Unfolding Journey

Well Johanna, is just trying to find her way in the world just like everyone else. Things couldnt be going any better right now. She has a great boyfriend (so she thinks). But suddenly things are unfolding, she finds herself falling in love with more than one guy from 1D see how this journey and one simple mistake changes her life forever. Her one choice could make or brake the band. Does she choose or do the unthinkable?


5. new leaf

I wake the next morning and its still dark outside I try to search for my phone lost somewhere in my bed but there is an arm around me holding me in place. Thats funny I dont remember Dylan sleeping over last night. If I could only find that darn phone. Ha! Found it but its hard to get its under someones body. I reach under them to retrieve my phone. I use the light to see who it is just about crushing me with their weight. OH MY FREAKING GOSH ITS LIAM!! Aww he looks so peaceful in his sleep. I lift his arm so I could get comfortable, then I realized he was only wearing boxer any other time I would absolutely cherish this moment but I am in my underwear and bra! Then it hits, I start to panick...he`s in...Im in....oh please....no....no....no!! I lay back down in defeat then try to think really hard about what happened last night. I found out that the guy I thought I loved has been cheating for a while and Liam took me home and asked yes asked to sleep in my bed and I said yes, and we did not sleep together. Good thing my mom isnt here, now that, that is settled I look at my phone. Great it is just 5:49 AM, I groan at the fact it is a saturday and im up this early. I guess I better make the best of this situation so I cuddle up to Liam. I lay his head on my chest and he smiled in his sleep I start to run my fingers through his hair and slowly start to doze off. I wake up again man its still dark outside, I look at my phone again its just 6:30 AM. Well it looks like im not going to get much sleep so I ease Liam out from under me and put on and old Hogwarts sweatshirt I got for christmas and some blue nike shorts. I ease out the room quietly and shut the door almost tripping down the stairs. I began cleaning to keep my mind off of all that I just found out. So I sweep every corner downstairs, then dust, mop, and tiddy up some things. I didnt want to vacum in fear that I would wake Liam. I look at the clock on the wall only to see its 7:10 AM. Liam probably isnt going to wake up for another hour or so. I plop down on the couch and pick up my moms copy of a book 'Turning over a New Leaf", Page 30 im bored out of my mind and couldnt remember one thing that I had read. I make a fire and sit in front of it with some hot coco and just think. Ok im single, a bit heartbroken actually a lot heartbroken, im alone my mom wont be here for another 2 days and Liam Payne is asleep in my bed. He was so cute his little birthmark on his neck, the way he put his arm around me, how he smiled in his sleep, the way he barely new me and cared enough to make sure I was ok, wow was i falling for Liam and I only knew him for three days. No I cant do that I cant get into a relationship after just getting out of one, no matter how sexy he was. I was so deep in thought that I didnt even realize Liam had sat by me infront of the fire still in his underwear. "Hey, what are you doing up so early?", I ask. "funny, I was about to ask you the same?". "I just couldnt sleep so I did a little cleaning, and some reading" I said nodding my head to the book on the couch. "Oh, jeez how long you been up?", "For a while, since 6;30". "Oh wow you`re and early riser", "Yep", I nod in agreement. "Oh well I turned over and realized your bed was empty, and you were gone, I got worried a bit". I look at him and smiled it was nice that he cared so much he looked at me and blushed and turn his head back to the fire. I continued to look at him he was so gorgeous to look at it hurt. I noticed Liam started to get closer to me so close our legs were touching. "Johanna, I dont mean to be rude but what are you?", I looked at him in confusion, he immediately got nervous "Im sorry I shouldnt have asked that, you dont have to answer it if you dont want to!", He was curious and also regretfull. "No its fine I dont mind" I chuckled, he relaxed a little bit. "Well im a lot to be honest my family is very diverse, my mother is 25% Native American patowan to be exact, 25% percent German and 50% African American. And well my father is 50% Irish and 50% Norwegian. so I guess you could say im all of those." "Wow Anna thats really cool, I wish I had an intresting history", I look at him and cant help but laugh. "What?", he ask obviously confused. "Its nothing just only people im really close to call me Anna" I laugh. "Oh im sorry I didnt-", "Liam, its ok its nice you can call me Anna", I wink at him, he turns red when I say that. I put my hand on his leg and look at him in the eyes "Liam, why do you do that?". "Uhmm I..I..you make me nervous!", he settles. "Why?", I ask truly curious. "well is it not obvious, I like you I like you a lot." I just keep looking into his eyes in plain dsibelief, he grabbed my hand and started leaning closser and just kissed me slowly, it was amazing his lips were so soft and warm, he was so gentle I didnt want it to stop. He then pulled away still holding my hand, he looked so ashamed of himself "Johanna, Im so sorry!". I just looked at him still shocked and then I could feel the smile starting to form on my lips he smiled back sighing of relief. My phone went off ruining the moment. I go and get it "ugh! great!" I moan, Liam looked at me confused and a bit upset "who is it?". "Its nothing, Are you hungry?" I smiled at him. "Sure", "Good we can make breakfast together". I cooked the eggs and bacon and we made the pancakes together. After we ate we cleaned up and decided that I would drop Liam off at his house. "Anna, you should hang out with me and the guys today", "I dont know I dont want to impose or make it akward", "No come on you have to it will be fun and I will be there, plus it will get your mind off of things", "Ok but only if I get to drive", "Deal", we shook on it and I got dressed so I could take Liam home to his house to change too.

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