My One and Only

Cassidy Simmons is an average 19 year old girl. She attends university, gets by with a part time job and does a webcast about One Direction with her best friend, Tori to entertain themselves. When one direction starts getting interested in this show, they decide to pay them a surprise visit. That’s when Cassidy meets Niall and starts falling for him more than she ever has for anyone. But when Niall returns these feelings, things start getting complicated. Can they survive it or will everything they once shared crash and burn?


15. Trip to Florida




        It was a day after that whole misunderstanding with Niall and I. he was right, Louis is an idiot.  Now, tori and were packing for our trip to Florida. We finished some packing yesterday and were finishing the rest for today. We were only stay for two weeks. Then it was back to London for exam preparation and stuff like that. I had informed my mom that we would be landing tomorrow around 3:00 p.m. she was really excited to see me again. I was happy that I was going to see her too.

        “Cass, can you pass me my curler? It’s on my dresser.” tori asked. I nodded and picked up her black Conair curling iron and she put it in the side pocket of her suitcase. I was helping her pack her suitcase and then she was going to help me with mine. “You should leave the stuff you’re wearing to the airport out on top of your suitcase.” I suggested. She nodded and pulled out her black shorts and green crop top out of her suitcase. “Okay, all I have to do is pack my carry on. But I’ll do that later. Right now, I’m going to help you pack your suitcase.” She said while smile and walking into my room. I smiled as well and followed her into my room.

        It wouldn’t take too long for us to pack mine. I already knew all the outfits I was bringing and where they were. After we put the outfits I was bringing into my suitcase, I started looking for something to wear to the airport. I decided on the white romper that Tori bought me for my birthday. I put the brown braided dual belt with.  “Do you need help packing your carry on?” I asked tori. She shook her head no. “You just pack yours. I’ll be fine.” I shrugged. “Okay.” She walked into her room and I picked out the black fringe tote that Tori got me to put my carry on stuff in. I wasn’t putting much in.

        I simply put my lip gloss, mascara, sunglasses and headphones in my bag. I highly doubted that I would use my laptop on the plane so I put it in its bag and into my suitcase. I left out my curler, body wash, towel and shampoo because I knew I was going to use it the morning. When I was done packing, my phone went off and the song ‘THE WAY’ by Arianna Grande and Mac Miller started playing. I loved that song. To me, it described my relationship with niall.

        I picked up my phone and saw that zayn was calling me. “Hey, Zaynster.” He chuckled on the other end. “Hey, Castor. What’s up?” “Nothing much. Just finished packing for my trip to Florida. What are you up to?” “Well, I just woke up not too long ago. The boys left me alone to go get food or something. Perrie is busy in recording with the girls so I’m talking to you.” I checked the time. It was 5:00 p.m. why was he sleeping? “Gee thanks for making me your last resort.” I rolled my eyes as my voice filled with sarcasm.

        He laughed. “Anytime.” I laughed too and shook my head. “So, which state are you guys in now?” “Umm… Los Angeles I think.” I giggled. “How do you not know which state you’re in?” I could almost picture him rolling his eyes at me. “It doesn’t matter. We’re going to be in a different state in two days anyways.” I shrugged. “Yah. I guess that’s true.  So, how’s Perrie. I haven’t talked her in a while.” He sighed. “You and I both. I miss her like crazy. But she’s so busy with everything that she can barely talk to me. Sometimes I wish she wasn’t in a band.” I felt sorry for him. I knew how much he loved her. It must be hard to not talk to her for long periods of time.

        “I’m sure she feels the same way when you’re on tour when she’s not and you can’t talk to her.” He was silent for a while. “Yah. I never thought about it that way.” “Don’t worry zayn. You’re going to see her soon. You never know, you guys might be in the same state. And then you guys will run into each others arms and you’ll be like, ‘Perrie my love! How I’ve missed you so’!” he laughed. “I wouldn’t do that.”

 He mumbled. I chuckled. “But now you’ll be thinking it.” “You are such a crack head.” I giggled. If I had a quarter for every time someone called me a crack head, I’d be rich right now. “Then what does that make you? My dealer?” “No. Niall would be your dealer because he’s got you hooked. Get it?” I bursted out laughing at his words. “You’re such a dork!” I said through my laughter. “Oh come on! It was clever!” “The fact that you think that was clever makes you a dork.” I said while my laughter died down.

“Whatever, Cass.” He mumbled. I heard a door open and close. “Thanks a lot, zayn. Because of you the boys keep teasing me about wanting Cass.” Niall said. I guess he didn’t know that I was on the phone with zayn. Zayn chuckled. “But you know you do.” my jaw dropped. Did he forget I was on the phone? No, he wasn’t stupid. He was doing this on purpose. He was going to make Niall say something that would make things awkward between us. They were both silent for a while. Zayn chuckled. “See?! You’re blushing!” “Shut up zayn!” Niall said as zayn laughed. “Don’t deny it, Nye. Just embrace it.” Again, silence. “Okay maybe I…” “You know, I can hear you guys!” I shouted before Niall could finish his sentence.

I really didn’t want to hear what he was going to say. “Zayn! Why didn’t you tell me she was on the phone?!” Niall shouted at Zayn. Zayn was laughing his ass off, finding this whole situation amusing.  I heard shuffling and then finally Niall spoke. “Cass?” “Hey, Nye.” “Erm… yah. Just ignore everything that was said okay?” “That’s going to be hard considering you nearly just confessed to zayn about your needs but I can try.”

He chuckled. “Thanks.” Once zayn calmed down, the three us talked for a bit longer until we said our goodbyes and hung up. I walked down stairs into the living to see Tori watching pretty little liars, her favourite show. “Look Cass, it’s your twin!” she teased as Lucy hale came onto the screen. I rolled my eyes. I went in to the kitchen and pulled out a box of chocolate fudge cake mix.  I decided I wanted to cry the book Zayn gave me today. I haven’t baked in a while and I missed it.

“Keep that up and you won’t be getting any cake missy.” I scolded her. She gasped. “I’m sorry! Just give me cake!” I laughed at her and shook my head. “I’ll let you know when it’s done.” She nodded and brought her attention back to the T.V.


        Cassidy and I were talking. It felt good to talk to her again. I haven’t in a while. Niall came through the door in a white tank top, and red basketball shorts on. “Thanks a lot, zayn. Because of you, the boys keep teasing me about what me ‘wanting’ Cassidy.” I knew Cassidy could hear him. And he wasn’t aware that I was on the phone with her. I could easily make him say something to make it awkward for them. Yah that seems like fun. I chuckled. “But you know you do.” he just stared at me, his cheeks getting redder by the minute. “See?! Your blushing!” “Shut up zayn!” he said.

        I laughed. “Don’t deny it, Nye. Just embrace it.” He didn’t talk to for a while. He finally sighed. “Okay, maybe I…” he was close to saying what I wanted him to, but then Cassidy said, “You know, I can hear you guys!” I witnessed Niall’s eyes go wide at the sound of her voice and then he sent me a death glare as I bursted out laughing. “Zayn! Why didn’t you tell me she was on the phone?!” I was still laughing as he rolled his eyes and took the phone from me. “Cass?... erm… yah, just ignore everything that was said okay?”  

he waited for her to answer. He chuckled at what she said. “Thanks.” The three of us continued talking once I calmed down for a bit longer before we hung up. Niall punched me in my arm. “OW! What was that for?!” “For not telling me that Cass was on the phone.” He shrugged. I sent daggers at him as he smiled and walked into the washroom. I heard water running, indicating that he was either taking a shower or washing his hands. Most likely the shower because the water continued running after 2 minutes had passed. I decided I should get out of bed and do for a walk or something.

