Unfolding Journey

Well Johanna, is just trying to find her way in the world just like everyone else. Things couldnt be going any better right now. She has a great boyfriend (so she thinks). But suddenly things are unfolding, she finds herself falling in love with more than one guy from 1D see how this journey and one simple mistake changes her life forever. Her one choice could make or brake the band. Does she choose or do the unthinkable?


9. some things are better left unsaid

I knew where I was going I just had to let my anger out in a positive way. I went into my traveling volleyball`s team gym. I had a key becuase I was co-captain. I put my practice uniform on took out someballs and started serving. They were really powerfull because I was mad I just aimed for a spot over the net and hit with as much might as I had. I got in the zone just repeately hitting the same spot I made it through my first bag of fifty and was working on the next, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I got a little scared because who could be here my headphones were in and my music was blasting so I didnt hear anyone walk in. I turned around jus hoping it was my coach. It was harry. I took the headphones out and asked "what are you doin here?", a bit agitated but thankful at the same time. Out of all of the guys I was glad it was him instead of Liam. "I just wanted to make sure you were ok so I followed you here, I waited a while hoping you would come out, but you didnt so I came in.", "How long have you bee here?", I asked. "well I was outside about 45 minutes, and ive just been in here watching you for about ten minutes. I thought you would turn around or stop, but you didnt.". "Oh", was all I could say. I waited for him to say more but he didnt so I turned back around and continued spiking balls. He just sat there watching me never saying a word. I kept turning to see if he had left but he was still there watching me he looked curious like he wanted to ask me something but every time he opened his mouth I turned back around not giving him the chance. I hit the last ball of the second bag. I thought about getting another one but then again my arm had started hurting and I hated to strain it because it would be sore in the morning. I grabbed at it stretching it out making it crack at the joints. "I take it your done", Harry said, I had forgot he was even there. "uhmm, yea my arm is starting to hurt and I have practice Tuesday so I dont want to strain it.", "oh, so can we talk now?", "umm sure, but can we do it after I get these put up", I said picking up a ball and placing it into the bag. "Yah sure, I`ll help, how many in a bag?", "Fifty", I said we picked up balls in silence. Once we were done I locked the balls back up and walked into the locker room Harry following behind me. I grabbed my phone and saw that I had two missed calls from Liam, one from my mom, one from an unknown caller, one from Harry, and three from Dylan. "Do you want to talk here or can I meet you somwhere?, I wanna shower", "umm we could just go to your house". I sighed and walked to my car I knew Harry would just follow me in his car. I decided to call my mom first as I drove since I hadnt spoken to her in days. "Anna?", "Hey, mum", "Hi sweety how are you?", "fine", "well I called cause I wanted to suprise you and let you know I was home early but when I got here you werent so I was just checking", "oh sorry I was at the gym, had my phone in the locker room", "sweety are you alright", "yes today has just been a little upsetting is all", "what happened","Lets just say im now single". "Oh im sorry Johanna", "No my its fine, we can talk about it later, Im almost home, oh and harry is coming over to talk about something with me". "Harry?, Harry who?", "Styles", "oh well alright, I will make you guys some dinner.", "Oh no mom you just got back I will make you something, he wont be here that long.", "well alright see you at home", she hung up. Dinner was it really that late. The clock said 7:34 pm, I was at the gym for almost three hours. I looked in the rear view mirror and noticed harry was behind. We pulled in the drive way and got out and he followed me into the house. "Johanna sweety?", my mother called as she walked around the corner in her pj`s. I gave her a hug and then she looked at harry then back to me with a questioning look. "mum, this is Harry", Harry, this is my mum". "Pleasure to meet you mrs.?", he said. "Nina, call me Nina, and nice to meet you to Harry", she said shaking his hand. "Well if you dont mind I need to shower so excuse me" I said heading for the stairs. Harry stayed down stairs talking to my mom he was trying to be respectful. It was really sweet. I hopped out of the shower and threw on some sweats and the same hogwarts shirt I had on this morning. I let my hair down it was now wavy from the steam of the shower but it was pretty. I walked down the stairs listening to my mom and Harry laughing, they were talking about a tv show. I gave my mum a "really?" look. She just smiled at me, I laughed and turned to him  "alright lets make this quick I want to make dinner for my mother.". "I would love to help!, what would you like?" he asked looking at my mother. "Steak", she said before I could even turn him down. "ugh Harry thanks but no thanks, and mum you dont even like steak very much", "well yea but Harry here told me what a great cook he was and that steak was his specialty, and well now I would just like to decide that for myself", "Great its settled", harry said beaming at me. I rolled my eyes at him, he just stuck his tongue out at me, and my mum laughed "I will just let you to have at it then", she said walking up the stairs. I heard her turn on the tv and shut the door. I huffed and looked at Harry he was smiling "you did that on purpose didnt you?", I asked. "I dont know what your talking", he said acting clueless, and opening the fridge and getting everything out that he needed. I sat on the counter top and just watched him as he took the steaks out and seasoned them. He was really careful with each one giving the other as much care as the first, he heated the stove and began to cook them. He turned and looked at me, I realized I hadnt taken my eyes off of him once he started. "Are you not going to help?", he asked. I looked at his face he was smiling showing his cheeky dimple. "Well Mr. Styles, I didnt want to get in your way", I said sarcastically smiling back at him. "that is chef styles to you, and I could use an asistant", he said taking my hand. "Well what do you want me to do chef styles?" "You can peel potatoes, while I steam the green beans". I began peeling the potatoes one by one why he boiled some water. "Harry?", I asked braking the silence. "hmm?", he said turning around. I never stopped peeling I didnt want to look at his face when we had the conversation. "what did you want to talk to me about?", a minute or two passed and he still hadnt answered my question but I could still feel him looking at me. I turned around to look at him he was looking at me. "Well?", I asked pushing him to answer. He sighed and I turned back around peeling the potatoes again.

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