Unfolding Journey

Well Johanna, is just trying to find her way in the world just like everyone else. Things couldnt be going any better right now. She has a great boyfriend (so she thinks). But suddenly things are unfolding, she finds herself falling in love with more than one guy from 1D see how this journey and one simple mistake changes her life forever. Her one choice could make or brake the band. Does she choose or do the unthinkable?


17. the desicion

I woke the next morning still in Louis`s arms, I could feel his eyes on me as he stroked my back. I just stayed there with my eyes open and thought I wasnt sure if I wanted to tell him now or later, I was scared of how he was going to react. I yawned and looked up at him "good morning beautiful", "Morning Louis, how`d you sleep?", "like a king", he chuckled. I sighed better tell him now when he is in high spirits. "What is it love?", "Louis I need to tell you something", he looked at me with a worried expression. "Louis i..", I looked at him straight in the eyes "I.. umm Louis I dont need two days to decide Ive made my desicion". He looked at me with sad eyes "oh", was all he said then he started to shift uncomfortably so we were sitting and I was in his lap he never stopped looking at me. I looked away down at my hands that were fidgeting and whispered "Its you", "wait what?". I looked up at him "Its you, Louis you are the one I want I dont need another day to know that I love you..". "you what.. you... you love me?", I just nodded. He grabbed my face in his hands and kissed me, every few seconds he would whisper I love. Kiss. I love. Kiss. oh i love you im in love with you. kiss.kiss. "So its official?", he said one last time finally breaking the kiss for good. "Whats offical?", "Us, your mine, I cant wait to tell the world that I have the most amazing girlfriend in the world". I laughed and kissed him on the cheek "Louis, lets just wait to do that?", "so you dont want to be my girlfriend?", he asked his voice getting smaller. my eyes widened "NO!!, no. no .no .no. no, I do I mean I am its just we should wait I mean to tell everyone. I still have to break it off with Dylan and , we have to find a way to tell Harry and Liam and the rest of the guys before we tell the world.". He smiled at me "Yeah, your right, we can tell the guys today before you go into work and you can tell Dylan when you are ready". I smiled and kissed him, but to behonest him saying that made me nervous, like i was going to be sick. "So Anna, what do you want to do before you have to work", he asked drawing me out of my thoughts. "Well..", I said turning to look at my clock "I only have three hours before I go into work and a class at 5 then I have to go back in". "Ok well lets get breakfast then tell the boys", he said getting off the bed and stretching. I couldnt help but admire he was absolutely perfect. I couldnt believe I didnt see it before he was erfect in every way. His perfectly tanned skinned, tossled bed hair, his perfect body. He was gorgeous. I was so lost in my own little world that I hadnt even noticed that he had walked over to me and had his face just inches from mine. He put his hand at the nape of my neck and whispered in my ear " Im all yours now", and kissed me just below my ear sending chills down my spine. This boy was going to make me do some stupid things. He smiled down at me knowing what affect he just had on me and Kissed the other side. "Louis!" I almost yelped. He just chuckled and took me into a hug "this is going to be fun", he smiled walking into the bathroom. I looked back at the door he just closed in disbelief, how could he do that, I wanted more. I just calmed my self and went into the other bathroom and took a shower. After I got dressed I walked back into the room Louis ws still in the bathroom so I took the time to tidy up the room, make up the bed and walked in the house cleaning up the mess we made last night. Louis walked out and asked "Ready to go babe?", "Took you long enough", He laughed and kissed me on the lips "Lets go", he said taking my hand and grabbing his keys as I locked my door and walked to his car. We talked just caught up on all that we missed over the last month as we drove to the nearest pancake house. As we waited for our food Louis asked "Anna why did you move and not tell me ,why did you loose contact? I mean we were talking and everything was great and then the next thing I called you one morning but your number changed why didnt you tell me? Thats the one thing that has been on my mind the last month did I do something wrong?", he looked at me with sad eyes. I felt guilty for making him feel that way I took both of his hands in mine and intertwined our fingers. "Louis you did nothing wrong at all, it was me I just needed space from all that had happened over those few days. And well my mom sold the house because she was going to be away a lot more and I was going to uni so we both decided it was for the best. Thats why I got the flat and about Dylan. well he was there the whole time we were moving he said he wanted to make me see that he was going to change if I gave him another chance, that he still loved me, and was really sorry for what he did. Louis I wasnt going to take him back but I felt lonely in the flat by myself I needed someone there and I did still love him. I also did so I could get over you guys becuase I missed you all so much I didnt want to regret my decision so I just pushed you guys away.". He looked at our hands and huffed rubbing his thumbs over my hand. "But babe why didnt you call me?, I would have been there for you, Johanna it hurts me to think you were hurting and I did nothing to help. I want to be there for you", "Louis I wanted you to be there I wanted you to hold me and Love me but I didnt want to regret it I didnt want to feel like I was using you. I was just so confused about my feelings, I didnt want for it to be that I hurt you and ran to liam or harry so I pushed all of you away. I figured you wouldnt miss me so I didnt bother to tell you or keep in touch. I just needed time.". He let go of my hand and then looked down in his lap I could tell that what I had just said had hurt him but it was the truth and he needed to know why. We sat in silence for a while and the lady brought us our food, neither of moved he continued to look down as I looked at him. "Do you regret us?, do you think we rushed this?", he looked up at me speaking for the first time in minutes he looked like he was on the verge of tears, and so was I. I moved and sat on his side of the booth and looked at him. "Louis look at me, I dont regret anything, I dont regret kissing, or loving you, or being your girlfriend, Louis last night I knew that I loved you and I wanted you and not anyone else. And yes we may have rushed this just a little but I dont care I want be with you. I love you Louis.". He looked at me just studying my face then he pecked me on the lips "did you mean it? are you sure about us", I smiled at him "Yes im 1000% sure I want you and I meant every single word". We kissed one more time and ate our food. After about another thirty minutes we decided it was time to go tell the boys I had to be to work in an hour and a half and this was going to be rough. When we pulled up to Louis and Harry`s flat I got really nervous. Louis grabbed my hand and we walked into the living room and turned to see 4 pairs of eyes looking at me curiosly. I sat down on the coouch opposite them and furthest away from Liam. Louis kept standing I guess he was going to do all of the talking which was fine by me.

