Is This Love?

Not everything is what it seems.
Love is one example you dont really get the meaning of it until you feel it.
Shay Morris was a normal 17 year old girl she had long brown hair and brown eyes and was short. She had a big bum and was gorgeouse.
But she had no idea who one direction was all she did was stay locked in her room and read books. What happens when she runs into they boys and startsvto develope feeling for not one but two of them? Who will she end up with? Will she ever know what love really?


2. Again?

(You know what happpend so Im not repeating it)
Niall's POV.
After Shay left I notice she left something I went to go see what. t was and it turned out to be song lyrics that she wrote. I read them and they were really good. I walk over to the boys and show them the papers Zayn said 'their pretty good, but who was that?'
'She said her name was Shay'
'Shes hott' said Harry
'Back of man, shes mine' I reply winking at him
'Whatever' he says
I feel really bad for Shay she wasnt there with anybody and I spilled a drink in her and made her fall.. after five minutes we decide to go home, I take Shays song with me so nobody trues to take it...well you know what I mean. I decide to go to a park and just hang out. * at the park * we decided to sit on a bench and figure out a melody for Shays song.
Shays POV.
I got tired of crying and decided to go to the park, it doesnt take me very long to get there. Once I arived I decided to go sit on a bench. I saw someone standing there so I walk up to them and ask if I could sit. I looks like I startled them becasue the jumped and turned around really fast and fell on me and now I realised who it was. The boy fron the café. Niall.
'Aaaah!!' I screamed as we fell
'Oh my god im soo sorry, you scared me!!' He said he was also shocked at who he was on top of.
'Its fine, so we meet like this.... Again?' I ask
'SHAY!!' He exclaimes
'What are you doing here?'
'Well I came home realised I lost my song and came here.' I said
'You mean this song?' He holds out a piece of paper and I couldnt beleive that he accualy has my song!
'YES!! How did you find it??'
'You left it at the café and I didn't want anything to happen to it so I took it and kept it safe incase I got to see you again ' He said, he was so sweet..
Nialls POV
I cant beleive that Shay is actually standingg right in front of me, I just was to hugbherband neverblet her go i think im starting to develope something...
'Hey, do you wanna come over and just hang around with the guys?'
'Umm...' she said, oh no did I rush it?
'Oh its okay you dont have to' I say. But no. She did have to I wanted this girl so bad and I wil do anything to get her.
'No! I would love to come over!' She said with a huge smile on her face. YES . I did it. I wounder if she has the same feeling for me as I have for her..
Shay POV.
I can beleive he actually asked me to come ove, I think im starting to like him. But I doubt that he will ever like someone like me since I have no friends except my mom, which is kind of embarasing.I feel someone pick me up and spin me, I start screaming and open my eyes to find a curly haird boy put me downn
'Calm down! You better get used to it since your gonna be with us for a long timme' he says winking at me. What does he mean by being with them for a long time?
Niall POV.
I see Harry running over to us and picks up Shay and spinns her away, she screams so he puts her down. I didn't like one bit of that. I see himbsay something to her and she blushes. My fists clench up I was mad. No. I was angry. I tighten my fists and walk angrily ttoward Harry...
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