The Last Moment (1D fanfic)

***This is a completely clean story!!

Alyssa and Allyson get a job with One Direction, and move to London for a year to work with them. Alyssa (the main character) falls deeply in love with Zayn Malik, but there is competition in her way! Who will Zayn choose in the end?

plz leave comments about how i can improve!!(:


1. Job Hunt

Alyssa's P.O.V
     As my eyes opened for the first day of summer, I awoke to my one direction posters all over my room. For the first time in a long time I acctually had a chance to sleep in, until 10 am. I smiled inside as I dragged myself out of bed, and downstairs to the kitchen.
    Me and my friend Allyson had been best friends since 6th grade, graduated together and were both looking for a job in the field of cosmetology. Me mainly in makeup, and Allyson in hair.
    We both were sharing an apartment so each of us would only have to pay half the rent. 
  "Morning." Allyson was already up making the breakfasts for us both.
"Morning." I replied as I came down the stairs, in a tank top and mini shorts.
  We had just finished beauty school and  had been looking for a job for 3 weeks now... Whenever we had gone job hunting in town, we would always get distracted by Starbucks or something else we didnt have money for.
    "More job hunting today?" She asked.
    "Nah, why don't we just chill today?" I said through a mouthful of eggs.
    "Wh- " My cell phone started ringing while Allyson (Ally) was mid-sentence. My favorite uncle Jim was calling. What did he want?

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