My One and Only

Cassidy Simmons is an average 19 year old girl. She attends university, gets by with a part time job and does a webcast about One Direction with her best friend, Tori to entertain themselves. When one direction starts getting interested in this show, they decide to pay them a surprise visit. That’s when Cassidy meets Niall and starts falling for him more than she ever has for anyone. But when Niall returns these feelings, things start getting complicated. Can they survive it or will everything they once shared crash and burn?


10. sleepover part 2




        I was freaking out for three reasons: One, Cassidy was piss drunk, two there were male strippers over at her house, and three, she was about to give some random dude a lap dance. I can’t believe they were even drinking, or that they got so drunk. I sat on my bed trying to figure out what to do. First, I needed to call the boys and let them know what exactly our girlfriends were doing.

        But then again, it would take way too long to call them all individually. So I decided to text them in a group chat.

Niall: Guys! You need to go to Cass and Tori’s house NOW. They’re all drunk and have male strippers over there!

The boys: WHAT?! Are you there now?!

Niall: no but Cass called me and told me.

The boys: we’re on our way. Meet us there.

Niall: kk.


I quickly ran down the stairs and through the front door of my house and into my car. I placed the key in the ignition are nearly speed down the road until I reached my destination. Thank God I didn’t get pulled over.  I parked on the street and saw Liam, Louis and Zayn outside the house. I guess they all took one car. “Niall, are you sure you heard her right? It seems too quiet in there for there to be strippers.” Liam pointed out as I approached them. “I’m not willing to take the chance.” I looked at Zayn, who was in emotional distress.

He and Perrie did have a long time relationship so I guess he was pretty down. Louis looked just about ready to kill. Liam, on the other hand was trying to understand what was happening. Maybe he was in shock. Either way, he was still being the calm and collected one.

“Let’s go check.” Louis said through gritted teeth. I knocked on the door but after no answer, I tried to open it and to my luck it was open.  One by One, Louis, Harry, Liam and I all stepped in the house. The girls were sitting on the couch with innocent smiles on their faces.

“Hey boys. What brings you here?” Tori asked. none of us paid any attention to her. We simply just looked around the house to see if there was any one else here or any evidence. Soon, we realized that there was no one here. “Umm.. were all the strippers?” Harry asked once we were in the living room, standing in front of the girls.

They each exchanged glances at one another before bursting out in fits of laughter. It was then I realized that we had been tricked.


        After the boys finished their search around the house, they stood in front of  Danielle, Perrie, Eleanor, Tori and I.  “Umm.. were all the strippers?” Harry asked. we all exchanged looks with one another before bursting into fits of laughter. The boys stood at us with confused faces. Except for Liam and Niall who simply shook their heads. “There was never any strippers was there?” Liam stated. “Or drinking?” Niall added. “I-I can’t believe you actually b-believed us!” Perrie said through fits of laughter.

        The rest of the boys soon caught on and sighed with relief. “that’s not funny.” Louis said. But just thinking of the look he had on his face when he entered was enough to make me laugh harder. “You should have your faces!” I said. They all, in unison, rolled their eyes and patiently waited for us to stop laughing.

        After about two minutes we all sobered up and looked up at our boyfriends who didn’t think this was amusing at all. “Come on guys, it was funny. Lighten up.” Danielle said. “No it wasn’t!” Harry shouted which made Tori giggle. He sent a glare her direction which made her giggle more. I looked at Niall who had his mouth pressed in a thin line.

        I giggled and got off the couch to stand in front of him. “Aww!! Did I scare you?” I said in a baby voice. So it actually came out as ‘did I scware wou?’ Niall sighed as I wrapped my arms around his neck and pecked his cheek “I would never do that to you.” “You better not. I might have to murder the guy that was involved.”

        I smiled as his hands moved to my waist, knowing I was forgiven. I gave him small peck on lips. Apparently that wasn’t enough for him for he pulled me closer and placed a lingering, passionate kiss on my lips. “Seriously, it’s not that funny, Eleanor!” I heard Louis shout, causing Niall and I to pull away. I looked their direction to see Louis sitting beside Eleanor and Eleanor laughing so hard, it was silent. Louis groaned before his lips curved up into a smile.

        He walked into the kitchen and came back out with a container of whip cream. I quickly took out my phone and started recording, fully aware of what was about to happen. Without any warning, he sprayed it all over Eleanor’s face. She gasped and screamed, “Louis!” who was busy laughing his head off. Eleanor wiped a glob of whipped cream off her face and onto Louis’. It didn’t seem to bother him. He simply wiped it off and put it in his mouth. I laughed at the crazy couple before turning off my phone and placing it in my back pocket.

After Eleanor’s face was all cleaned up, the boys started to leave. Not by choice, they wanted to stay longer but we wouldn’t let them. We were still having our sleepover. Niall was the last one to stay. “So, since you didn’t give anyone a lap dance,” he started. “Yah..” I said. “How about giving me one.” I squinted my eyes at him and pushed him out the house as he laughed.

Stupid teenage boy hormones.

        DANIELLE P.O.V


        After the boys left to do whatever they do whenever their alone together, Cassidy, Perrie, Tori, Eleanor and I continued our sleepover. We pranked called a random number, but after they threatened to trace the call back to Cass and Tori’s house, we instantly ended the call. Now we were just talking about what had happened during the week.

        I was told that some bitch at Cassidy’s school had told her some very rude stuff about her relationship with Niall. Some people nowadays. Then, the topic of Liam’s and I relationship came up.

        I had told them earlier what we had discussed. When he came over with the boys it was very awkward. We just gave each other weird smiles and didn’t talk. I wasn’t sure what to do. if I should talk to him about what he wants or just pretend like nothing happened.

