Unfolding Journey

Well Johanna, is just trying to find her way in the world just like everyone else. Things couldnt be going any better right now. She has a great boyfriend (so she thinks). But suddenly things are unfolding, she finds herself falling in love with more than one guy from 1D see how this journey and one simple mistake changes her life forever. Her one choice could make or brake the band. Does she choose or do the unthinkable?


20. Give myself completely

I knew this was going to be nothing but trouble but there was nothing I could do to make any of this better. I let the two boys walk over to me kind of hurriedly. "Johanna babe, well last night was fun, I had a great time and even more fun at your place", Hunter said kissing me on the cheek and paying no attention to Harry who was radiating heat. I looked at both of them confused " hello, hunter how are you?" I ask returning his hug. "Don't touch her!!!" Harry spat at him. Hunter just ignored Harry but he did touch me less or at least not as friendly. "So babe I was wondering if you wanted to go back to my place , it would just be us two", hunter said attempting to woo me. I opened my mouth to speak but was interrupted by an even angrier Harry. "She is not going anywhere with you she is not that kind of girl!!" "Oh I know she isn't dear ole cousin styles but last time I checked last night happened", I just let them argue a bit confused and then it dawned on me as I heard Harry yell at hunter " I'm going to kill you I told you not to touch her she is mine, you took her innocence!!!!." . I pulled Harry off of Hunter and took his hand dragging him into the supply room. He looked me in the eyes, behind his anger I saw hurt and pain. "Harry please calm down, nothing happened last night I swear, after we left he took me home and I made him leave because I was still angry", he looked at me with hopeful eyes. He grabbed my shoulders and hugged me tightly before kissing me. This time it was filled with passion and sadness. Every time i kissed him it felt like the very first time I pulled away reluctantly. I moved out of reaching distance of him. "Anna what...?" I cut him off speaking fast " Harry I can't do this I can't fall for you I can't fall for anyone I won't let myself love again and certainly I won't love you. I won't I just won't Louis and Dylan hurt me and I haven't gotten over him. I am breaking you guys apart I don't want a relationship, I just want to have and I can't do that with you." He looked hurt and I immediately felt bad but it was the truth. " but you love me", he pleaded. I truly did love him but after falling for him it felt more like I would love a friend not a lover. I knew I couldn't tell him that though because he would make it all the more complicated so I decided to lie. " Harry I don't love anyone right now", " that's a lie, you're lying!", he sounded like he was trying to convince his self more than me. "No Harry I loved Louis but he hurt me now I love no one,!", " why won't you love me, I won't hurt you", " Harry I've heard that before and it is always a lie, I just want no emotional connection with anyone.". He thought about what I said then his face changed he became determined which made me nervous. " Fine. Have a physical connection with me just physical, let me be your first,", I looked at him completely shocked, was he serious. "Harry I dont think that is the best idea", " I think this could be a good thing, I wont let my emotions get in the way and since you dont leave me you wont grow feelings for me, we already have a good relationship.", "but what about Louis and Liam?", "We we just let it be our little secret and beside Louis left you and Liam just wants you to be happy and if this makes you happy then he would be ok".

*Harry`s P.O.V.*

I had to find a way to get her to do this. I know i can make her fall in love with me. I know she is already in love with me or at least I think so. She cares for me and the thought of someone else...No I cant think like that I love her and that is that. She will be mine. "Harry, but it would be easier if I just did it with Hunter, then it wouldnt be complicated", she said looking at the ground. ouch.. that hurt, actually it made me enraged the thought I would never let that happened I will be her first I just have to make her fall for me. I mean how hard could it be I have girls swoon over me all the time. I looked at her, oh how I loved this girl her lovely eyes, and petite little body, she was so tiny and short just pure perfection. I just want to hold her and protect her. I found the courage to act as if what she said  had no affect on me.  I walked over to her and took her into my arms "Johanna, I cant make you do anything but trust me on this", she looked at me oh her eyes i just want to pick her up and kiss her make her want me. I want to make her scream my name in pleasure as I make her mine i to know im the only one that can make her feel that way. "Ok", was all she said, my heart leaped in excitement. I have to play this cool though I cant let her know how I feel. I just smirked at her "lets get out of here", I said taking her hand and pulling her into my car. "We can go to my place, I know some people feel weird about being in their parents house.", her face turned a cherry red color, oh she was so adorable. "Uhmm Harry I live on my own now, turn this way", she said pointing to a road on my left. I felt a little hurt why didnt I know about it. We pulled up to her flat she grabbed my hand and walked me to her massive bed. I felt her tense up. "Dont worry I will lead you", I whispered. "Are you nervous?", she looked up at me and nodded "I want this Harry". I kissed her and she began to relax. "Take off my shirt", I told her. she ran her fingers to the hem of my shirt and started taking it off slowly. I kissed her down her neck then returned to ear "now take off my pants", she looked at me to ask if it was ok then began with the belt. Suprisingly she didnt need help she was calm the whole time, she pushed them down to my ankles and i kicked them off. I started kissing her again, we didnt fight for dominance like normal she just let me take the lead. I removed her shirt slowly admiring her then her pants as I kissed down her body. I looked at her as she stood standing in her bra and knickers "You are so beautiful". I cradled her in my arms and then layed her under the cover placing myself in between her legs. I pulled the remaining fabric between us so we were both fully naked. I looked at her she looked scared and I knew she was starting to have second thoughts but my body was hungering for her I couldnt wait much longer. "Are you sure?", "Harry I want this" I placed myself at her entrance. "Johanna baby this is going to hurt but it will get better I promise, I want you to look in my eyes the whole time.". She looked at me then nodded "I`m ready". I Looked her in the eyes then pushed in. She moaned out in pain shutting her eyes. I gave her time to adjust. "Open your eyes", she did and looked into mine the entire time. It was slow and soft, we never broke contact with our eyes. This wasnt just sex I made love to her.

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