I changed out my sweatpants and replaced them with blue jeans, red shirt and a white beanie. I slipped on white Nikes. “Niall I’m going to for a walk!” I yelled over the sound of the running water. “Okay!” he answered back I put my room card in my back pocket along with my phone and walked out of room, into the lobby and then outside. I didn’t really know around here that good. But I remembered that there was a Subway a few blocks away. I was hungry so while I was out here, I mind as well eat something.

When I got there, I ordered a chicken teriyaki sub and a medium cup of Pepsi. I was about to start walking back to the hotel when my phone rang. I set my stuff down on an empty table before taking out my phone and answering the call. “Hello?” “Hey, Zayn!” Perrie’s perky voice rang through my ears. It brought a smile to my face instantly. “Perrie! I miss you so much! How have you been?” I said back. “I’m good. The girls and I just dropped our stuff off at our hotel.” “Oh. Where are you guys now?” “Los Angeles.”

My heart skipped a beat. She was in Los Angeles. With me. “Really? I’m in Los Angeles also.” She gasped. “Really? Which hotel are you staying at?” “I’m not very familiar with the name. but it’s like something heights.” She was silent for a while. “LA heights?” “Yah. That’s it.” She giggled. “You really couldn’t remember a two word name for a hotel?” I rolled my eyes but couldn’t help but smile at her laughing. “I remember one word.” I mumbled. She giggled again. “Well, my hotel is actually about 20 minutes away from that one. Can I come over?” “Yah, sure. But I’m not  there yet. I went to subway to get something to eat.” She gasped. “You better share that with me when I get there, Malik!” she told me as I laughed. Subway was her favourite fast-food.

“I will.” “Okay, I’ll be there in about 30 minutes.” “Okay, see you then.” “Yup. Later Zaynie baby.” I sighed as I heard Jade laugh in the background. “Bye Perrie.” We hung up and I started walking back to the hotel, happier than ever. When I got there, Niall was sitting on his bed shirtless, skyping Cassidy. “Can you go put a shirt on?” I heard her ask. Niall chuckled. “Why, Cass? Am I distracting you?” I chuckled at his words, making him notice me. he waved. “Can I have some of your sub?” I shook my head. “No. Perrie is coming over and I’m sharing it with her. She’s in Los Angeles.” I heard Cassidy squeal. “I was right! You guys ended up in the same state!”

I couldn’t help but smile. I was glad she was right. Because now I could see Perrie again. “Does that mean I have to leave.” Niall asked. I shrugged. “I’d appreciate if you did.” he sighed and picked up his laptop. “Okay, I’ll go to Liam and Louis room then.” Harry was sharing a room with Josh. Just as he was about to leave, Cassidy stopped him. “Well now you have to put a shirt on.” He shook his head. I’m just going next door.”

“Well, how would you like it if I was walking through the halls shirtless where other people could see me?” she mumbled. Niall and I looked at each other and smirked. “You’re a girl. You don’t have that privilege.” He pointed out to her, causing her to roll her eyes. “And I think you’re getting a bit over protective of Nialler here.” I said. Cassidy scoffed. “Am not.” I raised my eyebrow. “So why did you tell him to put on a shirt? Afraid he’ll get cold or that girls will spot him and check him out while throwing themselves at him or touching him...” Cassidy cut me off. “Shut up, Zayn!” she yelled as niall and I laughed. “Later zayn.” Niall said. “Bye Zaynster!” Cassidy chirped. I said goodbye to the both of them before they left.   I set my drink and sandwich down on the table while kicking off my shoes and sitting on my bed. not too long after, there was a knock on the door. I sprung up and opened it to see Perrie standing there with silver hair. She must have dyed it again. “Zayn!” she chirped as she threw herself into my arms as I stroked her hair. “I’ve missed you so much.” I mumbled into her hair before kissing her lips passionately. I had her. In my arms again. And it made me so happy.  



It was 12:00 a.m. The boys and I were all in Liam, Louis and Harry’s room. We had a concert at 7:30 p.m. and didn’t get back to the hotel until 11:00 p.m. because of meet and greet.  We were now playing a game of truth or dare. So far, Louis had been dared by Liam to Prank call someone and pretend that he was confirming their crack order. “Okay Niall, truth or dare?” Louis asked me. “Dare.” I said. He thought for a while before smiling. “I dare you to call Cassidy pretend like you cheated on her.” My eyes widened as I shook my head. “No way. She already gets insecure about stuff like that sometimes I don’t need to worsen it.” Louis nodded, looking sorry for even suggesting that. “Okay then call her and make her believe that you got hurt.” I raised my eyebrow.

“If she finds out it’s a dare, she’ll kill me for waking her up.” I stated. Louis nodded. “I know.” I sighed and took my phone off Liam’s bed. I started dialling her number.

She answered it and I put her on speaker so the boys could hear her reaction. “Cass!” I whined in my best pained voice. “Nye! What’s wrong, are you hurt?!” she said quickly.  She sounded worried but her voice also showed that she was really tired. “I broke my ankle jumping on stage.” “Aww, Nye. How bad does it hurt?” “Really bad.” She sighed. “Try putting ice on it, okay? Gosh I feel so bad that I can’t help you.” Louis smirked. “Aww, Cassie! Don’t feel bad. It a dare!” Louis said into the phone as we all laughed. “You guys are such jerks!” she said yelled in a hushed tone.

        “Sorry, Cass. It was a dare.” She sighed. “Fine just don’t wake me up for foolishness again.” I shrugged. “I don’t know. I still have a few more tricks up my alleyway.” “Your alleyway huh?” “Yup.” I could practically hear her smirking through the phone. “Well, let me put it this way: if any of you guys ever wake me up for something stupid again, I’m going to shove a broomstick up your alleyway got it?” She said, faking sweetness. All of our eyes went wide. “Night guys!” she chirped and hung up, leaving us in shock. “She’s so violent.” Harry said, holding his backside at the thought of her shoving a broomstick there.

        Liam nodded in agreement.  After our shock disappeared, we continued to play.



        “I am going to miss you two so much!” Eleanor and Danielle whined as they pulled tori and I into a hug. It was 2:50 p.m. and Eleanor, Danielle Tori and I were at the airport. Today was the day tori and I were going to Florida for two weeks. We had gone to school in the morning but left in the afternoon. Eleanor left around quarter 2:00 p.m. so she could say goodbye to us along with Danielle. we had to be getting on the plane soon. “We’re going to miss you guys too!” I said while pulling away from their hug. Tori nodded and pouted. We gave them each one last hug before boarding the plane together.

        As usual, I waited for the pilot’s announcement before taking out my phone and un buckling my seat belt. I remembered that my mom had told me to call her when we were on the plane. “Hey sweetie!” her voice chirped as she answered the phone. “Hey mom. We’re on the plane now.” “Okay. Do you know when you’re landing?” she asked. “Well, it’s about a 9 hour flight so probably not ‘til around 9:00.” “Okay, I’ll see you then.” “Hi auntie!” Tori said. She called my mom auntie because our families were close. Have been since Tori and I became friends.  “Hi, Tori. I’ll see you guy’s later okay?” “Bye.” We said almost in unison before I hung up.

        Now, I had to tell Niall that I had gotten on the plane safely.

Cass: Hey. I’m on the plane now.

Nye: okay :). I can’t talk now though I’m at a rehearsal. Sorry.

Cass: it’s okay. I’ll talk to you later then yah?

Nye: yup. Text me when you land though! Don’t have me thinking of the worse- case scenario.