"Ok guys I have something I want to say, well I am in love with Johanna and we have decided to give us a shot", he paused for a minute trying to let it sink in but before he could continue he was interupted by Harry standing up and yelling at him. "WHAT? HOW COULD YOU?, YOU KNEW HOW I FELT ABOUT HER LOUIS!!! HOW CAN YOU BE SUCH AN ASS SOME BEST FRIEND YOU ARE!!", He looked over at me with the angriest eyes that scared the hell out of me. "I HOPE YOU`RE HAPPY WITH THAT DESICION!!!", he spat at me, that really hurt. He looked back at Louis then puched a hole in the wall before storming off. I felt the tears starting to push there way but I had to be strong I had made my decision. Liam Looked at me full of surrow he never raised his voice it was just a whisper. But I could hear him perfectly it crushed me. "Louis im so angry and hurt I love her as a friend you should have backed off.", he then looked at me and said "I love you, is that who you want?", if so i cant be around this I cant do it. You never had any feelings toward me at all did you?. Anna I cant do this anymore you just keep breaking my heart.". That was it I couldnt take it anymore hearing that and watching him walk away with tears in his eyes broke me. I cried too louis walked up to me kissing me on my forehead and whispered "its alright go after him you love him". I looked at him "but I love you too!", "I know", he said "just go after him he needs you more than I do, but know this I will always love you", "Louis but I want you!", I cried reaching after him. He just left me there crying heartbroken, alone. Everything he just promised me he wouldnt do, he did it he crushed me, he just ended it like that. After I just put myself out there for him he just left me, I cried even harder. I hate love it just keeps breaking me I cant take it anymore. Im done and alone. I completely give up. I HATE LOVE.

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