Never Forget You *Sequel to He Doesn't Remember*

*Sequel to He Doesn't Remember* It's been seven years since Harry and I parted our ways. I haven't spoken to him or the boys since. I am currently 25 and have been in a relationship with Sam for 6 1/2 years. I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and I am now officially a licensed pharmacist. When I moved out to America seven years ago Sam had come out there with me. But now we moved back to Holmes Chapel in Cheshire, England. *You should really read He Doesn't Remember before you read this. If you don't you probably won't understand shit.*


5. Psycho

"Fine." He says.

"I'll see you tomorrow at the airport." I say and walk out. I walk downstairs and see all the boys looking at me.

"Is he alright?" Louis asks me worried.

"Yeah, I have to go now. I'll see you guys tomorrow right?" They all nod their heads and we say goodbye. I get in the car and drive home. "Sam are you home?"

"Yeah I'm back here!" He yells from our room. I walk into our room and see him on the phone. He hangs up and turns to me. "How are you?"

"I'm perfect," I say with a big smile plastered on my face. "what about you?"

"I'm fantastic." He says and kisses me.

"So who were you talking to?" I ask.

"Oh just the wedding planner, just wanted to double check on everything." He says with a smile.

"Well aren't you just the best fiancé ever?"

"Yes, yes I am. We should really go to bed. Got an early flight tomorrow!" I kiss him goodnight and go to sleep with a smile on my face.

Sams POV:

I hate lying to her. I didn't call any wedding planner, I don't even know who the wedding planner is. I called my drug dealer. I've been trying to stop but I just can't. I'm hooked. And if Lauren finds out she'll cancel our wedding and run off with one of those gay one direction kids.


I wake up the next morning at 4 o-clock. I quietly slip out of bed and walk down the street to my drug dealers house. He gives me my ectsasy and I pay him. I swiftly walk back to our house and swallow a pill.

Laurens POV:

I wake up to hear the shower running. I go into the bathroom and see Sam showering in his tuxedo. "SAM!" I yell at him. "THAT'S A 5,000 DOLLAR SUIT FROM AMERICA! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU????" I yell at him and turn the shower off. I curse under my breath. He looks at me and starts laughing. "What the hell has gotten into you?" He leans over to me and hugs me.

"I'm sorry. I love you." He slurs.

"Take off the suit and take a proper shower." I say strictly. He takes off the suit and I put it in the dryer. Sam comes out fully naked and gives me a bear hug.

"We should have sex." I look at him with wide eyes.

"Sam are you alright?"

"Yeah just horny." Ugh. Why is he being so disgusting? I quickly take a shower and make Sam a coffee. He goes upstairs to the safe to get our passports, tickets and money. He hands me all the stuff and goes to get our luggage. I decide to drive because Sams acting really weird. While Sam's grabbing all the luggage and his suit, I decide to call Mel.

"Hey Mel!"

"Hey girl were on our way to the airport! You excited?"

"THRILLED! But Sam was acting so weird this morning."

"Like how?"

"He got into the shower with his tuxedo on! That tux was so expensive!"

"Holy shit, that's so weird."

"Yeah, well I have to go see you there!"

I call Liam and the rest of the boys to check up on them, especially Harry. "Hey Liam!"

"Hey Lauren!"

"Are you ready?"

"Yeah we just stopped to get Niall some breakfast."

"Oh haha okay, I'll see you there then!"

Sam gets into the car and I start to drive away. I hope nothing goes wrong. "Sam are you feeling better?" I turn to look at him. His eyes were huge and they were wandering around. What's wrong with him? I poke him to get his attention. He still didn't look at me.

"WHAT?" He screams.

"Sam are you alright babe? You're acting so strange!"

"I'M FINE ALRIGHT? JUST LEAVE ME ALONE. GOD." What the hell? He's acting like a little boy. I turn to look at him and he's pouting at me. Ugh. Thank god we finally reach the airport parking. I tell the man how long I want our car to be here and I pay him. I drag him through check in and the security check. I sit him down in front of our gate. "I WANT A MUFFIN!" He yells.

"Okay just sit here quietly and I'll get you a muffin." I look up and see Garrett, Mel and little Scott. "Hey!!" I give them all hugs.

"Excited?" Garrett asks me.

"Very much!" I pull Garrett towards me. "Sam has been acting so strange. Do you have any idea why?"

"No but I can try to figure out." He pats me on the shoulder and sits next to Sam with Scott in his lap. I pull Melanie to the bathroom with me real quickly.

"Sam's acting so different! I don't understand why? Maybe it's like pre-wedding jitters? I don't know!" My stomach starts to feel all queesy. I run to a stall and vomit. Morning sickness. Great. My stomach was just a small little bump. Barely noticable.

"You alright sweetie?" Mel asks.


"Lets get you a banana or something." She says and we walk to one of the concession stands. I get two coffees a banana and a muffin.

"Here's your muffin babe." I hand him the muffin and he devours it.

"LAUREN!" I hear someone yell. I look back and see Louis and the rest of the boys.

"Hey!" I give them all hugs except Harry. I stick out my hand but he denies it. I sigh. I feel so guilty. I hurt him so much.

"Flight 5634 to Paris will now start boarding." The lady says. We grab our bags and stand in line.

"Want me to hold your bag?" Sam asks actually calm now. I nod at him. We scan our tickets and sit down on the plane. Sam gets up to go to the restroom.

Harry's POV:

Lauren sticks her hand out for me to shake it. I give her a dirty look and walk away. Liam catches up to me. "That wasn't necessary you know."

"Whatever Liam." I avoid eye contact with him.

"She's being as nice as possible why can't you be happy for her? In 2 weeks it'll be the happiest day of her life. The least you can do is support her."

"LIAM I CAN'T! It's too hard. All I do is think what if that was me standing at the alter next to her. But no because i'm an asshole and she wouldn't be pregnant and getting married with the wrong person."

"Flight 5634 to Paris will now start boarding."The lady says. I get up and stand in line. When I get in the airplane I go to the bathroom. I open the door and see Sam standing there with a pack of different colored pills. Ecstasy. My mouth drops open. I go into the bathroom with him and close the door.

"Listen to me, Lauren will see what I see very soon."

"Oh really? And what do you see?"

"You're a psycho! I just feel bad she's going to have to put up with you. You need to get out of her life."



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