Cass: haha. Ok I will. Bye Nye. Xxx

Nye: bye princess <3 xxx

        I always got shivers when he called me that. Princess. He saw me as his princess. He was so adorable.  I started thinking about the fact that we had to be on this plane for about nine hours. I should have put my laptop in my carry on. darn it. “I think I’m going to take a nap.” I thought aloud. Tori nodded. She had been smart enough to bring her laptop and was on Facebook.  I put my purple Beats headphones into my iPod before putting them on my ears and putting it on shuffle. It started off with Playing Nobody compares. Niall’s solo came on and I smiled. Gosh I missed him. Do not get depressed now. You are going to see your family. Be happy! I told myself. I switched the song and fell asleep to Nightingale by Demi Lovato.


        I woke up to Tori nudging me. I groaned and looked at her. She was saying something but I couldn’t hear her because my headphones were noise cancelling.  I took them off and paused my music. “What is it, Tors?” I asked while stretching. She held my phone up. “Your boyfriend is on the phone.” That was enough for me to wake up fully and smile while taking my phone from Tori who laughed. “Hey, Nye.” I said. “Hey, Cass. Did I wake you?”  “Yah. But it’s ok; I don’t care.” I shrugged. “You cared last night when you threatened to shove a broomstick up my ass.” He mumbled.  I rolled my eyes but smiled. “Just be glad that we’re talking.” “I am. I always am. I miss you so much.”  He said. I smiled. “I miss you too, Nye.” I sighed and pouted. “You’re making her sad, Niall.” Tori said loud enough so that Niall could hear her. “Aww! Don’t be sad, princess. We’ll see each other soon enough. Just five more months.”

        I sighed and shook my head, ignoring the fact that he couldn’t see my actions. “That’s a lot of time, Nye.” I said. Just then, I heard the two girls sitting behind Tori and I talking. “It is them. It’s Tori and Cassidy.” One girl squealed in a hushed manner. “No shit Sherlock. What tipped you off? Their names, their looks or the fact that Cass is talking to Niall?” The other girl said back. Tori and I tried not to laugh. Niall sighed on the phone. “I know. But bear with me okay? I want to see you, hold you and kiss you just as badly. ” his words made me blush and smile. “I know.” The two girls started talking again. It was like they talked after Niall and I to hear what I was saying. “I want a picture with them.” One girl said. “We need to catch their attention first.” The other said. “Well maybe if I kick Tori’s seat…” “Sarah!” “Sorry.” She mumbled. Tori and I smiled. “Hold on, Nye.” “Okay.”

        Tori held my phone for me as I  went on my knees and turned around to face the two girls. They looked shocked when they saw me. I smiled. “Hi.” I said.  “H-hi.” Sarah said. “hi.” The other said while smiling. “Umm… we watch you guys show every week and we were wondering if we could have a picture?” the one named Sarah asked.  I nodded. “Sure. Just give us a second.” They both nodded and I sat back in my seat and took my phone from Tori. “Nye? You still there?” I asked.

“Yah.” “Okay good. I’m going to need your help in a minute or so.” “With what?” he asked.  I smirked. “You’ll see. Just hold on okay?” “Okay.” I rested my phone in my seat as tori and I got up to take pictures with Sarah and the other girl who I learned name was Kayla. After taking a few retarded ones and some serious ones, I got my phone from my seat and walked back to Sarah and Kayla. They looked confused. I smiled. “Nye?” “Yah?” “I need a favour.” I stated. “Anything. What is it?” I smiled at Sarah and Kayla. “You see, I met these really cool girls on the plane named Sarah and Kayla. They’re big Directioners. So, I was wondering if you could talk to them for me.”

I witnessed Kayla and Sarah’s mouth drop and eyes widen. He chuckled. “Yah sure.” “Thanks, Nye.” I gave my phone to Kayla and Sarah. “Here you go.” They squealed and thank me. “Hello?” Kayla said.  They both took turns talking to Niall who was making them laugh and grin like crazy. When they were done. They gave me my phone back. “Thank you so much, Cass.” Sarah and Kayla said. I shrugged and smiled. “It’s no big deal.”  I sat back in my seat and continued talking to Niall again.

“You just made their day.” I stated. he laughed. “They’re cool.” “Yah. They are. So what’s up?” I asked while putting my   feet on the little footrest that was attached to the chair. “Just chilling in my hotel room. Zayn went out with Perrie and Liam, Louis, Harry and Josh are in their rooms. I think Louis is talking to Eleanor.” “Why didn’t you hang out with them?” “Because I wanted to talk to you. I was feeling girlfriend sick.” I gigged. “Girlfriend sick?” “Yah. I was missing you so I decided to call it girlfriend sick.” “You are such a dork.”

I could almost see him rolling his eyes at me. “Whatever. How much longer do you guys have to go on that plane?” he asked. I checked the time. I groaned. “About 4 hours.” He chuckled on his line. “You don’t like long plane rides do you?” “Hate them. What are you supposed to do on the plane for that long?” “Go on your laptop?” he said as if it was obvious. I sighed. “I didn’t pack it my carry on.” I mumbled and he laughed. “you are so smart.” 

He voice was full of sarcasm.  I rolled my eyes. “Whatever, Nye.” He laughed again.  A door opened and closed on his end. “Hey, Haz.” He said. “Hi Harry.” I said even though he probably wouldn’t be able to hear me. tori looked at me. I told Harry to call her because I knew she missed him just as much as I missed Niall. A smiled appeared on her face as they talked. “I’m so bored, Nye.” I whined. “Why don’t talk to Sarah and Kayla?” he asked. he was right. “Okay. I’ll call you when I land okay?” “Okay bye, Cass.”

We both hung up and I turned around in my seat to see Sarah and Kylie already looking at me.  “Are you guys bored?” they laughed and nodded. “Really bored.”  Kayla said as Sarah nodded. “Well, do you guys want to play would you rather?”  they both nodded. “Tors, do you want play or you going to talk to Harry for a bit longer?” “Umm… I’m going to talk to him and then join you guys later.” I nodded.

“okay. Kayla you go first.” She thought about it. “Cassidy, would you rather jump off the CN tower or in an ocean of sharks?” wow. That was a tough one. Either way I’d die. “Jump off the CN tower. I would die but not by getting bitten multiple times.” She nodded. “Okay, now you go.” “Okay Sarah, would you rather… be stuck in an elevator with a wanted Cerial killer, or be stuck on a plane on 9/11. (A/N: I really hope I didn’t offend anyone typing that. I was trying to make it a hard one. Please don’t hate me.)

She bit her lip, thinking. “Cerial killer.” I rose an eyebrow. “Because I would be more likely to get help. And you never said he was carrying weapons to kill me with.” She pointed out. I shrugged she had a point there. “Okay this is a directioner one: Kayla, would you rather sleep with Niall or touch Louis’ ass?” Sarah asked. I laughed at Kayla’s wide eyed expression. “Touch Louis’ ass. Ciall is too perfect together. not that Elounor isn’t but you guys are my OTP.” I blushed as she said my couple name. “Ooo! Cassidy’s blushing!” Tori teased as I flicked her in her head.

She was now off the phone and was playing with us. “Tori, would you rather shave your all your hair off or eat ten worms?” Sarah asked. without hesitation, tori said, “Eat ten worms. I could just throw up but I love my hair too much and I can’t be bald.” She said petting her brown hair, causing us to laugh.


“Finally! I can stretch!” I said as tori and I grabbed our luggage while getting off the plane.  She laughed but agreed along with my statement. “Do you see our families anywhere?” she asked. I looked around at the people crowding near the terminal gate, trying to find tori’s and I families.  A squeal escaped Tori lips as she spotted them in a corner away from the crowd.  I smiled hugely as we power walked over to them. They soon saw us coming in their direction (A/N: ONE DIRECTION! Sorry guys… I just had to) and grinned. Except for Lindsay who came running towards us to meet us halfway.

