Unfolding Journey

Well Johanna, is just trying to find her way in the world just like everyone else. Things couldnt be going any better right now. She has a great boyfriend (so she thinks). But suddenly things are unfolding, she finds herself falling in love with more than one guy from 1D see how this journey and one simple mistake changes her life forever. Her one choice could make or brake the band. Does she choose or do the unthinkable?


16. Proposition

I woke the next morning with a text from. Louis- hey love be there in a little dress comfortably :) I looked at my phone it was 11:47 I needed to hurry he was almost here. I jumped in the shower, I left my hair straight. I put on some Nike blue sweats and a grey Cambridge Uni pullover and put on my grey vans. I looked in the mirror after brushing my teeth and putting on minimal makeup. I actually looked kind of nice. I grabbed my phone off the charger and grabbed my wallet. Since I was in walking distance to everything in London I didn't bother carrying a purse anymore. I stuck them in my back pocket and walked into the living room. I heard a knock and opened the door Louis looked at me with a quizzical face. "were you stalking me Tomlinson?". He laughed and walked past me without an invitation. He was wearing some black toms, blue sweats, and a grey long sleeved t-shirt. "Well aren't you going to show me around?" he said looking back at me. I smiled at him and grabbed his hand, "OK kitchen....Living room, dining room, bathroom, washroom, bedroom", I said turning around to walk out of my room, he let go of my hand and walked around my room examining it. He looked at the books on my shelf, walked into my closet and then looked at me with an evil grin, then to my bed and back at me. "Louis DON'T YOU DARE!!!". He didn't listen he laughed and took off running full speed for my bed and dived into my just made covers and rolled around laughing. I couldn't help but laugh too after I scowled at him.

I ran and jumped my bed to rolling through the already messed up sheets. I rolled over on top of Louis and we both started laughing hysterically. I placed my hands on Louis chest to steady my self, but he wrapped his hands over mine and looked into my eyes. "I missed you", the words just escaped out of my mouth before I could even think. "I missed you too", he said he started leaning forward and closed his eyes our lips just barely toched before I pulled my head away. "Louis I cant ,Dylan", I looked at him apologeticaly "But he cheeted on you", I relaxed myself "I know, but we just got back together and its going well I dont want to be the one to mess it up". "But I care about you love", "And I care about you Louis, but I just dont think it would work out between us", "And why not?, we would be good for each other, we would be happy", "but im happy now", "are you really?, Look me in the eyes and honestly tell me that you are happy with him", "it works, and I do love him and he loves me, and I forgave him", "but are you really happy with him?". I couldnt lie to him I was happy and comfortable with Dylan but something wasnt right about us. "well...", "see you arent, why wont you give us a chance?", "because it just wouldnt work", "why not? give me one good reason why?", "because of Dylan, and Liam and Harry, and you`re famous it just would complicate things and me being in school", "Bullshit", "Excuse me?", "Its all bullshit", he rolled over placing himself over me. "Johanna, I care about you a lot, I want you, you cant say that you dont feel something for me too", "Louis..I..", I just turned my head to the side not wanting to explain it. He put both hands on my cheeks and pulled my face to look at him "Explain?", "Louis I..I..like you....but I also care for harry and Liam especially he was there for me when I needed him most and dylan, well sure he cheated but i promised that i would give us another shot and I do still love him. I am happy with him but its just hard to forget what he did to me, how he hurt me I just think he is going to do it again and if not him you, things have been working really well and I dont want to be the one to mess that up.". He sighed and moved off of me onto his back and just stared at the ceiling. "I just want you to fall for me, I want you to love me how I love you.". Before I could say anything he continued "Why wont you let yourself love me?", he said propping himself on his elbow and then looking back at me. I looked at him "Im scared to". He kissed my forehead and pulled me into his arms and layed down with my head on his chest  "Babe why?". I closed my eyes and let the words spill out of my mouth "Im scared of falling in love with you with my whole heart and getting hurt, im afraid hurting you with out trying to, afraid of not seeing you for months and you cheating or breaking my heart, im just scared that im going to hurt someone and myself". He just rubbed my hair and kissed the top of my head "I will never do anything to hurt you I swear it, I promise that everytime I leave I will always come back to you, I promise to love you so much and so hard you wont want to love anyone else, as for Liam or harry, one of us is going to be hurt, because we all care for you, and as for my fame you never have to worry about that getting in the way of us". I looked up into Louis eyes and kissed him on the mouth there was just something about everything he just said that made me believe him, made my heart hunger for him. He pulled away from me still holding my face. "I will make a proposition, two days. Give me two days to make you see that I am better for you than Dylan, that I will love you more, and then love me, if I cant make you see that then stay with him and I will never push anything more than a friendship.". I didnt even take time to think about it before saying "ok" and kissing him again. He smiled at me and chuckled "ok one question why such a big bed for such a small girl?". I laughed too "Because I wanted a big comfortable king bed to be cozy in", "well hopefully we will share this bed", he winked at me while taking my hand and getting up off of the bed. We got into his car and drove into town. First we got some breakfast and went shopping at the different outlets. We even tried on these silly costumes with weird disguises. We had to run from a group of girls that recigonized him it gave both of us a laugh. We walked through some parks played Lazer quest and ate Ice cream. We drove back to my house around 8 o`clock. "ok so as a continuation of this I get to sleep here tonight and we can order pizza tonight, watch movies and cuddle", "Hmm Tomlinson thats asking quite a lot", I joked, "Oh dont act like you wouldnt enjoy it", "So I guess you are just going to have to sleep commando", I laughed. He laughed too grabbing my shoulders and pulling me really close  for a kiss. "Well I can do that but i have an overnight bag in my car for emergencies". As he walked to his car to get his bag I called in our pizza and went to change into my pj`s. I put on my long Harry Potter Pajama bottoms they were Ravenclaw and just a white tank. I walked out of my bedroom and turned on the firelace in the living room. Just as I heard the doorbell ring Louis walked out of the bathroom wearing only his long pajama bottoms they were blue with little black mustaches and glasses on them. "well arent you just the cutsest little dork", "Oh but you love it", I sad paying the pizza guy and shutting the door. We watched action movies cuddled, and made out. I let out a yawn after the third movie. "Tired babe?", Louis asked while turning off the tv and fireplace. I nodded and he picked me up cradling me and carried me to the bed. He turned on the fireplace in my room and crawled in next to me lifting me up and placing me on top of him intertwining our legs. "I love you", he said and Kissed me on my head. I didnt say anything back cause I knew he thought I was already sleep and I didnt want to ruin it. I didnt need another day to decide, I knew who I was going to choose now I just have to wait til morning to break the persons heart who I really care about.

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