The Results of Boredom

I'm bored, so J Dylan and I decided to do a combined story thing, she gave me a topic and helped with the plot and stuff, I wrote it! Each chapter is a new story, enjoy!

Result Of Boredom: Chapter 1 (Coming soon)
Three friend, Beau, Lacey and Harry have been friends for a while now, but as they get older, their lives take different paths, can they save their friendship from themselves or will it crash and burn around them...?


3. Result of Boredom - Chapter Two

I was standing in front of the mirror in Harry's bathroom, smoothing out my outfit and checking it out from all possible angles. Tonight I had gone for something that was a little out of my comfort zone but now that I had it on with my make-up and hair done, I had to admit I was pretty impressed with the result. I was wearing these leather pants that I brought last time I was in London. They had parts cut out of them and replace with lace*. On top I was wearing a white singlet that came just to the edge of my pants; It had a deep V-line neck and was brought in tight to my waist.* "Beau! Hurry up I want to use that bathroom!" Lacy shouting banging on the bathroom door, startling me. "COME ON!" Lacey shouted banging louder on the door. "Okay...okay" I muttered pulling open the door. Lacey took one look at my outfit and whistled. "Beau is that you? I thought you wearing a mini skirt was girl now look at you, If I was lesbian, I'd dig you" Lacey said squeezing past me. "Yeah sure whatever" I mumble, moving out of her way. "Just wait till Harry sees you" She whispered patting my ass lightly. "We're just friends" I moaned, closing the door behind me. "Sure" I heard her say through the door, I shake my head in disagreement. "What are you guys shouting about" I heard Harry say before I saw him, he came slandering down the hallway. I turned to face him as a small gasp fell out of his mouth. "What?" I asked looking down at my clothes worriedly. "You-wow...for a moment...fuck-" Harry muttered unable to complete a sentence. "What Harry?!" I asked, freaking out slightly. "Nothing you look great, different, but great" He muttered, looking away awkwardly. The bathroom door, crashed open behind me making both me and Harry jump in surprise. "Did I interrupt something, well sorry, you two will have to continue your conversation another time, we have to get to the concert" Lacey said a shit-eating smile on her face. "You didn't interrupt anything" I mumbled, knowing it was useless, when Lacey thought she was right there was no one stopping her, even if she was wrong, so very wrong. //


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