“Cassidy!” she screamed, getting the attention of some people that were also at the terminal gate. Before I could even respond to her, she threw herself into my arms, wrapping me in a big hug. “I missed you so much!” she said as I hugged her back while laughing at her actions. “I missed you too, Lindsay.” She pulled away from me and gave tori a hug too before we all walked to our families. We all took turns greeting each other, saying how much we missed everyone before we all drove to our houses. Tori went with her mom, dad and sister while I went with my mom, brother and two sisters.

While in the car, there was a lot of chitchat. My mom asking how school was, if I was taking care of myself, and stuff like that. When it died down, I decided to text Niall to tell him I landed like I promised.

Cass: hey. I landed. With my family now.

I got an instant reply.

Nye: okay. Tell them I said hi :)

Cass: okay :). Ttyl.

Nye: bye.

        Lindsay squealed beside me. it was then I realized she was looking at my phone while I was texting Niall.  “Niall said hi to me!” she said while jumping up and down in her seat as Jordan and I rolled our eyes. “He said hi to everyone not just you, idiot.” He mumbled. So he was looking at my texts too. nosy siblings. I witnessed my dad’s hands tightened around the steering wheel at the mention of Niall. But that was just him being the typical over protective father. My mom on the hand smiled. “Tell him that we all said hi too.” “Tell him that I love him!” Lindsay added. “So, you’re in love with your sister’s boyfriend. That’s  messed up.” Jordan said while smirking.

        I laughed and agreed with him. Lindsay rolled her eyes and reached over me to slap Jordan who slapped her back while they both got scolded by my mom. “It’s not that bad. Cass knows I would never take him from her. She likes him too much.” She teased as I blushed as my dad tensed up at her words. “And the fact that you’re 15.” I added. “Age is but a number.” She said. “And jail is just a cell.” Jordan and I said in unison. “Whatever.” She mumbled causing everyone but her to laugh. “Better watch how much you like him, Cass.” Jordan said while smirking. I rose an eyebrow. “Why is that?” “Cause you might give him your…” he started but my dad cut him off. “Jordan. Watch it.” He hissed causing Jordan to laugh. “I just wanted a reaction out of you. My work here is done.”

        He said while smirking and pulling out his phone. My guess was that he was texting Tracy or one of his friends. After five minutes had passed, we pulled up in front of my house. It was the way it always looked. Light brown bricks, white windows and a white door. The window at the front had a picture of One direction stuck on it for the whole neighbourhood to see. that marked my room. I had put it there so ‘the whole street could see their sexiness’ as I would say. My dad parked the car on the driveway and we all piled out. Except for Ashley who was sleeping. I opened the trunk of the car and took out my suitcase.

My dad opened the front door and we stepped inside. I noticed that nothing had changed. The living room was still painted a shade of brown and still had chocolate brown coloured couches, the flat screen T.V. was still mounted upon the wall and there was still pictures of Jordan, Lindsay, and Ashley hung on the walls. I missed home. This was where I grew up and I was away for too long. I went upstairs to put my stuff in my room. It was exactly the way I left it. My bed was stripped of its sheets, the walls were bare from me taking down all my one direction posters to bring them to London with me. I rested my suitcases down and went back downstairs.

My mom was in the kitchen making some sort of food, Jordan was ridiculousness with Lindsay and Ashley was asleep on the smaller couch. I wasn’t sure where my dad was but my guess was that he was in his office doing something. I sat next to Lindsay and started the watching the show with her and Jordan. At a commercial, Jordan looked at his phone and smiled. “Mom is it ok if Tracy comes over? She wants to see Cassidy.” My mom smiled. “Sure why not?” “Okay she’ll be here in five.” Jordan said. He was right. In five minutes, there was a knock on the door. Jordan got up to answer it and it was Tracy. They exchanged a hug before she spotted me and squealed. “Cassidy!” she said. “Tracy!” I said as she pushed Jordan aside and hugged me.

“I missed you so much! I had no idea you were coming to visit.” She said. “I missed you too, Tracy! Oh my Gosh! We should have a sleep over like old times!” I said. Lindsay and Tracy agreed. “Yah let’s have a sleepover!” Jordan said. I rolled my eyes. “I’ll sleep next to Tracy.” He said while pulling her into his arms. “No such thing will take place Jordan.” My mom said from the kitchen. Tracy giggled. “Your mom’s right Jordan. You won’t be sleeping next to me.” Jordan huffed as Tracy placed a kiss on his cheek.

“Oh my gosh! I have so many questions about you and Niall and Zayn.” Tracy said dreamingly. She loved zayn. Jordan rolled his eyes. “And I’m gone.” He said while letting go of Tracy and walking away. Lindsay, Tracy and I walked upstairs to Lindsay’s room to talk. I texted tori to tell her we were having a sleepover. She said she would be over later. “Okay,” Tracy said as we all sat on Lindsay’s bed. “Has he kissed you yet?” I nodded. “Is he a good kisser?” Lindsay asked me. I blushed and nodded, causing them to squeal. “What do his abs feel like?” Lindsay asked. Tracy gave her a ‘WTF’ face as I shook my head blushing. “I’m not answering that.” She gasped. “So you’ve felt them?”  I sighed. “Next question please.”  They thought for a while. “How long have you guys been dating for?” Tracy asked. “Two months.” Tracy nodded.

 “where does he touch  you?” Lindsay asked. have you ever got that feeling where you feel like you sallow your tongue? Well, that’s how I felt when Lindsay asked me that question. “I beg your pardon?” I asked her with my eyes wide, coughing a bit. Tracy was laughing at my reaction. Lindsay shook her head. “Sorry that came out wrong. I meant like, is he into PDA?” she clarified. Tracy finally sobered up. “You need to work on the way you word your words.” She told Lindsay and I agreed. “Um… well sometimes we’ll just be watching T.V. and he’ll like, grab my waist so that we’re closer to each other. Or he’ll kiss my cheek or my neck before kissing my lips. Or sometimes he’ll just play with hair or rest his head on my shoulder.” I said while blushing throughout the whole explanation. Both girls ‘awed’ as I hid my face in a pillow as my face got hotter.

 “Okay, what do you guys do when you hang out?” Tracy asked. “Well we just watch T.V. or movies, cuddle and order take out.” Lindsay touched her heart. “Ah, young love.” I rose an eyebrow at her. “I think you left out the part where you guys make out.” I looked at the door to see Tori there smirking. My face heated up. “We don’t make out.” I mumbled. She scoffed at sat down next to Tracy to hug her. “Shall I call Harry and tell him to tell them what happened?” I smacked her, while Lindsay gasped. “Yes! Call harry.” Tori shrugged. “Okay. Ooo! Let’s prank call the boys.” She said we all agreed. I used Lindsay’s phone to call them since they’d know our number. “Okay, who first?” Tracy asked. “Louis.” I said. I put in his number into Lindsay’s phone and put it on speaker. “Hello?” he answered.

“ER MEH GAWD IS THIS LOUIS?!” Tracy squealed into the phone. I put my hand over my mouth so I wouldn’t laugh. “Umm… hi? Do I know you?” “OMG LOUIS I LOVE YOU I’M LIKE YOUR BIGGEST FAN I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABIES I THINK YOU’RE REALLY SEXY I CANT BELIVE I’M TALKING  TO YOU AHHH!” She screamed in one breath as Lindsay put her face in a pillow so she wouldn’t laugh. “Is this one of Eleanor’s friends? Did she put you up to this?” “I’m not one of Eleanor’s friends. I’m your future wife.” She whispered while giggling. Louis hung up the phone and we all laughed. “Okay, who’s next?” Tracy asked. “Liam. But we have to use your phone because Louis might tell the boys that this number called him.” She nodded and handed me her phone so I could put his number in.

