My One and Only

Cassidy Simmons is an average 19 year old girl. She attends university, gets by with a part time job and does a webcast about One Direction with her best friend, Tori to entertain themselves. When one direction starts getting interested in this show, they decide to pay them a surprise visit. That’s when Cassidy meets Niall and starts falling for him more than she ever has for anyone. But when Niall returns these feelings, things start getting complicated. Can they survive it or will everything they once shared crash and burn?


17. six months without you

Months later… Months have passed since the whole “Payzer” break up. Pictures of Liam with some girl I learnt was named Sophia had been over the internet. So, during an interview Liam admitted that he and Danielle had broken up to avoid rumors of him cheating on her. Let’s just say that caused absolute chaos on every single social networking site out there. People were shouting, sending Sophia hate, Danielle sympathy, and my sister called me bawling her eyes out about how her OTP broke up. It’s fair to say people were acting like it was the end of the world. Danielle went to spend some time with her family throughout this “Music industry meltdown” as I like to call it. So Eleanor, Tori and I saw very little of her now. I think she just needed a break from everything. Speaking of Eleanor, Tori and I we had finally completed all our exams. We started back for next semester in January. Thank god. That gave us a nice, long, well needed break. Of course some days I would be working. That’s right. I have a job now. Nothing spectacular, just a job at my local Wal- Mart. Tori has a job too. She works at Chapters. I remember her words being “If I’m working, it mine as well be around something I like.” I quite enjoy working. It gives me something to do in my spare time. After I got my first few pay checks I decided to get the car then. I didn’t want to buy the car until I had enough money saved up for insurance and what not. So now, I was the owner of a white Honda Civic; my child. Aside from my phone and every other electronic device I own. Of course I let tori use it whenever she needed it. If we had work on the same day sometimes I’d drop Tori and park it at my workplace or vise- versa. Now, let’s move on to a more interesting topic. My favourite topic of them all: Niall and I. hmm… Niall; My boyfriend. We’re good. Just our normal, awkward selves. It’s been hard being away from him for so long. It made it even harder when there were rumors floating around about him being seen with other girls. I didn’t usually believe them. But, there was a rumor about him and Ellie Goulding that got to me. And it was mostly because there were pictures of them looking… cozy. I was so frustrated, annoyed and mad at the same time. I had called Niall the day when “Nellie” was trending over twitter Worldwide. The conversation mainly consisted of me having a total bitch fit and taking it out on Niall. He had tried to be patient and understanding with me for as long as he could. But then he had started getting equally frustrated and angry with me as I was with him. I consider that our first real fight. It was nothing like that argument we had when he snuck into my school with Harry and Louis. It was worse. We were going back and forth yelling at each other over the phone. It got to the point where I had to hang up the phone because I honestly felt like I was going to cry. I blame Niall for that. If it was anyone else I wouldn’t be at the brink on tears. But Niall was like my kryptonite. I didn’t enjoy fighting with him and having him yell at me. Niall called me twice that night. But I didn’t answer. I was too busy letting out my frustration towards him to Tori. She mainly just listened. But she did point out the obvious. “They’re probably just friends, Cass.” I knew that. But I was still skeptical. FLASHBACK I was lying down in my bed, trying to sleep. But every time I managed to fall asleep I’d wake up in the next thirty minutes. I groaned in frustration as I woke up for what? The sixth time that night? I sat up in my bed and grabbed my phone that was charging on my nightstand. It was 4:00 a.m. Thank god I didn’t have work in the morning. That would’ve been a brutal shift consisting of me trying to stay awake the whole time. I bit my lip at the sight of Niall on my lock screen and sighed. I couldn’t possibly sleep before I made things right between us. After all, it was my fault. I accessed my phone app and dialed Niall’s number. On the third ring, Niall answered sounding rather tired. “Hello?” I played with my hair. “Hey, Nye.” I heard him groan on the other end. “Cassidy, are you aware of what time it is? What could you possibly want from me at this time of day?” Maybe I should’ve waited until tomorrow to call him… no. I needed to apologize now. “Nothing… I just wanted to say sorry. I know I was acting like a total bitch.” “Yah, you were.” He sounded a bit more awake and interested in the conversation now. But I could tell from his blatant, straight forward answer