Unfolding Journey

Well Johanna, is just trying to find her way in the world just like everyone else. Things couldnt be going any better right now. She has a great boyfriend (so she thinks). But suddenly things are unfolding, she finds herself falling in love with more than one guy from 1D see how this journey and one simple mistake changes her life forever. Her one choice could make or brake the band. Does she choose or do the unthinkable?


14. Way to end the night and a friendship

I followed him out side not bothering to look at the rest as I passed them. It was a bit chilly but the garden was so lovely. "Do you want my jacket?", Liam asked taking it off. "Thank you, no", I said through a shiver. He ignored my and put it around my shoulders. He then looked me in the face and began speaking" Listen Anna im really sorry about everything, Im sorry for kissing you, liking you, for making out with you, im sorry for what happened at my house that day in my bed, Especially with what happened with Sydney, I was just trying to make you jealous and piss Louis off. I was also trying to hurt you and get over you. It made me so angry to see you with Louis. " "Well you did it ,you hurt me", I said begining to get tears in my eyes. "I know and Im so so sorry I really like you I just wanted to hurt you like you hurt me", "Liam, I wasnt trying to hurt you I did nothing wrong!", I said louder behind my tears. "Nothing wrong how can you say that he kissed you and you kissed him back!!!" he yelled getting angry, "I didnt do anything Liam!", I was getting angry to and my tears were fastly going away. "Well you didnt pull away,you knew he liked Louis!", "No, I didnt, How was I supposed to know that?", "'Im hugger', really admit it you liked him too!!! ADMIT IT", "FINE, you`re right I Liked him first, but that changed the night you stayed at my house Liam, you messed everything up!!", "MEE!!!!ME!!!, YOURE THE ONE MAKING OUT WITH HARRY GOING ON DATES, HOLDING HIS HAND FLIRTING WITH HIM INFRONT OF ME!" "ONLY AFTER YOU KISSED SYDNEY RIGHT INFRONT OF ME IGNORED ME LIKE I DIDNT MATTER AT ALL!!" "BECAUSE YOU KISSED LOUIS!!!, THEN YOU GO WITH MY BEST MATE!!!!!", "YOUR UNBELIEVEABLE MAKE EVERYTHING OUT TO BE MY FAULT FINE BUT IM NOT TAKING ALL THE BLAME IT WAS YOURS TOO!!!, IM DONE WITH YOUR BULLSHIT!!", "DONE, DONE WITH WHAT WE ARENT DATING!!!" "DONE WITH YOU!!!YOUR RIGHT LIAM WE ARENT DATING SO I CAN KISS WHOEVER THE FUCK I WANT!!!!", "GOOD, BUT YET YOU GOT MAD CAUSE I KISSED SYDNEY!!!", "I wasnt mad Liam I was hurt, I trusted you!", I said the last tear falling down my face. "Johanna im sorry, I didnt mean it" he said starting to cry to, he tried to grab my hand, but I jerked it away. I snatched off his jacket and through it at him. I stormed in the house heading for the door with a concered Louis and a very pissed off Harry. "SO I WAS JUST A REBOUND, SURE LIKE LOUIS AND LIAM BUT JUST USE ME TO GET OVER THEM!", Harry yelled at me, he was scaring me I could take Liam yelling but his was just terrifying. "Harry I..", "SAVE IT", he yelled pushing past me for the stairs. I couldnt take this I took off out the house running off for the nearest bus station. As i was running I heard Louis yelling my name "Johanna stop wait", he yelled grabbing my arm and pulling me in for a hug. I just wrapped my arms around his neck and just sunk into his chest crying. He just picked me up cradling me like a baby back into the direction of the flat. Instead of going in he got in his car still holding me. He grabbed my face and whiped away my tears with his thumbs stopping me from crying. "Love listen I know this is all really hard but I just need to tell you this Johanna I like you I really like you a lot and I kissed you because i couldnt contain myself any longer, I cant stand the thought of you being anyones but mine. i know you like me too maybe not as much as Liam or Harry but just give it time we could work, I will wait", he said kissing my forehead. "Louis right now, I just need a friend", I said my voice stronger than I thought it would be. "I will be anything for you!" he said kissing me on the lips it was just a friendly peck. "Louis will you take me home, I just want to be alone". He turned on the car and started driving the whole car ride was completely silent. Louis got out the car and came and opened my door form me, he grabbed my hand and led me to the front door. I unlocked the door turning to him it was only about a quarter past eight but it was still dark outside. I knew the polite thing to do would be to invite him in but I really didnt want to complicate things even more. "You dont have to", he said. "Huh?", "You dont have to invite