Again, I put it on speaker and Lindsay talked. “Hello?” “Hi is this Mr. Payne?” she with a British accent. “Yes may I ask who’s speaking?” Liam said. “I’m a friend of Danielle’s. my name is… Tracy Blake.” Tracy’s jaw dropped and Lindsay shrugged. “Oh hi. Is there something you need?” “Well, Danielle told me to call you because she was way too embarrass to tell you herself.” Where was she going with this? “What is it?” Liam asked. “Well you see… Danielle is pregnant with your child.” “W-What?” Liam stuttered. “But we used protect…” “It broke.” Lindsay said quickly as Tori, Tracy and I let out laughs. “Who’s laughing in the background? Is this some sort of joke? Cause I don’t find it amuse…” Liam said but before he could finish Lindsay quickly hung up.

I texted Danielle to make her go along with the plan. She agreed too. well this should be good. Next we called zayn, and then Harry until we got to Niall. We used my phone but made it private so he wouldn’t know my number. “Hello?” he said. “Omg is this like Niall Horan? I’m like your biggest fan.” I said in a valley girl accent. Niall chuckled. “Hey, Cass.” The girls and I jaws dropped. “What the hell? how’d you know it was me.” I said. “I’d know your cute little voice anywhere.” He said as I blushed and Lindsay screamed. “Who was that?” Niall laughed. “My sister Lindsay. You’re on speaker.” I explained. “Oh. Hi Lindsay.” He said. “H-hey Niall.” She said, stuttering over her words. “What are you guys doing?” he asked. “Well, Lindsay and my brother’s girlfriend Tracy just finished interrogating me about our relationship, then Tori came over and we all just talked.”

Niall laughed. “You guys were interrogating her?” Lindsay blushed along with Tracy. “We just wanted to know about your relationship.” Tracy mumbled. “Dare I even ask what you guys asked her?” “I wouldn’t.” I said. “Guys! Dinners Ready!” my mom called out. “Coming!” I yelled back. “I’ll talk to you later, Nye.” “Okay. Bye Lindsay, Tori and Tracy.” I cleared my throat. “What about me?” I whined causing him to chuckle. “Bye, Princess.” I smiled and Tori, Lindsay and Tracy ‘awed’. “Bye, Nye. I’ll text you.” “Okay, bye.” “Bye.” I said and hung up. “Okay, he is like the sweetest boyfriend ever.” Tracy gushed as we all walked downstairs. “Talking about me?” Jordan said while smirking. Tracy giggled. “You wish.” My mom had made a lasagna and a salad to go with it.

We all gathered in the living and flipped through Netflix for a movie to watch. We decided on Step Up Revolution. When it was done we all just sat around and talked for a bit longer before going to bed. Tori, Tracy, Lindsay and I slept in Lindsay’s room.


Nye: tired?

Cass: No. thirsty

Nye: why don’t you go get some water?

Cass: too lazy. Can you get me some?

Nye: lol I’m all the way in California.

Cass: well you can always walk to Florida…

Nye: -_-

Cass: fine. I’ll go get water myself. But I’ll remember this next time you want me to make you food. Brb

Nye: lol ok

        I locked my phone and got off of Lindsay bed, stepped around the air mattress that Tori and Tracy shared and walked downstairs. The light was already on in the kitchen and my dad was there, eating a piece of cake. I smiled. “Hey, daddy.” He looked at me and smiled. “Hey, sweetie. What are you doing up?” I shrugged and took a glass from the cupboard. “I got thirsty. I’m guessing you got hungry?” he chuckled. “Yah.” I filled my glass with cold water from the fridge before sitting next to my dad at the island.

        “I can’t believe how much you’ve grown.” He said, causing me to smile. “You’re in university, you’re twenty now, and you have a boyfriend.” He shuddered at that word. I giggled. “I’ve had boyfriends before, dad.” “I know. But this one’s different.” I rose an eyebrow. “How so?” my dad fiddled with his hands. “Cause… I can tell he makes you really happy.” I smiled and nodded. “Yah. He does.” My dad nodded. “Can I ask you question?” “Yah sure. What is it?” was my response. My dad cleared his throat. “Well you’re older now. Which means you can do things in a relationship that you couldn’t do before. and I know you really like Niall. I want you to be completely honest when I ask…” I cut my dad off by giggling.

        “I know what you are going to ask. And the answer is no. Niall and I aren’t having sex.” He cringed at the word but let out a sigh of relief then nodded. “I like him a lot better now.” My dad said. I laughed and put my glass in the sink before kissing my dad’s cheek. “Night daddy.” “Night, sweetie. Love you.” I grinned and gave him a hug. “I love you too.” I started walking but turned around. “Oh! Remember all those times you said I’d never date anyone from One Direction and I’d say ‘just you wait and see’?” my dad nodded. “I’d just like to say: I told you so!” my dad let out a laugh and shook his head at me. “Go to bed, Cass.” I laughed and walked upstairs and laid down next to Lindsay again who was fast asleep.

        I noticed Tracy wasn’t next to Tori anymore. I guess she went to the bathroom. I started texting Niall again.

Cass: lol my dad asked me if we were having sex.

Nye: O__o  what did you say?

Cass: yes.

Nye:  :O CASS!

Cass: lol I’m jk. I said no.  he said he likes you a lot better now.

Nye: lol he didn’t before?

Cass: he’s my dad. He’s not supposed to like you at first.

Nye: true. So what are you doing?

Cass: just lying down in bed. what about you?

Nye: hanging out with the boys and Josh.

Cass: tell them I said hi.

Nye: okay

Nye: everyone said hi except for josh. He’s too busy texting Emily.

Cass: AHH JEMILY :D <3

Nye: ….

Cass: what? That’s their ship name. or was it Jily….

Nye: lol your weird.

Cass: you’re flirty

Nye: you’re cute

Cass: you’re hot

Nye: you’re beautiful

Cass: you’re sexy

Nye: you are the wind beneath my wings <3

Cass: ….. well I can’t top that.

Nye: haha I win. And I will ignore the fact you just called me both hot and sexy.

Cass: please do. and don’t tell the boys

Nye: hmm… I think I will ;)

Cass: no!

Nye: I’m about to…

Cass: if you do I won’t kiss you for a whole week when you get back.

Nye: :O you’re bluffing.

Cass: try me.

Nye: okay fine I won’t.

Cass: hahaha that’s right bitch. Kneel

Nye: did you just tell me to kneel?

Cass: yah

Nye: I don’t even know what to say to say to you anymore… like I just…

Cass: LOL! How about you just keep calling me princess? I enjoy that.

Nye: :) I wasn’t planning on stopping.

 Cass: stop making me blush.

Nye: but you look cute when you blush…

Cass: sure I do.

Nye: why do you doubt yourself? You’re beautiful.

Cass: :) thanks

Nye: it’s why I’m here.

Cass: I’m tired. Can I talk to you in the morning?

Nye: sure. Night Princess xxx

Nye: night Nye <3 xxx


        I locked off my phone and plugged it into the charger. Tracy still wasn’t back. My guess was that she was in Jordan’s room sleeping. I got comfy in Lindsay’s bed and drifted off to sleep.


The first week of my visit back to Florida has been good. I spent time with Jordan, Lindsay and Tracy by going to the mall and movies with them. Tori’s and I families all went to the beach together and spent the whole day there. I took Ashley to the park and library other days to spend time with her too. my mom took Lindsay and I to get our nails done in order to spend time with us, and my dad and I went to a shooting range. It was quite fun.

