Why is love so complicated??

A teenage girl goes through the discovery of Love and why it is the way it is for her. She tries to see the changes that happen in boys and her everyday life as a teenager.


1. How it all started.

How can I explain how it started?? I mean it started like any other love story. A boy and a girl who just so happened to be crazy for eachother. God,I feel so strange sharing this out with people i don't even know, but who to better understand than a bunch of strangers.

I mean it happens all the time. Or so thats what I used to believe.I never thought that with falling in Love came complications. Things that people leave out of romance movies.Things that just so happened to happen to me. I know that its weird that I never thought that it would be difficult, on account of the the divorce rate in this country, but I thought that for me it would be I dont know. Different, I guess. I know who am I to have a spectacular Love story, but I -unfortunately- believed that I had somehow gotten lucky. And that was my biggest mistake of all.



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