The Game

Scarlett Robertson is a quiet girl, smart, and a star athlete. Pretty much on her own. She lived a pretty normal... er sorta normal life with her best friend, Louis Tomlinson to tag along her journey. Until, her cousin, Harry Styles and three other boys come into her life. She decides to play a little game with them thinking it is harmless... Will it be?


1. Constantly Thinking

It was a bright sunny day at the ball park. The wind was perfectly blowing. The bats tinging, filling the air throughout the park. If you took a big sniff, you could smell the excitement. It was the first day of the tournament. As I was observing the park I heard my name being called, "Scarlett! Scarlett Robertson!" I turned to see who was calling my name. A loud smacking noise was made, pulling me out of my trance.

 "Miss Robertson, it is so nice to see you are paying attention in class." My teacher, Mrs. Edwards, snickered. "I'm sorry.. I-I was daydreaming." I stammered. To be honest she scared me a little. "We all see that Scarlett. Do you know what I was saying before?" Mrs. Edwards questioned. I looked at her a moment thinking about every possible answer. "Um... The assignment?" I replied hopefully. "No. Not at all." She said as she walked away. 

"Pst. Scar. Pst." Louis whispered trying to get my attention. "What?" I whispered back. "What were you daydreaming about? The game?" He asked. "Yeah. I can't stop thinking about it." I said back. Mrs. Edwards cleared her throat, "Miss Robertson and Mr. Tomlinson do we need to move you two again?" "No ma'am." Me and Lou answered quickly. "Then I suggest you two stop the talking." She said and continued on with the news she was supposed to be presenting.

"As I was saying, we have a new foreign exchange student coming in. I expect you all to treat him well and help him out. If he is lost or has a question make sure to assist him. Be good citizens and welcome him into our school. He should be arriving any minute now."  I groaned at the thought of a new foreign exchange student. The last one was a total jerk. Soon someone knocked at the door. "That must be the new student!" Mrs. Edwards chimed. 

A boy, blond hair, not to tall and seeming a bit shy, walked through the door. "Hello! My name is Mrs. Edwards. I teach honors English and this will be your homeroom. What is your name boy?" Mrs. Edwards asked. "I'm Niall Horan." The boy said in a low voice.

"Well, welcome Niall! Come in! Come in! Take that seat over there!" Mrs. Edwards exclaimed, gesturing toward the seat between Lou and I. "Oh great." I frowned. My eyes followed him to the seat next to me. As soon as the boy sat down, Louis was ready to talk. "Hi, I am Louis and this is my best friend, Scarlett." He chirped. "I'm Niall. Pleased to meet you." He replied shaking our hands. He was very polite and I was pleased.  "So, where are you from?" Lou bugged. "I'm from Ireland ... and you?" He smiled. "Right here in Cincinnati!" Louis answered over dramatically.

"What about you Scarlett?" Niall asked, looking at me with his crystal eyes. His eyes were easy to get lost in. They were like the harbor after a storm. Maybe even the color of the sky just as it hit midday on the shore. "Scarlett?" Niall said. "Oh, I'm from Cleveland." I said. I shook my head embarrassed. I didn't realize I had been staring into his eyes so long . "Long way from home aren't ya?" Niall laughed. 

"Well, I moved here in fifth grade. My father works for big companies in the ports. So we moved from the north port in Cleveland, to the south in Cinci. I am actually surprised you know US geography." I said. "Well, I like to study up on a place before I go. It is good to know where you're going." Niall responded. "I guess so." I smiled warmly.

"Scarlett and Louis. Do not get this new student in trouble with your talking." Mrs. Edwards glared. "Sorry." I said turning forward. I took deep thought into what Niall said. I don't where I am going. Where am I going in life? I thought I had this all planned out. College and all. Truth is, I really don't know where I am going or what's going to happen next. 

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