So as you can see, I’ve had a busy week. I decided to take this day to just rest. I wouldn’t have much of it when I got back to London because I would be studying for my exams. It was Saturday so Lindsay and Jordan were home. My parents went out somewhere so it was just us. they took Ashley with them so we could just spend the day to relax.  I was in my room with Lindsay, listening to music when I got a Skype call from Niall. Lindsay squealed. I shook my head at her before answering the call.

        A shirtless Niall popped up on the screen. I sighed. “Nye. Can you put on a shir…”  I was going to ‘shirt’ but Lindsay cut me off by shoving her hand in my face. “Now, now Cass. If Niall feels comfortable shirtless, then we should let him be…” Lindsay said while taking Niall in, practically raping him with her eyes. Niall chuckled. “Hey, Lindsay.” She smiled. “Hi, Niall.” She was getting better at not stuttering when she talked to him. But she was still nervous around him. “So what’s up?” I asked him, trying to keep my eyes on his and not on his naked chest.

        He smirked, probably knowing the affect he had on me right now. “Nothing much. Just having a lazy day. What about you two?” “We’re doing the same. It’s just me, Lindsay and my brother Jordan home.” Niall nodded. “Okay, honestly. Go put on a shirt. You’re distracting me.” I said as he laughed and walked over to his suitcase to take out a shirt. He pulled a plain white tee over his head and sat down on his bed again. “Happy?” he asked. I smiled and nodded. “Very. Where are the other boys?” I asked. “They’re all sleeping.” I rose an eyebrow. “So early?” Niall shrugged. “They stayed up late I guess.” I shrugged as well. “Cass!” Jordan whined while walking into my room. “Yes?”  “I’m hungry. Can you make me food?” I rolled my eyes and Niall chuckled. Jordan smirked. “Ooo! Cassidy’s talking to her boyfriend! They grow up so fast.”

        He said as he flopped down on my bed. “I’m older than you, Jordan.” I reminded him. He shrugged and ignored me. “Hey, Niall. I’m Cassidy’s brother and I’m here to embarrass her in front of you.” I face palmed while Lindsay and Niall laughed. “Hi Jordan.” Niall said. “You do know that Cass has like an obsession with you guys right?” Niall nodded. Jordan raised an eyebrow. “Then why are you dating her?” I gasped and smacked Jordan as Niall laughed. “Because I find her obsession cute.” I blushed at his words. Jordan looked surprised. “Really? Do you even know what she used to say when she pictures of you guys?” “Jordan Don’t you dare.” I said in a warning tone, causing Niall and Jordan to smirk. “What would she say?” Niall asked. “No Jordan…” I said but he put his hand over my mouth. “fjkjioewgjrfkjdglwetrhfkjfh”

        I tried to form words but it was hard with Jordan’s hand over my mouth. “She would say that she’s so sexually frustrated right now!” he said quickly. I was blushing really badly right now and Niall was laughing his ass off. Jordan removed his hand from my mouth and I sent him a death glare. “I’m not making you food anymore.” I told and he gasped. “No! I’m sorry sissy! I love you.” He said while attacking me in a hug. I giggled. “Yah, yah I love you too.” “So you’ll make me food?” “Yes.” “Yay! I’ll be waiting downstairs.” He said as he hopped off my bed. Niall chuckled. “You’re brother’s cool.” I shook my head. “No he’s not.” Niall shrugged and smirked. “sexually frustrated.” He mumbled before laughing again. I rolled my eyes and picked up my laptop to bring it downstairs.

        Lindsay followed behind me. I sat my laptop down on the kitchen counter and began looking for pasta to cook.  “Do I get any of the food?” Niall asked me. I laughed. “You’re all the way in California.” “Well you could always walk to California…” he said as he winked, repeating exactly what I texted him last night. I shook my head while smiling while taking out a pot from the cover. I put water it and put it on the stove to boil. “Castor!” I heard zayn’s voice come from my laptop. I smirked. “Zaynster! I thought you were sleeping.” he shrugged. “Just woke up. How’s Florida?” he asked. I smiled. “It’s awesome! I get to spend time with my family and just relax.” Zayn and Niall nodded. “So what are you doing right now?” “Just making food for my lazy ass brother and hanging out with my sister, Lindsay.”

        “Hey!” my brother shouted from the living room causing me to laugh. Lindsay got up from the couch from the mention of her name and nearly passed out when she saw zayn on my computer screen. “Z-Zayn?” she stuttered causing him to smirk. “I’m guessing you’re Lindsay. Hi.” She waved a shaky hand to him and he laughed. “I guess she’s a directioner too?” I nodded. “So you guys are practically killing her right now.” Niall and zayn laughed. “Talk to them while I go make pasta.” I said to Lindsay and she nodded. I poured the pasta into the boiling water and began to stir.  

        “How do you handle living with someone so weird?” Zayn asked Lindsay. “Watch it, Malik.” I warned causing Lindsay to laugh. “She’s not that weird. Or maybe I don’t notice cause I’m weird too… we’re weird together.” Lindsay said while making a big heart with her hands. Zayn chuckled. “You are so alike. I can tell you two are sisters.” they talked while I finished up the pasta. I gave to Lindsay, Jordan and myself before putting the extra aside for my mom, dad and Ashley if they wanted. I sat beside Lindsay while we talked to Zayn and Niall.

 They had to go after a while so Lindsay and I just talked. “I can’t believe I talked to Zayn Malik.” She sighed, sounding very content. I laughed. “Before you know it, you’ll know all the boys and girls.” She squealed. When she calmed down, she smiled at me. “You know he really likes you.” “Who?”  Lindsay rolled her eyes at my question. “Niall of course. Like while we were all talking, I could tell how much he cares about you.”

 I smiled at her words. “I’ve never seen a boy act like that around a girl. Except for Jordan. He turns into the lovesick boy whenever he’s with Tracy.” I laughed with her, knowing it was true. “I really like him to. I can’t wait til he comes back to London. I miss him like crazy.” Lindsay pouted and hugged me. her eyes landed on my necklace. She grinned. “When did he give you this?” I smiled at the memory. “My birthday.” She nodded and read what he had engraved on it. “He’s so sweet.” She cooed as I nodded in agreement. “He committed to you!” she squealed as I rose an eyebrow.

“What do you mean?” I asked my younger sister. “Well if he that engraved on your necklace it must be to show you how committed he is to your relationship. I bit my lip. I’ve never thought about like that. I guess she was sort of right. Great, another reason for me to blush. My mom, dad and Ashley came back home after another five minutes of Lindsay and I talking. Ashley gave me a hug and proceeded to tell me about her day and what she did. “Cass, do you have your license in London?” my dad asked. I nodded. “Why do you ask?” my mom and dad exchanged looks before smiling. “Well for a late birthday present, we decided it was about time you get a car.”

My dad explained. I was pretty sure my jaw hit the floor.  “What?!” Jordan and I yelled at the same time. Though he wasn’t in the living room and I wasn’t quite sure where he was to be honest. Jordan came storming down the stairs with a horrified expression. “Why does Cass get a car before me?!” he whined. “Because she’s older.” My mom said while giving him her ‘not another word about’ look. Jordan huffed but stayed silent. “Are you serious?!” I squealed. My mom and dad smiled and nodded. I screamed and jumped off the couch to give them both hugs.

