The Last Moment (1D fanfic)

***This is a completely clean story!!

Alyssa and Allyson get a job with One Direction, and move to London for a year to work with them. Alyssa (the main character) falls deeply in love with Zayn Malik, but there is competition in her way! Who will Zayn choose in the end?

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6. Fangirling

Chapter 6: Fangirling

Alyssa's P.O.V
    We started our packing though it wasn't very sucessful. Today is Monday, and the day we have our "Goodbye America" party at Downtown Disney.  Ally hadn't been to Downtown Disney much, even though we lived in Anaheim. Ashlee and I usually went, but I hadn't seen her in months. I couldn't wait for tonight!!
"Hey, Ally! What should I wear?"
"I don't know... its gonna be hot tonight, so lets wear something casual, I guess."
"K" I wasn't really listening because Ashlee texted me.
Ash:  So are u inviting Toni 2 go with?
Me:  yeah... why?
Ash:  just wondering. What u wearing tonight?
Me: idk. Something casual.
Ash: k! See u tonight babe!!;)
Me: holla!
    I walked upstairs to my messy bedroom and looked through my boxes of stuff for something cute. I found a cute brittish flag cropped tanktop, Hollister cutoff shorts (in a lightning blue color!) And my signature cheetah toms.
    "You better be wearing flats Ally!" I yelled across the hall. I heard her laughing from the other room.
    "What difference will it make?" She shouted back.  I had nothing to say back. I really didn't mind being short, but it was a joke we had for years.  Just like the fact that she was a day older than me.  We joked about that a lot to.:)


We had done some more packing and did our hair and makeup. "You ready Ally?!" I shouted up the stairs.
"Be down in a sec!"
"Hurry or we will be late! And don't switch your shoes!" She started to giggle, grabbed her bag and we both walked out to the car. 
    On the way there we spotted Ashlee's car in front of us.  We honked at her and stuck our hands out the windows and waved.  We heard Cher Loyd's Swagger Jagger booming from their speakers. Toni stuck her head out the window and mouthed LOVE YOU! and waved like a hyper retard. We turned to eachother and laughed really loud. XD
    Finally we had made it to Downtown DisneyDisney and we met up with Ashlee and Toni at a small pretzel stand, ordered pretzels and a drink, and then went and sat down on a bench. 
"I can't believe we are actually going to London!!" Ashlee said spitting some pretzel.
"Chew first sweetheart." Toni said with a look of disgust.
-akward moment-
"Anyyways. I can't believe it either! Who do u like best Ash?" I said changing the subject.
"Harry of course!" She squealed.
"Well you eat like Niall." Allyson said with a giggle.
"I will take that as a compliment!"
"What about you Toni?"
"Zayn (sigh) obviously!"
For some reason I felt a bit angry that she liked him too. I don't know why. I guess I looked disappointed because Ally leaned over and whispered "are you okay?" I nodded and smiled.
"Don't tell me you like him too Lyss?" Toni said with a serious face.  Too serious.
"Yes, actually. I do!" I said with a smirk.
"Bring it girl!" She said with a devilish smile. We all laughed but then we all stopped because we realized she was quite serious. What the heak. Now I was just feeling totally jelous.  Zayn would SO pick her over me.  Ugh. What am I supposed to do? I want to cry.

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