Unfolding Journey

Well Johanna, is just trying to find her way in the world just like everyone else. Things couldnt be going any better right now. She has a great boyfriend (so she thinks). But suddenly things are unfolding, she finds herself falling in love with more than one guy from 1D see how this journey and one simple mistake changes her life forever. Her one choice could make or brake the band. Does she choose or do the unthinkable?


3. Complete Denial!

I drive home mulling over what just happened I just met One Direction and didnt even fangirl, thats right I played it cool. I look at my phone huh thats weird normally I would have at least got a call or a text from Ash or Dylan. I should give them a call *ringing* "Johanna?" Dylan answers a little breathless, " Yea, who else would it be?", "Haha! of course I knew that hey Im gon....na ha..ve ...to..call...you back!". "who is-" I hear a girls voice say. Who was that and why did he sound like that. Maybe it was just a bad time I think trying to ease my mind but it didnt work. Well there was that time that I found some girls sunglasses in his car and a recipt to Aerie but he told me that his sister had used his car that day. I unlock the door walking into my house to get changed it was a little after 4 and I had forty-five minutes before the game started. I run up the stairs to get changed". "She`s in the class A-Team,stuck in her-". "Hello?". "Hey Babe sorry about earlier, but hey wear your hair up today, make sure its straight and dont forget my bottle!" he said trying to sound seductive. "ok" I laugh, "Hey babe which jersey?". "Mine of course". "Jeans or Shorts?" I ask. "Tighst are better, babe I gotta go love ya!". "Bye". I strip off my shirt putting on his aqua blue jersey with the number 9 and Barstow on the back in white. I grab some black tights that stop right above the ankle and put on my grey vans. I also put my hair up in a ponytail like a cheerleader and sprint down the stairs remembering to get his bottle with protein shake and grab some string cheese out the fridge.

I arrive at the game with ten minutes to spare before their warm ups. "Johanna", Dylan runs up to me giving me a light kiss on the lips. Sarah-Grace was smirking at me "what`s her deal?".  "Dunno Babe but dont worry haters are going to hate" and he puts his hand around my waist walking me over to the Ally. Its where all of the players girlfriends, family, and alumni sit. I hand over his bottle and cheese sticks "Thanks babe, you look cute by the way!". I give him a kiss on the cheek as he walks away "GOOD LUCK", I yell. "Is this spot taken?" a husky voice ask. "No not at all", I say not bothering to see who it was. "YAY!!RUN!!!SCORE!!!", "Wow you are really into this game",  another somewhat familiar voice says. "oh, what yea", i look down for the first time. "Oiy, hi Harry I didnt realize it was you". "Hey im here too!" ," and me!". I look down "Hi, Liam.,Louis". I gave Louis a hug because I knew he liked them and Liam not wanting to forget him. "Oh so you just forget about little ole me", Harry says giving me a puppy dog face. "Aww Harry i could never forget about you" I say giving him a kiss on the cheek making him blush. I turn my attention back to the game. "Whats the score?" I see now standing there with a mouth full of nachos. "3-2", "Johanna, what are you doing here?", "wow, someone is happy to see me" I say with a sarcastic smile. "Oh, I didnt mean-", "Its ok Niall I was only Joking I go to school here and my boyfriend is the midfielder." I couldnt help but notice that Liam and Louis looked a little glum when i said that. "Oh, what number?" "9" I say, we watch the duration of the game. "Oiy, come on that should have been a flag!!". "wow she actually knows what she is talking about and pays attention, thats hot", i hear Niall whisper to Harry. I look at him and laugh making him blush. ""yea, we won"...Dylan comes up to me me lifting me in his arms and kisses me "We did it, babe we did it!". I wait for Dylan to finish all his congrats from the boys, mostly Niall. Sarah-Grace runs up to Dylan jumping on him and kissing him full on the mouth. He didnt pull away. "What are you looking at Bitch thats right i kissed him have been too, and we did more than that on the car ride here, I was the one you heard on the phone you are so stupid and in complete deniall!!!"   "Is this true?" I ask starting to tear up. "Babe im sorry it wa-". "Save it i dont want to hear it, how long?", "Dylan, HOW LONG?", "It will be a month tomorrow". I just glare at both of them in disbelief. "Babe, let me explain", "WHAT IS THERE TO EXPLAIN THAT YOU ARE A LIR!!! A CHEATER!!!", i yell walking away pissed  "baby please!"... "STOP CALLING ME THAT IM NOT YOUR BABY ANYMORE IM DONE"

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