“But you have to maintain it Cassidy. It’s your responsibility.” My mom said. I nodded and hugged both my parents. “I promise I will. Thank you guys so much! I love you!” I squealed as my dad stroked my hair. “We love you too, Cass.”  When we all pulled away from the hug he handed me a white envelope. “This will cover the amount for the car.” He said. I nodded. “Which kind do I get?” I asked. my mom smirked. “A Honda Civic.” I screamed before hugging them again. That was the car I always wanted. I always said I was going to get it and in white now I could. “Go put it in your suitcase so you don’t lose it.” My dad said. I nodded and ran upstairs to my room.

I put the envelope in my suitcase and grabbed my phone off my charger. I quickly texted Niall.

Cass: I’M GETTING A CAR!!!!!! :D

Nye: Really?! That’s so cool when?

Cass: when I get back to London. My parents gave me the money to buy one. I get to get a Honda Civic. I’m freaking out right now.

Nye: lol. I can imagine you fangirling right now.

Cass: hahaha what you’re imagining is probably very accurate.

Nye. Probably. I have to go get ready. Lou just finished my hair.

Cass: okay. Have a good show! Bye! Xxx

Nye: bye babe :*

        Aww he sent me a kissy face. So cute. I proceeded to tell all my friends the news because I was so happy. Tori called me a lucky bitch and said that I had to share it. Of course I would. It would be our child. That meant that I would have to start looking   for a job.  I went downstairs to get my laptop and saw that my family was watching Paranormal activity four. I shivered and grabbed my laptop, trying not to pay attention to the T.V. “Oh grow a spine, Cass.” Jordan said as he caught me hiding my face. I stuck my tongue out at him as my dad laughed. My whole family enjoyed scary movies. Except for Lindsay. She would watch them but then be scared shitless right after it.

        I went upstairs and started searching for job opportunities in London. There was one at a Nando’s 20 minutes away from where I lived. I smirked. Niall probably went there all the time. There was one at a bar. Hell no. I can’t deal with stupid drunk people. There was another at a Nail salon, one at a bakery, one a urban Planet and another at Wal- mart. Hmm.. Wal-Mart. I jotted down the information for the Wal-Mart and Nando’s one before closing my computer. “Cass?”

 Ashley said as she stood in my door way, frowning. I smiled. “Hey, Ash. What’s wrong?” I said while hopping off my bed and lifting her up. “I can hear the scweams from the movie it’s scwary.” She said. “Aww it’s ok, sweetie. It’s not real. Just pretend.” She looked at me, her face scrunched up in confusion. “The people are pretwending to die?” she asked as I chuckled. “it sounds weird right? But yah, they are pretending to die.”

I Put her down on my bed and sat beside her while unlocking my phone. “Cassidy? Is he your boyfwiend?” Ashley said pointing at the picture of Niall and I that was on my lock screen. I nodded. “Does that mean he kisses you?” she asked in pure disgust. I laughed. “Yes. Sometimes he does kiss me.” I stated as she stuck out her tongue. “Do you wike it?” she asked. I blushed. “Yes I do.” “ewww! You need your cootie shot, Cass.” I laughed at the two year old, wondering how she knew so much. I allowed her small fingers to trace circles on my arm. “Circle, Circle, dot, dot. Now you have your cootie shot.” She rhymed as I giggled. “Do you have your cootie shot Ashley?” she nodded. “For life! Jordan did it on me so that boys wouldn’t touch me forever!” she said all excited.

I shook my head. Typical Jordan. Ashley laid down on my bed and I laid down beside her. “Can we play Barbie tomorrow, Cass?” she asked as she yawned. I knew she was getting tired. She probably hadn’t napped all day. I smile and nodded. “Sure.” “And then we can play baby and draw pictures and you can make me mac and cheese and then we can make jewellery out of beads and,” she cut herself off by yawning. I chuckled. I had a full day tomorrow. And it was going to be spent with Ashley. “Sure, Ashley. Tomorrow will be our day.” She nodded and cuddles up to me. “I missed you, Cass.” I smiled and stroked her cheek. “I missed you too.” with that, she fell  asleep and I drifted off not to long after her.


I woke up at 9:30 in the night because my phone beeped. I had a message from zayn.

Zaynster: heyyyyy

I smiled and replied back to him.

Castor: hii. Lol what’s up?

Zaynster: nothing much. Just watching your boyfriend sleep.

Castor:  :/ why?....

Zaynster: idk. I’m bored I guess.

Castor: haha mind sending me a pic?

Zaynster: hahaha ok.

        Soon I had a picture message. It was of zayn sticking his tongue out. I laughed and rolled my eyes.

Castor: lmao. As cute as that pic might be, I was talking about Niall sleeping.

Zaynster: lol I know. I was just messing with you. Hold on.

        I was then sent a picture of Niall sleeping. I smiled. He looked so cute. With his snapback turned back words and his mouth slightly opened.

Castor: aww! He’s so cute.

Zaynster: hey I thought I was cute!

Castor: No one is cuter than my Irish cutie.

Zaynster: …. Did you just call him your Irish cutie? :/

Castor: yah…

Zaynster: hahahaha I’m so telling him that.

Castor: no! please don’t.

Zaynster: telling him. And you can’t stop me.

Castor: screw you

Zaynster: you know you want to

Castor: I really don’t

Zaynster; you’re right. Because you want to screw Niall

Castor: -_- ….


Castor: I didn’t have to deny it cause you already know what I’m going to say.

Zaynster: yah I guess your right…. Just use protection.


Zaynster: love you too.

        I shook my head and locked off my phone before getting up, trying not to disturb Ashley. I walked  in to Lindsay’s room to see her, my mom and Tori talking. It was my mom who spotted me and smiled. “Hey sweetie. We were just talking about you.” I rose an eyebrow as I sat on her bean bag chair. “You were?” my mom shrugged. “Well you and Niall.” I shook my head and smiled at his name. “What about us?” I asked. tori smirked. “Your mom was just making sure you weren’t being corrupted by his ‘Irish charm’.” I giggled.

        “He corrupted me with that when he auditioned for X- Factor.” Lindsay laughed and nodded in agreement.  We all talked for a bit longer before my mom went off to bed and Tori decided to go home. Lindsay and I went back into my room to hang out. I put Ashley in her room so she wouldn’t wake up. When I got back I noticed I had a text from Niall.

Nye: your Irish cutie huh?

Cass: Zayn told you?! I’m going to kill him!

Nye: haha. No need to. I think it’s really cute.  

Cass: I’m glad you think so :)

        “You call him your Irish cutie?”  Lindsay said while laughing as she read niall and I’s conversation over my shoulder. I blushed and mumbled, “Not to his face.” Lindsay shook her head at me. “What’s his nickname for you?” I shrugged. “I don’t think he really has one.” Lindsay rolled her eyes and took my phone from me. typing something before giving it back to me. she had texted niall.

Cass: this is Lindsay. What is your nickname for Cass?

Nye: lol hi Lindsay. Well I call her different things. Like Cass, babe, princess… there’s not really one set in stone.

        I showed Lindsay his reply. Before Lindsay could reply he texted us back.

Nye: why do you ask?

Cass: because I found it she calls you her Irish cutie (not to your face) and I wanted to know what you call her.

Nye: oh…

Cass: yah. I’ll let you talk to Cass now. Bye Niall

Nye: Bye Lindsay.

        Lindsay handed me back my phone. And went on my laptop but was stopped when it asked for a password. “What’s your password?” she asked. “Floridababy1993.” I said she nodded and typed it in before going on twitter.

Cass: hey it’s Cassidy again. Sorry about my sis

Nye: it’s fine. So what did you do all day?

Cass: nothing much. Make food, talk to you and zayn, and let my youngest sister Ashley give me a cootie shot.

Nye: lol why did she give you one?

