Unfolding Journey

Well Johanna, is just trying to find her way in the world just like everyone else. Things couldnt be going any better right now. She has a great boyfriend (so she thinks). But suddenly things are unfolding, she finds herself falling in love with more than one guy from 1D see how this journey and one simple mistake changes her life forever. Her one choice could make or brake the band. Does she choose or do the unthinkable?


12. Aimlessly falling

"Hello?", "Hey Babe", "Hi, Harry?", "So listen today i have to go into the studio but I was wondering if you maybe wanted to spend the rest of the day with me after?". "Uuhm, well I was going to go to lunch with my mom and spend the day with her.", "Oh, ok", now I felt bad he sounded a bit disapointed. "But Im free after four.", "Ok great I will meet you at your house", he said sounding really happy again. I chuckled "Bye Harry see you at four", he laughed too" Bye Johanna cant wait". I walked down the stairs my mom had already cleaned the kitchen. "So?", she said looking at me "Whats the plan for today?". "Well we are going to get ready and go into town and just have mother daughtet time, I plan to take you to lunch and well Harry wants to do something around four?", "Are you asking me?" she say chuckling. She knew I would never go if she didnt want me to. "Kinda of", I say being hopeful. "Of course", she smiles at me and I go hug her today was going to go be great! We went to get ready it was just a little after eleven and a bit chilly today. I just threw on some navy blue shorts my grey toms and a pretty grey cardigan. My mum drove she said she wanted to because she mostly had a driver while she was gone. We walked in Jack Wills, and all the other stores we enjoyed in London. I bought a new pair of toms and some vans and a couple of outfits. My mom made me get this hot pink really tight fitted dress and my personal favorite a long sleeved lace dress that stopped mid thigh and had the back cut out. I took my mom to nando`s for lunch just eacuse we had never been and I remembered Niall mentioning it the other day. "Woah, Anna its 3:30, your are going to be late for your date with Harry", "Its not a date mum, we are just hanging out". "hmm", she pursed her lips and got into the car. The drive home took about forty-five minutes. Harry pulled in right behind us before I could even get out of the car. "Well, here I was buying you flowers for being so sorry about being late and you get here the same time I do", He laughed handing me the flowers. I laughed to taking the flowers and giving him a hug. "Thank you Harry they are really Beautiful, we just took longer at lunch than expected.". He followed me and my mum inside the house I set the flowers in a vase and put water in them. I walked up the stairs Harry following behind me. I walked in my room and he sat on my bed watching me. For some odd reason it reminded me of the day Liam slept there but I just pushed that to the back of my head. "Do I need to change?", I asked while brushing my hair. "No, I think you look amazing and its cute we`re matching", he said gesturing to his clothes. I looked at him and started smiling He was wearing some navy blue skinnys and a grey shirt with a beanie. He looked adorable. I laughed again and walked into the bathroom shutting the door behind me I quickly brushed my teeth, checked my make up, and sprayed perfume all under two minutes flat. "Ready?", he asked getting off the bed and taking my hand. "Ready", I said as he lead me down the stairs. "Mum, we are off", I said. She walked around the corner kissing me on the cheek and whispered in my ear "I guess you made your choice", It was quiet enough that Harry couldnt hear. But I really wasnt sure if I had or not. She gave Harry a hug "Take care of her", "I will Nina, bye", "Have a great time", She said as we walked out the door.

We drove out of my driveway . "So Harry where are we going?", "Well normally for a first date I cook dinner but since we already did that we are going to go to dinner and then watch movies at my place.". I chuckled "Who said this was a date?", I laughed. He looked at me kind of embarrassed, I grinned at him and he started smiling. "Jeez styles lighten up", "oh hush up", he laughed grabbing my hand and intertwining our fingers. We sat in silence for a while. "Babe?", "Hmm?", I asked taking my attention off the road at the passing houses to look at his face. He was looking at my face intently, "Whats your last name?", "Hahn-Kraus". "German?", "mhhm", I turned my attention back out of the window. "Why do you have two?", "One is My mothers Nina Hahn, and my father Georg Kraus". "Your father?", "divorced my mother when I was nine", I didnt really like to talk about it much but I felt like telling Harry. He took our still intertwined hands and kissed my palm and gave me a heart felt smile. He let go of my hand to turn on the radio. He was about  to turn the radio when I said "No, I like this song". He grabbed my hand again and kept driving I started to sing Birdy`s 'Skinny Love'. As the song was about to end we pulled up to the flat and Harry turned off the car as I sang the last bit. He took my face in both of his hands  and kissed me. It was one of the best kisses I have ever had. He pulled away not moving his and just stared into my eyes. His were glistening I think I am really falling for him.

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