really know." said Yocelyne then smiled at them. "Ok so here is my first choices for you guys. Melinda and Oliver, Selena and Alan, Lennaie and Isaiah, Ali and Danny my bro, Yenni and Wayne, Blanca and Aidan, and of course me and Danny." said Yocelyne hoping everyone would like the list, but they of course didn't at all.


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