me in, I dont want to make anything hard on you, no matter how much I want you". "Can you read my mind?", I ask him. He chuckled mostly to himself, "No its written clear on your face what you are thinking", "Oh", I said looking down about to turn for the door. "Johanna?", Louis said stepping a bit closer to me. "Hmm?", I ask facing him. "can I have a real kiss, one where you kiss me back this time and dont hold back.", "Louis I dont know", "Listen I just want one, with the way things are going I really doubt youre going to choose me over Liam or Harry, and I just wouldnt forgive myself to know I never tried". I thought about it for a second as much as I really wanted to say no and just be done with all guys for right now I felt bad if i said no "Alright Louis". He walked closer putting his left hand at the small of my back bringing our bodies closer so that they were touching. He put his right hand behind my head bringing it closer to his looking me in the eyes he very slowly started leaning in so our lips would meet waiting for me to object but I wasnt going to. I closed my eyes and our lips finally touched. His were soft and warm. I stepped closer to him putting my arms around his neck messing with his hair. He started kissing me more passionately but not increasing the speed. We kissed each other like it was the last time ever like it was the last moment of our lives.  I was starting to feel warm and fuzzy, almost like I was about to black out, Louis`s kiss was like a drug almost making me high just being near him. I thought I would have been the first to pull away but he did. He just looked at me shocked, I felt dizzy like I was about to faint, my knees were about to buckle. But Louis caught my arm stedying me. I just looked in his beautiful eyes  and dashed for the door slamming it behind me. I felt bad cause I left him standing there probably wondering what he did wrong. I placed my back to the door closing my eyes after a minute or two I heard his car crank and drive away. I sighed and walked around the kitchen to head to the stairs. My mum was standing there with a questioning look "I will explain every thing after I shower", I said going up the stairs. "Ok sweety, i will get you some strawberries and tea". My mom knew when I was upset I liked strawberries with sugar on them and sweet tea. I turned the shower on and got in letting the hot water burn my skin it felt good and painful at the same time. I decided to wash my hair making curly little ringlets around my head stopping just to the middle of my back. I dried off and put on some sleepers and towel dried my hair. I walked into my room with my mum sitting on my bed with a bowl of strawberries and a tea in hand with a smile on her face. I gladly took them and got under the covers while my mum layed across from me. "Ok what happened?, you left with Harry all happy but come back with Louis all sad and earlier than I thought."  I swallowed my strawberry and began to explain "Ok so we got to Harry`s flat first because we decided to wait before going to dinner, and well Louis and Liam were there unexpectantly. But me and Harry tried to ignore but it was awkward Liam wouldnt look at me. So then we decided to watch a movie and well Harry kissed me and then Liam and Louis got iritated. Then Liam said he needed to talk to me so we went outside. Well we started arguing and some harsh words were said. I told him every thing I told you well when I walked in I hadnt realized Harry and Louis were Listening. Harry got really pissed and hurt then he yelled at me 'for only using him to get over liam to get over louis', which isnt true. It scared me hearing him and it hurt so I ran for the the bus station but Louis caught me and took me home we talked about him not making it harder for me and how much he cared for me. Then when I was about to leave he asked to kiss me and I said yes.". "So what are you going to do Anna?", "I dont know but for right now it seems that my friendship or whatever I had with Liam and Harry is over. I think its best that I let them all go", I said placing my empty bowl on the nightstand and seddling in bed. My mum got up and grabbed my bowl kissing me on the cheek "Well whatever or whoever you choose I support you" she said turning off the light shutting the door. I closed my eyes and began to think. That kiss was...... no words can describe magical would be a complete understatement. I got a headache just thinking about it. What was I going to do, how can I choose any, if I cant decide which one I am in love with? That was the last thought I had before sucoming to a deep sleep.

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