Cass: because she saw the picture of us on my lock screen and asked  if you were my boyfriend. I said yes and she asked if you kiss me and I said yes. then she asked if I liked it and I said yes so she said I needed a cootie shot.

Nye: hmm… so you like when I kiss you?

Cass: -_- is that all you got from that story?

Nye: basically. You never did answer my question.

Cass: I love it when you kiss me. is that what you wanted to hear? Or see since we’re texting.

Nye: lol yup.

Cass: smh…

Nye: haha well since I know how much you love when I kiss you, when I get back home I’ll shower you with kisses.

Cass: hmm… I like the sound of that

Nye: I knew you would.

        I bit my lip and smiled. “I’m bored.” Lindsay sighed after pushing my laptop aside. “Well what do you want to do?” I asked. Lindsay thought for a while before smiling. “let’s go do cartwheels and other stuff in the back yard!” she exclaimed. I chuckled. “Okay let’s go.”

Cass: I’ll ttyl. Lindsay and I are going to go do cartwheels and other gymnastic stuff in the backyard! :D

Nye: you can do stuff like that?

Cass: yah. I took gymnastics when I was in high school.

Nye: oh cool. Ok I’ll talk to you later then. Bye xxx

Cass: bye xxx

I put my phone in my back pocket and walked the stairs with Lindsay. Once we were in the backyard I put my phone on the swinging chair that was on the deck before slipping off my slippers and stepping on the grass.  Lindsay did the same. I put my hands in the air before pressing them firmly on the ground and swung my legs over my head, doing a cartwheel. Lindsay did the same as me put landed with her legs together.  “Can you still do the bridge?” Lindsay asked me. I nodded. I turned around and bent backwards, landing in a bridge. “Can you do one?” I asked as I got up. Lindsay shrugged. “I don’t know. I used to but I haven’t in a while. Let me try.” She said and I nodded. She started going backwards, trying to do one but fell down. “Guess I cant.” She said while chuckling. She got back up and did a one handed cartwheel.

After a few more tricks and me trying to help Lindsay do the bridge again, we went back inside to watch T.V. we got hungry after a while  and ate some leftover rice and chicken because we were too lazy to make food. We talked for a while. Lindsay told me about her school and friends, and I told her about Zoey. “What a bitch!” Lindsay said as I told her the stuff she said to me. “What’s her problem?” I shrugged. “She just likes making people feel bad. She gets a kick out of it.”

 Lindsay shook her head. “Did you tell Niall.” “I told him what she said but not who she is. He went to my school with Harry and Louis to try and figure out who she is, but they got mobbed.” Lindsay rose an eyebrow. “Why don’t you want him to know who she is?” “Because he’ll try to make her leave me alone which means interaction with her which means she may be able to get him.” I sighed. “I don’t know I guess her words got to me and I know what she’s capable of. If she can get him alone or just somewhere where I’m not, I’m afraid what she’ll do, if she’ll live up to her threats. I just can’t take the risk of losing him.” Lindsay pouted and pulled me into a hug. “That’s not going to happen, Cass. Niall wouldn’t do something like that. You and I both know that.”

She was right. I know Niall would never do anything like that. But I was still worried about Zoey. She’s a conniving bitch that would do anything to get what she wants. And right now, she wants Niall. I’m not sure why considering she could care less about one direction. “I know he wouldn’t but I still worry.”  I said as Lindsay let go me and I took a bite of my chicken. “Well you shouldn’t.” Lindsay responded. And that was the end of that conversation we ate, watched T.V. and talked until twelve in the morning before going to bed.



“Make sure to call me when you land safely. And keep in touch.” My mom said while wrapping me in another hug. Yes, the day has come. Where tori and I had to go back to England and leave our families behind. I was going to miss them. But I missed Eleanor, Danielle, Emily, Nicolle, Aliyah, Christina and the rest of my friends as well. “I will, mom.” I said while hugging her back. I hugged my dad, Jordan, Ashley and Lindsay before going to hug Tori’s mom, dad and sister. “I’m going to miss you all.” I told both tori and I’s families. Our flight name was called and boarded the plane after giving our families one last hug.

When the pilot announced that we may unbuckle our seatbelts and go on our phones, I took mine out and accessed my twitter.

@casslovesyou_xo: heading back to London with @Miss_Torsxx. Miss my besties :)

I got a few retweets, favourites and replies from Eleanor, Aliyah and Danielle saying that they missed Tors and me as well.  I even got replies from some people that I didn’t know, asking me to follow them.

@Kayla93: @casslovesyou_xo it’s me! We met on the plane. Follow back? :)

I smiled and replied back to her.

@casslovesyou_xo: hi plane buddy! :D I remember you. You play an exciting game of would you rather. Aha sure I’ll follow back.

After I followed her, I followed a few more people since they asked me to. I texted the boys and girls for a bit as well before logging onto my instagram. I haven’t been on in a while. I had a bunch of new followers and likes on my old photos. I scrolled through my timeline when I saw a picture of Niall under the covers with only his eyes showing.

Niallhoran: I’m a ninja! Don’t mess with me!

I giggled at the caption. He was so weird.

Cassxx: I’m a better ninja than you.

        I didn’t really think he would see my comment since he had so many from other people saying how his eyes were beautiful. I replied to a few of those by saying ‘I know right?’. I was surprised when Niall replied back.

Niallhoran:  @Cassxx you wish you were a better ninja young grasshopper.

Cassxx: I am. I could take you down if I wanted to.

Niallhoran:  @Cassxx HAHAHAHA u keep telling yourself that.

Cassxx:  -_- yah laugh now. Watch when you come home from tour. I’ll pin you in a heartbeat

Niallhoran:  @Cassxx whatever makes you sleep at night.

I rolled my eyes. I knew that I most likely wouldn’t be able to pin him but the dream was alive. There was some people who commented on what we were talking about. Some said stuff like ‘you guys are too cute’ or ‘hahahaha you guys fight like me and my best guy friend’ or even ‘OTP FEELS!’. I smiled and put my phone in my pocket before falling into a random conversation with tori.


        “El! Dani!” tori and I squealed as we saw them waiting for us at the terminal gate. The two girls squealed as well. “Tori! Cassidy!” all four us went into a group hug, telling each other how we missed each other so much. “two weeks without you guys at school had been so boring! I’m so glad you guys are back.” Eleanor explained as we were in her car, driving to tors and I house. “And now you guys could help me find a way to tell Liam that I’m not really pregnant. He keeps calling me every hour to make sure I haven’t had a mental breakdown or something.” Danielle sighed. Eleanor, tori and I bursted out laughing. “It’s not funny!” Danielle whined. “He even tried to come home early. I had to insist he didn’t. talk about a long argument.”

        “I’m sorry, Dani. But it is funny. Like I’m just imagining, Liam stressing out over you being ‘pregnant’.” Tori giggled. Eleanor nodded in agreement as Danielle rolled her eyes. “Whatever.” We drove the rest of the way just talking about our trip to Florida and what the girls have been up to. When we arrived at our house we all just chilled and talked. I called my mom and Niall to tell them that Tori and I had landed safely. Eleanor and Danielle went home around 3:00 p.m. Tori and packed out our stuff and just sort of lounged around for a while, texting our friends. After a while, I decided to go over some of my notes before school tomorrow because I knew that I had a lot of catching up to due to  exams and what not. I really wasn’t looking forward to it but I knew I had to do it. I sighed as I sat at my desk and opened up my literacy textbook. Hours of endless studying, here I come.



hey guys! sorry for not updating in so long! i was writing down ideas for chapter later on in the fanfic when i forgot i didn't even finish this chapter. anyways, hope you like it! and thank you so much for 290 reads! ahh you guys are amazing. please like and favourite please! bye!!

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