Unfolding Journey

Well Johanna, is just trying to find her way in the world just like everyone else. Things couldnt be going any better right now. She has a great boyfriend (so she thinks). But suddenly things are unfolding, she finds herself falling in love with more than one guy from 1D see how this journey and one simple mistake changes her life forever. Her one choice could make or brake the band. Does she choose or do the unthinkable?


1. Wake up Call

"So any question?" Ms. Diane ask waking me out of my thoughts."Nope" I reply, realizing that this was all a reality. "well, Johanna", she says  "if this all works as planned you should be one happy young lady, so remember we need you to stay fit for the part eat healthy and drink lots of water, memorize your lines and most importantly show up ON TIME always, this will all move very fast!" I walk out of her office feeling slighty nervous, I mean ive been waiting on this for the past five months my chance to finally do a movie. Sure it's an indie film but i'm the supporting actress but surprisingly i'm just scared this is a big responsability.

I walk to my car and drive myself home, i turn up the radio and start singing very loudly and out of tune to va va voom.


'Prick" I yell at the car beside me, the idiot should have put on his blinker. I pull up to my house, its not the most grand in our neighborhood but its still not the worst either. I walk through the door throwing my keys on the counter and walk to the fridge. "MOM" I yell, no answer so I take out chicken burger and eat it cold plopping myself right by the microwave.

"Anna" my mom calls walking around the corner. "Hey, I thought you were at work I" say. "on my way there now she say taking a bite out of my burger and grabbing her keys. "So how was youre meeting sweety?" "oh it was fine nothing new just eat healthy, show up on time ,the same" I say. "Oh well thats nice see you later, im running late" she says walking out the door. Great, I think, my moms always so busy ever since she got this job in london her not beeing home most of the time makes me miss home even more. Then I think what could get better than this. I walk to my room checking my phone six new messages, two are from my boyfriend Dylan, the rest are from my bestfriend Ashley.

*Ringing* I call up ashley seeing if she wants to come over, to help me study with all my auditions im getting really behind.


"Hey , Ash it's me, I was wondering if you wanted to come over and help me study for Russo`s class?" I ask hopefully.

"Aww, Johanna I would but im with blake right now"

"Oh" I say sulking " Well have fun see you tomorrow, bye", I hang up before she can reply. Well there is always Dylan on the other hand but we never get anything done when he is over but I call him anyway.

*Ringing* " Dylan, im bored come over babe, I need help studying"

"sure thing, but do you really want to study?, he says

I laugh " Of course silly, now get you cute butt over here now" I demand.

"Ok be there in ten" he laughs.

That gives me just enough time to go upstair to brush my teeth and hair, also applying a little eyeliner, cause Dylan likes it. I run down stairs putting my books on the table and make us a snack, just as im putting the wings on the table I hear a knock. "DYLAN" I scream, and jump into his arms, we havent seen each other all week. Haha " Hey babe ", he says walking in and shutting the door. He sets me down and then kisses me lightly on the lips. I grab his hand and walk him over to the couch so we can study. "Where`s Liz?", he ask while chewing on a wing. "Work" I reply. We finally start studying making it through 45 minutes, but he isnt much help. "Babe, im bored lets do something fun". "Like what?" I say skeptically. " We are going to play a game", he says taking my hand and leading me into the kitchen, he picks me up and sets me on the bar, and walks into the fridge and gets a bowl of grapes. He then splits the grapes between us and sits on the counter across from me. " Okay every time you catch a grape in your mouth you ask a question, if you miss you take a dare". "Splendid" I say getting excited. He starts I catch it, "Did you miss me to pieces this week?" I ask. "you have no idea" he says, making me blush. Then I take one and chuck it at his head he doesn't catch it looking shocked making me laugh. "hey, I went easy on you!!", he complains. I grin, "okay, you have to....hmmm...eat a raw egg". He gives me a dirty look and opens the fridge puts the egg in a glass and swallows it down like a champ. "MY TURN" he says evily. He takes the grape and throughs it really hard making it hit my nose, "HEY!" I laugh. "You have to put an ice pack in your shirt for sixty seconds" he laughs. I do it enduring the freezing sensation it causes, Dylan is laughing really hard right now making me want revenge. I take the ice pack out, walk up to him and kiss him really hard, making him stop and put his hands on my lower back I walk him to the sink still kissing him. I take the nozzle turn the water on and soak his shirt laughing extremely hard and look at him, he is pissed. "uh-oh" I say. "Thats right uh-oh" he says chasing me. I take off up the stairs laughing histerically and trip on the last one. Next thing I know Dylan is on top of me tickling me and laughing hard too. "STOP IT, YOUR GOING TO MAKE ME PEE!" I yell laughing even harder.

He slowly leans down looking me in they eyes, man did he have the cutest brown eyes ever they were hazel. My hearts starts to beat faster he kisses my neck, then my forhead, and then my cheak. " Stop, teasing me!" I whine. He chuckles and then kisses me passionately for all of ten seconds his phone rings making me agitated, stopping the kiss. He laughs "Babe it`s my mom I have to go", he says hanging up. I follow him down stairs and give him a kiss as he walks out the door.



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