Never Forget You *Sequel to He Doesn't Remember*

*Sequel to He Doesn't Remember* It's been seven years since Harry and I parted our ways. I haven't spoken to him or the boys since. I am currently 25 and have been in a relationship with Sam for 6 1/2 years. I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and I am now officially a licensed pharmacist. When I moved out to America seven years ago Sam had come out there with me. But now we moved back to Holmes Chapel in Cheshire, England. *You should really read He Doesn't Remember before you read this. If you don't you probably won't understand shit.*


2. Reunited

A Few Weeks Later

I was driving home from the postal office after I sent out all the wedding invitations. We decided we wanted to get married in Paris. It's the city of love after all. My parents were extremely happy about Sam and I and fully support us. Sadly both of Sam's parents passed in a car accident 10 years ago. But he invited a few of his aunts and uncles. There were at least 80 people invited. Sam and I decided that we should bring our closest guests out to Paris with us 2 weeks before the wedding. My parents have a very large house in Paris with 8 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. Also 2 extra bedrooms in the guest house in the backyard. We decided to bring out my favorite aunt and uncle, one of Sam's aunt and uncle, Sam's sister, Jenna and Melanie, Garrett and Scott. I decided on having Melanie as my maid of honor and Garrett was to be Sam's best man. It was the exact same at Melanie's wedding. My bridesmaids are going to be a couple of my cousins and Sam's younger sister. A few of my cousins children were chosen to be the flower girls and as for the ring bearer I chose little Scott. I smile to myself thinking how lucky I was to have all of this. As I was driving the thought of inviting the boys kept going through my head. I decided to get my phone out and call Liam. I don't know why I kept his number. I guess I forgot to erase it.

"Hello?" He said in his cute accent.

"Liam? This is me Lauren." I say nervously hoping he will remember me.

"Lauren? Oh my goodness, it's been so long." He says happily. "How are you?"

"I'm quite well, are you guys still living in Holmes Chapel?"

"Yes actually we've been in the same house. Would you like to stop by? Everyone is here." Liam asks.

"Thank you, I would love to come by. I actually have to ask you boys something. I'll see you in 15 minutes. Bye." I say and hang up. I arrive at their house. Immediately all the memories hit me. I sat in my car just looking at the house. Oh how I miss this house. So many memories were made here. I sigh and get out of my car. I knock on their door nervously. The door swings open and there are my favorite five boys standing there with wide eyes.

"LAUREN!" Louis yells and gives me a huge hug. I say hi to everyone and give them all hugs. Then I saw Harry. I felt my heart skip a beat. My stomach had butterflies and I could hear angels singing. I missed him so much. He looked so good. I walk to the couch and everyone sits around me.

"How have you been? It's been way too long!" Niall asks. I could feel tears form in my eyes but I try to hold them in.

"I've been really good actually. I'm really sorry about not keeping contact with you guys anymore. But how are you guys?" I ask.

"I can't take this anymore! Where's the fun Lauren?" Zayn asks.

I chuckle a bit. "I grew up Zayn."

"Well that's no fun." He mumbles.

"We've been really good." Harry says. "I've been dating a lot." He says proudly.

"That's fantastic!" I say, happy for him. "I actually came here to ask you guys a question. I know this might be too overwhelming since we haven't talked in so long just consider it please." They give me the look that says 'go on'. "Sam and I are getting married in Paris in about a month, I was wondering if you guys would like to come." Harry's facial expression immediately looked hurt.

"Congratulations Lauren! That's great! I'm really happy for you! Of course we'll come." Liam says really happily. All the boys nod their heads except for Harry.

"No I'm not coming." My eyes widen and I turn my head towards Harry. "Lauren you can't just come back here after seven years and invite us to your perfect little wedding with your perfect little fiancé." His words hit me like a ton of bricks. I had really hurt him.

"Harry! Your manners! She was nice enough to invite us." Liam strictly tells Harry. "Don't worry he'll be there. Just tell us when and where." I smile at Liam.

I chuckle nervously. "It's May 17th and it's in Paris."

"That's exciting!" Louis yells.

"Yeah but I was wondering if all of you guys would like to come out to Paris with me and a few others 2 weeks before the wedding. My parents house is big enough don't worry about a hotel." I tell them.

"I'll be there! French food is so good!" Niall says.

I laugh. "I missed you guys so much." We sit down for another hour and talk about what's going on in our lives.


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