Unfolding Journey

Well Johanna, is just trying to find her way in the world just like everyone else. Things couldnt be going any better right now. She has a great boyfriend (so she thinks). But suddenly things are unfolding, she finds herself falling in love with more than one guy from 1D see how this journey and one simple mistake changes her life forever. Her one choice could make or brake the band. Does she choose or do the unthinkable?


18. Lust, drugs, and one night stands

I sat in  the cafe looking outside the window, today was a really slow day, there were literaly ondyly two people eating in the cafe and the same usual customer in the bookstore reading. It had been 11 days since Louis had left me. I was completely depressed and very heartbroken. It is the worst feeling. I fell fast and way to hard but there was no one to catch me. I hadnt been eating much because of how felt. I just went to the gym every day and stayed there for hours in a day. I had lost a lot of weight too going from 130 to 117 which wasnt a lot on my little 5`4 frame because most of it was mucsle. I just worked, slept, and went to the gym. But the one thing that hurt almost as much as being left was seeing Louis in magazines with all these different girls, even Liam and Harry. It just made me feel worse about myself I should have known they really didnt care about me. I finally told Dylan that it just wasnt going to work out between us he was crushed, so I just left out the stuff about Louis. He still said he wasnt going to give up, he still came in everyday, but he always looked at me with that same worried expression. "Johanna, do you want anything from nando`s, im doing a lunch run?", "Nah, thank you no im not hungry", "are you sure im worried about you, your just getting too thin". "Dylan, Im fine", I said gettin annoyed. He just frowned at me and left. I was so tired of getting asked that today I was going to do something out of the ordinary. "Diantha?", I called "Yea nan?", she decided to give me that nickname because we have become pretty close my nicname for her was Dia(Diya) and sometimes Ant. "Ant, lets do something tonight I want to party". "Awesome!!! we are going to a club and out drinking!!", I smiled because she seemed happy I knew she was a party girl she got wild sometimes but this is was what I needed. "We are going to get you a sexy dress Nan, your going to have fun, no worries". We left work at around six to find dresses for tonight. We went back to my flat to get ready. Diantha`s dress was black really short and tight with all these cut outs. She had her short cropped blonde hair straight down stopping right below her chin. I wore a royal blue dress that stopped just above mid thigh and it was quite tight showing of my curves it was backless and came around my shoulders with some see through material it had semi long sleeves. I wore my hair curly and pinned to one side and had some bright red lipstick on. "DAMN JOHANNA YOU LOOK SEXY!!!", "not as sexy as you do though" I laugh while gawlking at her "Dia, you are so lucky you have big boobs", "Yea, but you got the body". We laughed at each other and walked out to my car. We pulled up to the club and went straight in aparently Diantha came in here so much the bouncer let us in because she was a regular. "ok, Nan remember have fun, drink up, look for the hotties, oh and keep an eye on all the drinks you take.", she said speaking over the music. We walked to the bar and got two shots each. I gulped the first one down it burned since it was my first drink ever since i just recently turned 18. I took the second one too it stung but not as much. I started to get a slight buzz but it felt great "come on Ant I wanna dance", I grabbed her hand pulling her to the dance floor. We started dancing and grinding on each other. I was having a great time this was what I needed. Suddenly A guy walk up to us he was gorgeous, with his sea green eyes, he had golden blonde hair that was neatly styled in a quiff. He smiled at us showing his perfectly straight white teeth and cute little half dimple. He looked directly at me and said "Hey im Hunter, and might I say you are absolutely stunning, may I buy you a drink?", I looked at Diantha for reassurance she just nodded at me flashing me a big grin. He took my hand and led me to the bar pulling me to a stool. He told the bar tender to get us each a shot of patron and vodka. "So whats your name?", he asked leaning closer so he could hear me. "Johanna", "Oh what a Lovely name for a lovely girl", "So what brings you here for the first time?", "How did you know it was my first time here?", I ask fluttering my eyes we were both flirting really hard because of all the alcohol in our system. "Well, my father owns the club so im here all the time, and plus im pretty sure if I saw someone as sexy as you I would definately have remembered you". We continued to drink and flirt by now I was completely wasted but I felt great. "Lets dance", hunter said grabbing my hand. We danced to the music grinding and touching each other with our bodies. Hunter whispered in my ear "Hey, do you wanna go back to my place?", His words sent shivers down my spine and I nodded my head, I dont know what was coming over me but I liked it. He grabbed my hand and got into each of our cars we dropped my car off at my flat first since it was just 5 km away. I got in to his car and sat on a rolled up piece of paper. I picked it up and rolled it between my fingers as Hunter pulled up to his flat. "Is this what I think it is?", I asked, he