The Last Moment (1D fanfic)

***This is a completely clean story!!

Alyssa and Allyson get a job with One Direction, and move to London for a year to work with them. Alyssa (the main character) falls deeply in love with Zayn Malik, but there is competition in her way! Who will Zayn choose in the end?

plz leave comments about how i can improve!!(:


5. Lazy Sunday Morning

Ally's P.O.V

    I was sleeping silently until Alyssa came into my room singing "get out, get out, get-out of your bed!!" To the tune of One Thing playing on her cell phone. I dragged myself out of my bed and put on my pink Pink sweats and a tank top, then headed downstairs. Alyssa was fully dressed in a form-fitting Guns and Roses shirt, and white cut-off shorts, and her hair in a cute top-knot.
"Hey, you wanna do my makeup?" I said with a yawn.
    "Sure! Lets go to the salon, and talk."  We had a salon downstairs that was small. Mostly just me and Lyss used it so it was really just a fancy bathroom. I sat in the salon chair, and Alyssa went straight to work on my face.
    "So, who are we going to have be our assistants? We could take Ashlee!"
    "You can decide. I honestly can't care right now. All I can think about is London!"
"Heehe same here. I want to kiss someone under Big Ben! Its on my bucket list."
"Hm. Never really thought about that. Skydiving is on my bucket List.  Hey! What if you got a kiss from Zayn? That would be huge!!" Alyssa giggled and started turning pink.  She hates it when she blushes, but I honestly think its just cute.
"Okay. So, I forgot to tell you that I got a text this morning from Jim.  And he said that he needs an assistant manager, a choreographer for rehearsals, and a hair stylist, and makeup artist as well. So all we need to figure out is who is going to be the choreographer."
    "Well who is going to be the assistant manager?" I was confused. And it was only 8 am.
   "Jim said that he would prefer me to do it because then you guys wouldn't have to multi-task."
    "Sounds good to me! I think we should like all be choreographers, just cus its good exercise."
    "Okay! We should get Ashlee and maybe one other person to help us with that.  Then they can plan it, and we can help rehearse with them."
    "Here I will go ahead and text Ashlee.  Who was the other person?"
    "Not sure. We could ask Toni to do it if you want."
   "K. Um texting then right now."  Personally I didn't like Toni very much, but Alyssa is the boss. I liked it much better that way anyways.
"Done!" Alyssa squealed. I turned to look in the mirror, and was not surprised by what I saw.
    "Perfection!! Ah! You never get it wrong." I turned and gave Alyssa a hug.  She did my makeup like half the time so I don't know what I was freaking out about.

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