The mistaken

Hi I'm Katerina Fullam but people call me Katie and I am 17 years old. My parents died when I was 3 from a fire. I got adopted from my step parents my foster dad and foster mom. Anyway our grade is going on a trip to London. But will my best friend Nicole and I meèt Justin beiber and will he mistake me for someone I'm not?? Find out in "The Mistaken"


1. The news!!!

RING RING!!!!! My alarm went off and I ignored it. "Katie sweetie time to get up"!!!!! "". "Katie don't make me tickle you". I ignored to tired to bother to protest. All of a sudden my belly was being tickled. "Dad.....stop .....I will... Get up" I laughed and made my bed. I shut my door and put on white skinny jeans with my black converse and a gray v neck under I put on a whit tank top. I brushed my hair and curled my hair into lose curls and went downstairs to eat. After I brushed my teeth then I grabbed my purse and books. "Bye mom and dad". "Wait Katie about your sister". "Nicole is taking me today so she's gets the bus alone". "Ok sweetie" my mom quickly kissed my forehead. I ran outside and saw Nicole's pickup. "Hey girl what's up". "Nothing much I like the tutu". She had on a white tank top and a leather jacket over it then white leggings and a black tutu with sparkles her black hair was piled in a messy bun. I adored her style she was always like that. But the popular girls didn't like us. "Thanks" then she started talking about our field trip to London and Justin beiber was going to be there. I rolled my eyes she loved him. "Nicole I do t think we will run into him there's tons of places he could be" "I'm not giving up dreams come true you know Katie" "not in my world Nicole" then she started again about our trip I ignored and stared out the window.

We arrived at school as we walked to our lockers people started to whisper about nicoles tutu. She just kept babbling on even i knew she saw them stare and whisper. Soon the plastics as we call them Alley the head plastic had her hair in a smooth ponytail with following her was Ariana and Alison. They came up to us. "Nice tutu". Sneered Ariana. They all laughed the jocks came up and alley smashed her lips onto her bfs face she looked like she was sucking the life from him. They all had special talents. Alison stuck to every guy and got them to do anything and Ariana could make someone cry just by walking by because she was mean and alley had everything. The bell rang. "Oh gotta go see you at lunch". Nicole threw me a hug and ran off to her first class. I walked to pre algebra. The day zoomed by and finally we were in French talking to the people who were coming having us write down the things we need tomorrow we were leaving. I made a list in my notebook and then we went over our French words. Finally the last bell rang and we were leaving.

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