looked at me with a worried look "Yes, but I can explain", "do you do this often?", "not very often", he said scratching his head. "Can we try it?", I asked, he looked at me wide eyed, and then gave me a big grin taking it out of my hand and lighting it up. We took turns with me coughing at first he just laughed and looked at me "Breathe in slowly, like this", he showed me I just looked into his eyes they were filled with lust, and the sensation of the drugs and alcohol. He leaned over and kissed me really hard, It was filled with lust and became very intense fast. Before I knew it my hand was reaching over shoving his blazer off his sholders and attempted to unbutton his shirt reaveling his perfecly tanned body. I was half way done til he grabbed my hands and looked down smiling at me "Lets go inside", I smiled back at him getting out of the car. He came around and placed his hand over my bum "I hope you dont mind but my cousin and his friends are over with some girls", "I dont care" I said as he unlocked the door. soon as it was open he picked me up wrapping my legs around his waist and locking our lips again. We kept kissing and he shut the door with his foot slamming us into the wall, we both laughed while still kissing. I turned my attention back to his shirt finally getting it off. He smiled at me then started kissing down my neck letting a moan escape my lips as i threw off my shoes. Which was hard considering my legs were still wrapped around him. I heard some guys laughing from another room then a familiar voice saying "I guess hunter has another hot date, wonder what she looks like?", I didnt pay it any attention. My lips returned back to Hunter`s as we tried to make our way up the stairs we wound up slipping on the first one. We fell to the floor both laughing "you ok babe", he asked getting ontop of me and placing his body inbetween my legs. "yea fine", I said a little breatheless, He returned his lips to mine kissing me even harder. I heard the same voice say "did you hear that?", its sounded like he was getting closer. We both just ignorned it and kept kissing he slid his hands under my dress slowly raising it up. "JOHANNA?", my head shot up to see a very angry Harry, Louis with clenched fist, and a really shocked Zayn. I hurridly pushed Hunter off of me and jumped up yanking my dress back down. Hunter got up looking from me to harry very annoyed. He came beside me and placed his hands on both sides of my hips so his body was touching my back and started kissing down the back of my neck, I let out another moan shutting my eyes in pleasure, I felt hunter grin against my skin as his fingers began to wonder. "HUNTER GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF HER!!", Harry yelled pushing Hunter away while Louis grabbed my arm pulling me away. "WHATS YOUR PROBLEM HARRY?", "MY PROBLEM IS YOU!! DONT YOU EVER FUCKING TOUCH HER AGAIN UNDERSTOOD!!?? DONT LOOK AT HER, THINK ABOUT HER AND SURE AS HELL DONT KISS HER!!", as Harry was yelling Louis took of his jacket and forcefully put it on me, looking me in the eyes the whole time he was clearly pissed but i was too drunk to care and a bit agitated. Hunter was now fuming "YOU CANT TELL ME WHAT TO DO I WILL DO WHATEVER I SO PLEASE TO DO WITH HER!!!", "OVER MY FUCKING DEAD BODY", harry yelled getting angrier. "Harry", I said in a baby voice trying to grab his arm and calm him. He and Louis both told me to "shut it!", "I will deal with you later", Harry said turning his attention back to Hunter. "AS FOR YOU...", "Harry!", Zayn said stepping in and putting a hand on his shoulder. I dont know why but all of a sudden this all seemed funny to me. I started laughing really hard until zayn Looked me straight in the eye firmly grabbing my arm "Are you high?", he asked, i just giggled. He then looked at Harry now angry too. Harry glared at me then to and then at hunter then charged him punching him yelling "YOU ASSHOLE YOU GOT HER HIGH!!! OH IM GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS SHE IS JUST 18 AND YOU MADE HER DRUNK AND HIGH!!!!". Louis and zayn had to pull Harry off of hunter, who was starting to bruise. I ran over to him to check on him, I ran my fingers over his bruise and he winced in pain, I leaned to kiss it, but then was yanked up by Louis who sternly told me "Do not touch him". He pulled me to the couch and pushed me down as he Harry, and Zayn glared at me. "WHAT THE HELL WHERE YOU THINKING?", Harry yelled at me. "I...I", "NO YOU WERENT THINKING, I AM SO ANGRY AT YOU, DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA...", He had finally pushed me over the edge, I jumped up standing infront of him having to look up "ANGRY AT MEEE!!!!, WHAT THE HELL HARRY I DID NOTHING WRONG YOU ARENT MY FATHER SO YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO YELL AT ME I CAN DO WHAT I WANT AND DONT EVEN PRETEND TO ACT LIKE YOU CARE , BECAUSE YOU DONT SO CUT THE BULLSHIT I WILL KISS, DRINK, SMOKE, AND FUCK WHO AND WHAT I WANT", I said throwing Louis`s jacket at him and snatching my shoes on. Louis tried to grab my arm but I snatched it away "YOU DONT TOUCH MEYOU ASSHOLE, I CANT STAND YOU!!!! YOU FUCKING LIAR!!!!! I DONT EVEN WANT TO SEE YOUR Face anymore" , I yelled my voice cracking at the end. I walked up to Hunter who was standing in a corner and kissed him full on the mouth with as much passion i could muster. He looked at me with lust and took a shaky breathe saying "wow". "Take me home", I grabbed his hand and walked out the door.

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