The Results of Boredom

I'm bored, so J Dylan and I decided to do a combined story thing, she gave me a topic and helped with the plot and stuff, I wrote it! Each chapter is a new story, enjoy!

Result Of Boredom: Chapter 1 (Coming soon)
Three friend, Beau, Lacey and Harry have been friends for a while now, but as they get older, their lives take different paths, can they save their friendship from themselves or will it crash and burn around them...?


2. Result of Boredom- Chapter One

I stare out of the window, ear plugs in, music blasting. My finger taps to the beat of Custard Pie by Led Zeppelin. I sit next to my best friends on our way to London, for a concert. There's me, Beau, the slightly crazy, stylish, dramatic one. Lacey the caring, fun, smart one and then there's Harry the funny, flirty, musical one. We are all different, not one of us would've ever thought that we could have been friends, we wouldn't of been if it wasn't for our stupid maths teacher. It was last period on Friday, I wanted to go home and finish a book I had been reading, Lacey was itching to try her new chocolate cake recipe and Harry was going to a party. Our impatience finally got to the teacher and she gave us all detention. I think every one of us was dreading it, we wanted to get out of school, we hardly knew each other and didn't want to get to know each other. But nothing brings together three teenagers like cleaning chewing gum off tables and boredom.  And now here we are three years later, all 19, Harry is a big pop star, in the band One Direction, off touring the world, Me and Lacey moving to London for uni. Everything was changing, we hardly got to see Harry anymore with him traveling and stuff. Its the first time we've seen him in a month, but we aren't wasting the time we have with him. We are going to the Ed Sheeran concert and then to the after party. We're staying with Harry in his apartment so we don't have to travel back to Holmes ChapelCheshire, then in the morning we're going shopping and just hanging out until Harry has to go back to work. Lacey sits in front of me her head phones in and reading a book. Harry is sitting next to me texting away. I look down at my finger nails, they were already chipped from painting them this afternoon with Lacey. I wore my favourite converse, the were scuffed to pieced but I loved them. I wore some ripped up tights and a tight black mini skirt and my Rolling Stones t-shirt with a ratty old denim button up shirt over the top and a leather jacket to finish it off.  Harry had brought me the Rolling Stones  t-shirt for my 17th birthday. I flicked my fringe out of my face and caught Lacey's eye and we smiled at each other. It's a long train ride from Holmes Chapel to London, they had to go to Manchester which was away from London and then get on another train to London. When they finally stopped in London, It was four o'clock. We all grabbed our bags and headed for the street, hoping to catch a taxi. It probably wasn't the best to be out and about with Harry because he always seemed to be swarmed by fans. We reached the street and Harry flagged a Taxi down for us and we all climbed in. We weren't like normal friends, constantly talking, we were happy just to sit in silence with each other. The car ride was a quiet one, Harry exchanged a few words with the driver and Lacey and me talked about our outfits. I revealed hardly anything of my outfit, I wanted it to be a surprise. Harry paid the driver and we all hopped out of the taxi, Harry's apartment building towering over us.  Harry lived in a top floor apartment, the other band members lived on the same floor as him.  "We should hurry we only have two hours to get ready and I know how long it takes girls to get ready" Harry joked and Lacey smacked him on the arm lightly. "Just joking, follow me" And with that Harry lead us into the building. //






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