Is This Love?

Not everything is what it seems.
Love is one example you dont really get the meaning of it until you feel it.
Shay Morris was a normal 17 year old girl she had long brown hair and brown eyes and was short. She had a big bum and was gorgeouse.
But she had no idea who one direction was all she did was stay locked in her room and read books. What happens when she runs into they boys and startsvto develope feeling for not one but two of them? Who will she end up with? Will she ever know what love really?


1. Im Shay Morris.. and you are?

Shay's POV.
I was sitting one my bed reading a book. All I did was sitheading. Bocked in my room and read. School? Im homeschooled. In three day will be the last day. In case your woundering im Shay Morris I have long brown hair and brown eyes, not to mention I have a big bum where ever I go so douchbag always has to slap it, and im fairly short. Im an only child my dad was killed in a car crash. So now its just me and mum shes my best friend. I know its weird but I never got the chance to make friends, ive been homeschooled my whole life even pre-school. My dad died whenI was at a young age ad I dont really remember him so Iit was easy to get over it. Anyway enough about me. I was sitting on my bed and I got hungry and I was to lazy to make food so I decided to go to the nearest café. I walked out the door and headed tob the café, it was only a 10 minute walk. When I got there I ordered my usual a milk chocolate cooler decaff (I hate coffee). I got it and went to go find a spot to sit. I sat by the window. As I was sitting and finishing the last ofmy cool I saw five quite attractive boys walk in, they order and look for a place to sit. They decide on sitting at the table next to me. I walk up to the counter and decide to get myself another cooler. I got it and as soon as I turned around I crashed into someone and ended up on the floor. The person crashed into was a very handsome blond boy he had a worried expression on him face. I quickly try to get up but fail. The guy helps me up with his strong arms, I feel cold and realise that my cooler had spillef all over me I quickly grab some napkins and start drying myself he tries to help me but I finished.
He says "sorry I really didn't mean to do that"
"Its fine" I say
"No its not, ill get yiu a new one" he replies in his thick irish accent
"Its really nothing, you dont have to waste your money on me" i say, heddingg Back to my table to gather my things. I get stopped by someone grabbing my arm
"By the way im Niall" he said
"Shay" i replie
" Nice to meet you Shay"
"You too"i say
I went back to my table and and picked up my things I was going over and writing songs that I wrote. I get my bag and head out the door. As soon as I got home I knew I had forgotten something it was a song thst I had been working on for a month now, it was the best one I ever wrote. I quickly rudhed back to the café to get it, but it was gone and so was Niall annd his friends. I couldnt beleive I lost it. I ran back home abd started crying..
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