Unfolding Journey

Well Johanna, is just trying to find her way in the world just like everyone else. Things couldnt be going any better right now. She has a great boyfriend (so she thinks). But suddenly things are unfolding, she finds herself falling in love with more than one guy from 1D see how this journey and one simple mistake changes her life forever. Her one choice could make or brake the band. Does she choose or do the unthinkable?


15. Fresh started or due overs

**** One Month Later*****


I hadnt seen the boys in a month and I really missed them. I thought about them every night, but as each day passed I thought and missed them less. I still really cared about all of them but i just detached my feelings for them knowing it would never work. I talked to Louis every day for a week after that night, we became really close. My mother convinced me by doing that i was complicating the situation even more so I changed my number and didnt give it to any of them.  I saw in some magazines and stations Harry styles night out with different girls every couple of days, even Liam and Louis were seen with girls. I have to admit that hurt but I got over it but it made me do something I thought I would never do. My mom has been really busy going back from london to Napaul so we sold our house and got a flat in london, because I only have a few weeks left in school and I started Uni 3 weeks ago. They are kind of attached so I have my own and so does she. I also finished filming for the movie this week today was my last day on set and then it would be realeased in October. I got a job at this near by cafe it was in walking distance to my flat. Because it just opened and I applied first I was made manger so i help out duties as cashier, bookeeper, I took orders, made them, and even worked in the little bookstore in the cafe. That had to be my favorite thing, and I was helping business some of the local customers recognized me from the tabloids of the boys and the press through the movie. I also recently started talking to Dylan again, about 3 weeks ago when we started to move he came around, he said he wanted to work things out because he loved me. I denied him at first but after all we were together a while and I did love him, some people deserve second chances, so we officialy started dating again last week. I also cut my hair it was just a little passed my shoulders brown and I dyed it an auburn brown. Today worked was going by kind of slow after the morning and afternoon rush went by. It wouldnt pick back up until around 7 and that was two in a half hours away. I didnt have school today because it was a tuesday. Dylan came in around 5 like he always did so we could talk and I could help him with his classes. Around 6:30pm it started to pick back up there was only four of us working two people called in and said they were running late. Jen was working the bookstore, kells in the Kitchen, he was our oldest cook, Diantha behind the counter at the register, she had only been working for a couple of days she looked stressed. I was running back and forth taking orders, running tables checking out, helping in the bookstore as people came in and answering Dylan`s questions about trig. I was bringing out this couples food when someone tugged on my apron, I was still putting the food on the table so I couldnt turn around "Yes?, how may I help you?", "Can you take our order now?, weve been waiting a while", a male voice said. "Oh, sure sorry about that im the only waitress tonight, what can I do you for?", I said turning around but not looking up as I wrote down there order. I ran off back to the kitchen and placed there order. After about 10 minutes their food was ready and I took it to their table, "Ok two breakfast platters, 4 chocolate chip pancakes with whip cream, one fruit salad, and a philly", I said finally placing the food down and then looked up "Anything else?". My smile instantly turned into one thin line when I saw who was at the table. "Johanna?", "Hi, Niall",  I looked to everyones faces, Louis, Liam, Niall, Harry, and some girl I didnt know was sitting really close to Harry. Wait I remembered I saw her and Harry walking out of a club holding hands in a magazine a couple of days ago. everyone just looked at me with blank stares, which made me feel uncomfortable "Well if there is anything else I can do let me know", I said before walking away quickly before anyone could stop me. I knew it was bad to run from my problems but my heart was beating to fast. I continued to wait tables, check out, and refill Dylan`s latte, I never once looked back into their direction, but I knew I had to go check on them again. I walked up to there table "Can I get you anything?", I asked putting a bright smile on my face treating them like any other customer. "Can I get a refill and some sugar?", the girl asked "sure thing hun", I said smilling at her and taking her glass, "Anything else?", I asked looking at the rest of them. "Can I get a glass of water?", Harry spoke, "Sure", I said flashing him a smile and walking off. I was smiling so hard my mouth started to hurt. I refilled her tea, got Harry`s water and grabbed little tiny cups of sugar. "Here you are", I said placing them on the table "Anything else?". Louis opened his mouth to say something but stopped. I felt a hand on my back and I turned to see Dylan. "Hey, babe i should get going see you tomorrow", He said kissing me on the lips "I love you", he said looking me in the eyes. "I love you too", I said as he turned to leave. I was going to turn to walk the other way so I didnt have to face any of the guys but Liam said something "youre back with him?!", he was half asking, half stating, it was so low he almost sounded angry but when I looked in his eyes I saw pity. Before I could answer Diantha called over that she needed me, I gladly took off in her direction, not answering him before I left. The recipt got stuck so I had to replace the role. It was almost 8:00pm and we would be closing early because we were short staffed. I walked back to all my other tables taking their plates and checking them out. I only had 5 tables left including the table I least wanted to go to. I walked up to them anyway "Are you guys ready for a recipt or can I get you anything else?", I asked smiling up at them again. "We are ready for the recipt", Harry said very hastily. "Will this be all together?", I asked looking at Harry for the first time directly. "Together", Louis said to me I gave him a quick smile and walked away. I did the same with my other tables giving them their recipts first and giving them their change before the guys. They were the last table left, I placed the check on the table and Louis handed me his credit card. I took it and went to the machine to place the transaction, after I was done I gave Louis his card back and gave him a copy of the recipt to sign. I took it and said good night. As I was walking back to the counter someone grabbed my hand. "Why?", Liam asked, "Why? what?", "why are you back with him", he asked looking me in the face. "I love him", I say plainly, "But he hurt you", "well so did you", I said to Liam snatching my arm back. He looked taken back I guess that was still a sore spot, but I didnt care, it wasnt his business. I took off  my apron and through it behind the counter. Liam was still standing there watching me. I noticed that Harry and the girl had already left, but Louis and Niall were standing at the door waiting for Liam. I walked past them and began to clear tables taking them to the kitchen for Kells to clean, I had already locked up the bookstore. I walked back behind the counter to count the money in the register. Liam was still there looking at me but after I looked at him and then back down he sighed and walked out the door taking one last look back. After I finished everything I grabbed my coat and got ready to leave when I noticed Louis still standing there waiting. "What are you still doing here?" I asked him. "I just wanted to talk to you", he said. "Ok well talk", "not here", "well where?", "Your house?", "nah, anyway its late and im tired I really should get going Louis". I said locking the cafe door. "But we need to talk", he protested. "how about another day?", "No", he said firmly. I huffed I wasnt going to give in either. "Where are you going?", "home", I said begining to walk. "Your walking? thats a thirty minute drive from here", "I dont live there anymore", "Why?". I just gave him a look and kept walking. "At least let me drive you there, its cold out", "I`ll manage", I said not looking back. I heard his footsteps running after me, he grabbed my shoulders and forcefully pulled me to him. " I care about you, Why do you insist on making me angry, first you fall for harry and liam, then blow me off, now this let me take you", "Fine", I said angrily and walked back to his car. He drove me to my flat it literally only took about three minutes. I got out of the car and turned to say bye. "Johanna, we are still going to talk, tomorrow I will see you at noon, and since you changed your number I need that too", he said taking out his phone. I reluctantly gave it to him and then unlocked my door. "Bye Louis!", I said slamming it shut.

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