The Last Moment (1D fanfic)

***This is a completely clean story!!

Alyssa and Allyson get a job with One Direction, and move to London for a year to work with them. Alyssa (the main character) falls deeply in love with Zayn Malik, but there is competition in her way! Who will Zayn choose in the end?

plz leave comments about how i can improve!!(:


3. Wardrobe Change!

Allyson's P.O.V

   "NO WAY!"
We both just stood there and squeeled in eachothers faces. Alyssa's cell phone vibrated on the counter. The text message from Jim read:
      "I hav 5 plane tickets that will be delivered to ur apartment. Ur scheduled to leave 10 AM Wednesday morning. Anyone u invite will be your assistant. Choose carefully! Can't wait 2 see u!! -J"
    "I can't believe this!! We are actually going to London." I screamed in her ear.
    "I can't believe we are going to meet One Direction!! We need to pack! Or better yet, lets go buy a whole new wardrobe."
   "Let's go now! We can stay out all day, then eat out afterwards, because I don't wanna cook tonight!"
   I got dressed in my favorite sea green, quarter-sleeved, button up shirt. Then I threw on some Rock 'N' Revivals, and cute black heels to go with it. Alyssa came downstairs in her signature black leather jacket, cheetah scarf, lace tank underneath, and black skinny jeans. Also with shoes In her hands.
     "Heels or toms?"
     "I'm wearing heels"
     "Okay, then I'm wearing heels so you wont be taller than me(:"
    "We both know I will always be taller than you!"
   "Just don't rub it in!" She said with a giggle. Once we got out the door, we hit all of our favorite stores: Vanity, American Eagle, PacSun, Hollister, and (of course) Pink! At Pink we were able to get 3 sets of sweats in our favourite colors, new swimsuits (just because!), and we re-stocked on our favourite perfume. And last but not least, we splurged at Sephora (mostly just Alyssa). She got more makeup than she needed, in my opinion. But Alyssa assured me that "you can never have too much of a good thing!" But I'm not so sure I believe her. It was about 9PM by the time we decided to call it quits. Our hands were so full of bags, some if them even started to rip...
    "Dinner's on me tonight! How does The Cheesecake Factory sound?" Alyssa said. "I would kill for their desserts right now!!"
    "Uumm YES." I was totally fine with not paying for dinner tonight. And just hearing the name "Cheesecake Factory" made my mouth start to water!
     As we walked into the cafe-like restaurant, we shoved all of our bags underneath the table and sat in the tall chairs. Whenever we came here, we always liked to order our dessert first. Because it's just better that way! We both ordered a plain cheese cake with steamy hot cherries on top. I couldn't think of any dessert better.
    "I think, that since we are leaving the country tomorrow for a whole year, we should have a sort of celebratory, goodbye, planning meeting tomorrow in Downtown Disney!!"
   "Perfect!! We can invite whoever we want to come with us to London, to meet us there to discuss."

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