        I told the rest of the girls this and they thought about it for a while. Cass was the first to talk. “This isn’t something you can avoid, Danielle. You guys need to talk about soon. Just to see were you guys stand.” She had a point. “You’re right but it’s going to be awkward.” I whined.

        Tori sighed. “it’ll be awkward if you don’t  talk about it all.” Why did these girls have to be so smart? I nodded. “Okay I’ll call him when I go home tomorrow.” Perrie shook her head. “Call him now.” “Why?” I asked. “So we know for sure you won’t chicken out. Duh.” Eleanor finished for her. I sighed. “I don’t know where my phone is.” I mumbled. “It’s right beside you.” Cassidy pointed out.


         I groaned, knowing I didn’t have an excuse and picked up my IPhone,  punching in Liam’s number. I took in a shaky breath and  pressed call. The girls insisted I put it on speaker. He picked up after the second ring. “Liam? I was calling so we can talk about-,” I started before he cut me off. “I’m ready.” This took me, and all the others, by surprise. I blinked. “W-what?” “I’m ready. I love you and I couldn’t imagine sharing a milestone like this without you.” He paused for a second. “I want you to be my first.”

        Cassidy hit the couch like four times before falling onto the floor. the way she was fangirling,  you’d think he was telling this to her and not me. his words made me smile and blush. “I love you too, Liam.” All  of a sudden, the girls couldn’t hold it in anymore. “Aww!!” they all said in unison. Liam chuckled. “I should’ve known I was on speaker.”

        I laughed. I talked a little while longer with Liam before ending the call. I thanked the girls for encouraging me to call him. Because know I knew where we stood and what he wanted. And I was glad it was same thing I wanted.


        After Danielle called Liam and us girls talked some more, Perrie, Eleanor and Danielle all fell asleep. That left Cass and I to talk some more. I got more information on her and Niall’s planned sleepover. I could tell she was worried about where it might lead and if she was rushing things.

        I didn’t think she was, because I knew Niall would never pressure her in to something she wasn’t ready to do.  but that was her decision. Now, I had to find out what she wanted for her birthday. She still had no idea that we were planning her a surprise party on her actual birthday.

        “….But if I do decide to sleepover at his house, it will be a special date.” I wasn’t really aware she was still talking because I ventured off into la- la land. “Huh?” I said. Cassidy chuckled. “I know. It sounds wrong but I couldn’t phrase it any other way.” I laughed with her for a while before realizing that this was my chance to ask her what she wanted.

        “Speaking of special dates… you 20th birthday is right around the corner.” I singsonged. Cassidy grinned. “I know! I can’t wait.” “So, what do you want?” she was in deep thought. “Hmm.. I honestly don’t know.. Oh! I really wanted to re- decorate my room. You know, like new bed frame,  paint colours, nightstands and so on.”

        I nodded my head and she continued. “I was thinking about getting a job so that I can buy the stuff. I’ve been looking at different ones that I like I came down to perfect ones.” This was getting me excited. “Can I see them?” she nodded and pulled out her phone. Apparently she had bookmarked the ones she liked so she would know the prices and what not.

        The bed she wanted, was a white canopy with flowers engraved on the poles.  The night stand matched the bed so I was guessing it was a bedroom set. We spent a good hour talking about the colours of the walls, mirrors and décor that she wanted.

        She had some really creative idea. She had gotten some ideas from some videos by Mac Barbie (A.N: her videos are amazing!) she even wanted to redecorate the bathroom! I could how bad she wanted this. And as her best friend, I was determined to get it for her. But of course, I couldn’t afford or do this all by myself. So I would need some help from a certain British boy band and their girlfriends.


        After that phone call with Danielle,  the boys and I started talking. They had decided to crash over at my place. At about quarter to four in the morning, Tori had Tango Called harry. )A/N: I have to use Tango because you can’t face time a Samsung Galaxy SIII) “Hey, Tors. I thought you’d be sleeping.” “Hey, Hare Bear.” We all laughed, expect for Harry whose face was a deep shade of red.

 “Hare bear?” I asked. he groaned. “It’s her nickname for me ok?” Zayn was still in a fit of laughter. “Shut up, Zayn. Or should I say Zaynie baby.” He was referring to Perrie’s nickname for zayn that he absolutely hated. So he shut up and simply sent Harry a death glare. “Oh sorry, Harry. I didn’t know they were with you.” Harry smiled at Tori. “It’s ok. So what’s up?” “I know what to get Cass for her birthday. But it would have to be a gift from all of us. including the girls.”

This got us all listening. I had been rattling my brain for what to buy her. I mean, she basically had every One direction thing already made so I could do that. “We’re listening.” Niall said. Tori nodded and continued. “Okay, I was talking to her and she said what she really wants is to re decorate her whole room. Like, even the bathroom. She showed me all the things she wanted for it and was even looking for a job to afford it all.”

Niall looked confused. “Why didn’t she just ask me.” “Because she doesn’t like asking people for money.” Tori rolled her eyes as if it was obvious. Niall nodded. “Now, I don’t want to ask you guys but keep in mind I’m only asking because Cass is my best friend and I really want her to get what she really-,” Harry cut her off. “we’ll do it.” He said, speaking for all of us. we all nodded in agreement.

“Are you sure? I mean you don’t have to.” Almost in unison, we all rolled our eyes. “Of course we’ll do it. In case you forgot, she’s my girlfriend and one of their best friends.” Niall said matter of factly, making tori roll her eyes. “Okay. We’ll start Tuesday after school. I’ll take Harry with me so it won’t be too obvious. And maybe Liam and Danielle, yah?” we all nodded. With that she hung up and after an hour, we all crashed


so... what did you think? this may be the last short chapter but im not sure cause i don't want them to be too long but not to short.. i'll think about it. BYEE 

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