Unfolding Journey

Well Johanna, is just trying to find her way in the world just like everyone else. Things couldnt be going any better right now. She has a great boyfriend (so she thinks). But suddenly things are unfolding, she finds herself falling in love with more than one guy from 1D see how this journey and one simple mistake changes her life forever. Her one choice could make or brake the band. Does she choose or do the unthinkable?


8. To make matters worse

I just looked at the ground then back at the boys. "Well I guess we should go find him after he cools down", Niall said. I just nod in agreement.  Zayn called and found that he was at Bluie (a little cafe). We all walked out to our cars, Louis decided to take the car they came in and go back to their flat seeing as Liam was most likely mad at him and me. I drove my car with Harry in the front with Niall and Zayn in the back. "So, where did Liam stay last night, he didnt come to the flat.?", Niall ask, letting the question float for anyone to answer."My house", I say. "So he slepped on the couch", harry said he wasnt really asking more like stating. "no", "well where then?", they all ask. "My room", I said a bit agitated this was a bit uncomfortable. "In?", Zayn ask. "My bed". "With you?", Niall ask. "Yes", I said, I looked over at Harry. He was looking at me with a frown and clenching his right fist. I turned my head back to the road. "welp that explains quite a lot actually", Zayn said. I looked at him a bit confused I didnt see how it did. "So he got you", Harry snapped at me. "Excuse me!", "dont play dumb you slept with him didnt you?", his voice was rising. "I did no such thing!", I was starting to get angry too. "So nothing happened?", Zayn asked. I didnt answer. "Well?", Harry questioned. I just glared at him then turned my eyes back to the road. "I`m waiting?", "No, Harry I did not sleep with Liam, but he..he kised me", I said my voice getting smaller. He just clenched both fist and looked out the window. The rest of the car ride to the cafe was silent. Niall and Zayn got out of the car rushing into the cafe. Harry grabbed my arm right before we walked in "How many times?", I didnt even bother to ask what he was talking about, it was obvious it was still bothering him.. I looked him in the eyes, he was so much taller than me, and his eyes were darker with worry. "twice", He just looked at me and let my hand go and walked in after me. I dont know why but now I felt guilty. I walked into the cafe it was really pretty. It had little circle tables everywhere, and blue walls that almost looked silver, with pictures of london and paris in black in white everywhere. There was a big fire place on the right side of the cafe, it had a very cozy feeling. I spotted the guys sitting at a table they were watching my face, did I look bad or something? Then I spotted Liam walking towards the table holding hands with this pretty little brunnete, she had dark brown hair almost black and these crystal clear eyes. She was prettier than me, part of my chest started to ache, it broke my heart to see him with her, she was smiling. I tried to turn away and walk off with out being seen, but Liam looked at me his smile disapeared. I guess it showed on my face how I felt, it was like getting cheated on all over again. But I couldnt get mad we were NOT dating. I walked over to the table putting a smile on my face trying to be polite, and push my thoughts to the back of my head. I sat by Niall not wanting to sit by Liam or Harry. Zayn looked at me with a worried look. "Well Hi, I havent met you, Im Sydney", the girl said taking my hand. "Im, Johanna, Nice to meet you Sydney", I said smiling she seemed really nice. Just then her phone started to ring letting her know she had a text message. "Sorry Liam have to go see you soon?", she said kissing him on the lips he wouldnt look at my face. "Bye guys, Johanna it was really nice meeting you!", she said walking out of the door. I waved bye and then looked at Liam, he and Harry were having a silent conversation glaring at me. I couldnt take this I felt like I wanted to cry and I couldnt help it. I got up to walk out of the door and just then. Dylan walks in holding Sarah-Grace hand. I glanced back at the boys they all had worried looks on there face, Liam looked at me then at the ground. Somehow that just made my even angrier, I pushed past them and stormed out the door. I just needed time to myself. I needed a way to release my anger. But how?

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