The Last Moment (1D fanfic)

***This is a completely clean story!!

Alyssa and Allyson get a job with One Direction, and move to London for a year to work with them. Alyssa (the main character) falls deeply in love with Zayn Malik, but there is competition in her way! Who will Zayn choose in the end?

plz leave comments about how i can improve!!(:


2. Out of the Blue



Alyssa's P.O.V  

"Hey Alyssa! How's my favorite neice doing? I heard you finally finished beauty school!!"    "Hey Jim! I'm doing great!! And I'm so glad I finally graduated. No job offers yet though."    "Well listen, I think. I could help you out there. What did uncle Jim mean? I didn't know exactly what he was up to these days.    "You think so? What do you have in mind Jim?"    "Well I need you and probably a couple other gurlls to come and do some cosmetology work for a few of my clients."    "Sounds great!! Who would these clients be?"   "You wont believe me when I tell you this, but... I just so happen to be One Direction's new band manager,  and I need some help with my managing, and the boys need a new makeup artist and hair stylist. Interested?"   My eyes got wide with excitment. "Wha- I'm speechless!!! That would be a dream come true! Thank you soo much! You're the best. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!(:"    "Okay! Here's. How its going to work. I have a few plane tickets to London, you can come hang for a week and see if you like it. Then, if you decide you are for sure about the job, then you will get the chance to come on tour with us next year. Sound good?"    "Believe me, we are SO taking the job!!! Thanks again."    I hung up quickly and turned to Ally with a huge smile on my face.    "What??"    "We got a job working for One Direction!!"

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