Why is love so complicated??

A teenage girl goes through the discovery of Love and why it is the way it is for her. She tries to see the changes that happen in boys and her everyday life as a teenager.


2. How it really happened

It was the first day of Quince practice for my friend Yocelyne's Quinceanera. You know the traditional party for Hispanic people on account of them turning 15 and becoming "Women". I dont believe that part because most people I happen to know that are 15 are very immature and childish. Anyway, we were planning out who would dance with who. My friends Ali, Lennaie, Melinda, Blanca,Yenni, and I (Selena) were all going to be Damas for Yocelyne's Quince. We were now picking out which boys we wanted to dance with and that was the first complication. Not with love, but the start of good old-fashioned girl drama.

"So, which guys are you getting for your Quince??" asked Lennaie as she got out a notebook from her bag. "I'm not sure yet. I know that my brother Danny is going to be one guy, but which other guys do you guys want as Chambelanes??" said Yocelyne.

Yocelyne never knew how to decide things for herself. Partly it was her parents fault for always being way too overprotective, yet she managed to have hidden 3 relationships form them. Lennaie on the other hand is very, very bossy. She wanted things done when and where she said. Sometimes she came off as a total B!tch, but they all loved her courage to speak her mind.Ali is my sister.We call her Ali but her real name is Alicia.She's very shy, but when she know someone needs a smack in the head she goes right on out and does it. She has a very bad temper that has everyone afraid if she ever happens to get angry. Melinda is a very flirtatious girl who will take your man faster than you can blink. She always meets guys online and talks to them and actually goes out with them. She's a Slhore, but she manages to still get her firends to like her. Blanca was new. She had just moved in to their street. You see they were all neighbors and had know eachother for a very long time. So when they saw Blanca they immediately wanted her to join their group. She was somewhat fashionable, but she could use some tips from us. Lastly, Yenni. She's Yocelyne's younger sister. She is always inseperable from my sister Ali. They are BFF's. Well we all had our one friend that we confided in most. For example, I had Lennaie and yocelyne had Melinda. Well almost everyone. Blanca didn't have a BFF, but she did have a boyfriend named Aidan. With whom she was going to dance with.

"Well, I know that I'm going to dance with my boyfriend." said Blanca. "Yeah yeah yeah, dont make us all feel single." I said then laughed. "Well I'm not single." Said Melinda. "We all know that, but will that guy come all the way from texas to dance with you. i think not." I said. I know I was pretty harsh, but thats just the way I am. I like to be straight up. But it did cause some unwanted giggles from the other girls. "Whatever.Your just jealous that your 16 and have NEVER had a boyfriend" Said Melinda happy with her comback.

It was true I have NEVER had a boyfriend. But to that I replied, "well it probably has to do with the fact that I dont like being with whatever I can find Breathing or not." That got everyone laughing. Even Melinda because she knew it was true. She was a little bit stung, but she knew the way I am. I never like to play around and make circle around the truth. I like to be straight up and tell you in your face to save myself some air.


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