Unfolding Journey

Well Johanna, is just trying to find her way in the world just like everyone else. Things couldnt be going any better right now. She has a great boyfriend (so she thinks). But suddenly things are unfolding, she finds herself falling in love with more than one guy from 1D see how this journey and one simple mistake changes her life forever. Her one choice could make or brake the band. Does she choose or do the unthinkable?


13. The Perfect date

We walked into the flat hand in hand it was beautiful not as pretty as Liam`s but still it was more modern and had signed pictures on the wall. It was the Ideal Bachelor pad for any guy. "Whacha think?", Harry asked grinning down at me. "Its awesome!!", I say running my fingers over his leopard skinned pillows. I spot a foosball table in the corner. I look at it then back at him grinning evily. "Best 2 out of 3", he ask. I nod "you are about to loose". Just as we are about to walk over to the table Louis and Liam come walking down the stairs joking. Thats funny Harry didnt mention they were going to be here but by the look on his face he didnt know either. They got to the edge of the stairs and then looked from me to Harry. Louis looked at Harry then down to our hands, i had forgotten he was still holding my hand but when i tried to let go Harry tightened his grip letting me know not to do that. "What are you guys doing here?", Harry asked clearly agitated maybe even a little angry. "Well" Louis said smirking "I can be in my own house now cant I and me and Li here needed to figure some things out", he said gesturing to Liam. "Yea, but I thought you were going out?", Harry said growing more angry. I used my Left hand to rub his arm of the hand that was holding mine to calm him. He started to relax a little but he was still upset. "We changed our mind", Liam said speaking for the first time. He still wouldnt look at me, as much as I wanted him to. Harry grunted and Louis said "Dont worry we wont be in your way, we were just about to order pizza". "Well good", Harry said pulling me towards the foosball table. We played he was actually really good but not better than me. We were tied right now one each and this was game point. Just as I was about to hit it into Harry`s goal he grab the ball and rolled it into mine. "Hey you cheated Styles!", I yelled "Rematch!!!!". He just laughed and said "Just deal with it, Sore loser", "oh, thats it your going to get it", "You have to catch me first", he laughed running off. I ran after him. He was pretty fast but i was faster, he had longer legs giving him an advantage. I started to tickle him making him laugh really hard falling to the ground me on top "Admit it you cheated and I deserved to win", I said attacking him with more tickling. "Ok,ok, I cheated" he laughed, "thats what I thought", I said stopping and giving him a smirk. He took the oppurtunity to roll over making him on top. we both were still laughing. He stopped and started leaning closer but just before our lips touched Louis coughed breaking our attention "Pizza is here do you want any?", He asked cleary happy that he had enterupted. I looked at Liam who was behind Louis with a pizza in hand our eyes met for a split second then he looked at Louis. Great!, so he was trying to ignore me again, it still hurt after all I did nothing wrong. "No!", Harry snapped helping me off the ground, he was pissed. "Ok" they said turning aroung walking back into the kitchen. "Lets watch a movie", Harry said walking me over to the couch then going over to pick one out. "What kind? he asked. "Scary", I say taking my shoes off and putting my feet up on the couch. Harry grabbed a blanket and sat down pulling my legs into his lap and draping the blanket over us. I layed my head on his shoulder and snuggled up to he looked down at me and smiled. This time I leaned in to him getting ready to kiss him but Liam popped in followed by Louis say "ohhh, movie time I want to watch" he said sitting down on the other side of Harry on th 'L' shaped couch. Liam sat on my side but far enough where two people could sit inbetween us. Harry grunted and was about to object but I whispered in his ear "Its ok I dont mind", "But I do?", "Why", "Because I wanted this to be the perfect date, but they keep ruining it", "Its ok its still really great", Yah but not perfect", "Harry any date with you is perfect". He smiled at me and kissed me on the forehead. Louis and Liam gave us both curious looks wondering what we had said to each other. I just smiled and looked at the tv. It was a scary movie I had never seen before. A hour into it, i got really scared the girl was about to die when some guy jumped out covered in blood. I shrieked and burried my head in Harry`s chest he carressed my hair calming me. I looked up at him he whispered "Its really cute when you do that, but dont be scared I will protect you", I smiled at him. He then leaned down kissing me really gently. We kissed for about two minutes almost making out before Liam and Louis cleared their throat. "Ugh! people actually want to watch the movie!.". "Well you werent even supposed to be here", Harry said matter of factly. I gigled a bit at how smug he said it, but quickly stopped getting a glare from Liam. We all turned our attention back to the movie. I was still a little bit scared so harry layed my head back on his chest while rubbing my back. A couple of time I would just look at each of there faces intently. Louis was a bit scared but was trying to hide it, he had a frown line on his face. Harry was watching the movie he had his lip puckered while bitting his bottom lip. It was adorable his hair was still in his beanie I had the urge to start playing with his curls. Then I looked at liam saving him for last he looked really focused but he wasnt really watching the movie. Suddenly he looked at me our eyes finally meeting. Neither of us looked away it was like we were trying to read each others minds. I know we had been looking at each other for a while and it gave me the urge to just go hug him he looked so uneasy, but then Harry kinda squeezed my leg getting my attention. When I turned around to look at his face him and Louis had the same look. It was like sadness, curiousity, and a bit upset. It made me feel akward. I moved my legs from harry`s lap and distanced myself. "Babe, whats wrong?", Harry asked a little worried. "Nothing I just need some air", I said getting up. "Do you want me...", he was about to finish but Liam cut in"Johanna may I talk to you.. outside".

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