that he was still a little bit mad at me. But not as much as before. “Why would you think I was going behind your back? That’s what annoying me, Cass. What have I ever done to make you believe that I would do something like that? Don’t you trust me?” “Of course I do.” “So then why did you get all mad?” I sighed. That’s the million dollar question: Why did I get so mad? I know Niall would never do that to me. But I still insisted on letting the rumors get me. “I don’t know, Nye. She just… she just seemed to be enjoying your company so much. And you guys were all smiles and she was so close to you. I guess… I just didn’t like it, okay?” I mumbled at the end. “Is this your way of telling me that you were jealous?” I could just picture him smirking, with his eyebrow cocked up. I didn’t like the thought of being jealous. It just made me seem so possessive. But, now that Niall mentioned it, I couldn’t deny that I was. I sighed once again. “Yah… I guess you could call it that.” Niall chuckled at my response. “Hmm… I never took you as the jealous type.” I rolled my eyes. If I had known he would tease me about this I wouldn’t have admitted it. I should’ve seen this coming. And now, I couldn’t take it back. So I was stuck with Niall teasing me about my jealous alter- ego. “You shouldn’t be jealous, Cass. You know how I feel about you.” “Yah but… she’s so pretty.” “So? You’re beautiful. You’re the only one I want, Cass. Not Ellie, Just you.” His words made me blush, as usual. “So, you’re not mad at me anymore?” “You know I could never stay mad you.” I smiled. We talked for a bit longer until a cranky Zayn told Niall rather rudely to “get off the fucking phone before he shoved it down his throat”. I giggled. Zayn really didn’t like when people disturbed his sleep. I can relate. Niall sighed. “I’ll talk to you tomorrow, princess.” “Night, Nye.” With that we hung up and I was finally able to go to sleep, knowing that things were okay between Niall and I. END OF FLASHBACK We haven’t fought since then. And that pretty much brings us to today. I should be so happy today. But I’m not. Instead, I’m depressed. In case you’re wondering, today is Niall I’s six month anniversary. I’m glad that he is still mine throughout everything but he’s on tour. He can’t be with me today. He’s in another country; another time zone. And it sucks. Now I know how Tori felt when her and Harry’s anniversary came and went. She was, like me, depressed. But unlike me, she wasn’t lying down in her bed, staring at a blank ceiling. I should get up now, it’s quarter to twelve in the afternoon and here I am, lying down in my queen sized canopy bed. I didn’t really feel like doing anything today. Good thing I didn’t have work today. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. So five out seven days of the week I was at Wal- Mart, working the cash register or doing some sort of organizing/ clean up in the isles. I sighed as I checked my phone and saw it was now noon. I dragged my lazy self out bed and into my washroom where I took a shower and brushed my teeth. I combed through my wet hair with a wide tooth comb once I sat my vanity table in a pair of yoga shorts and an off the shoulder sweater. I put on some purple ankle socks before walking downstairs with my phone in my hand. Tori was in the living room watching some old cartoon. When she spotted me she smiled. “Morning.” I sent a small smile her way and responded to her with the same greeting. I sat beside her on the couch in the living room resting my feet on her lap as she rolled her eyes at me. My phone vibrating in my hand, signaling I had a text. Nye: Happy six months princess xxx Even the fact that he had just called me princess wasn’t making me feel better. But I didn’t want Niall to know that I was depressed so I texted him saying, Cass: Aww Happy six months Nye :* Gosh I really did miss him. More than anything at the moment. “You look better when you smile.” I hadn’t realized I was frowning until tori said that. I thought I was still putting on that small smile I had walked into the living room with. I faced her to see her sending a comforting smile my way. She gave my arm a gentle squeeze before saying, “He’ll be back home before you know it. Then you’ll be with him again. True, it won’t be on your anniversary but it still counts for something right?” I sighed. “You’re right, Tors. And I try to remember that. But it doesn’t really help much.” Tori frowned and Niall sent me another text. Nye: Want to video chat? Cass: sure :) just give me a minute Nye: Okay. “I’ll be upstairs in my room. Niall wants to video chat so just call me if you need me.” I announced to tori. She nodded and turned her attention back to the TV as I made my way back upstairs. I swiped my clear Baby lips over my lips and put mascara on my eyelashes before flopping down on my bed and clicked on Niall’s name of my Tango app. “Hey, princess.” Niall said as his face popped up on my screen. I smiled faintly, much I have been doing since I got out of bed this afternoon and responded to him by saying, “Hey, Nye. Happy six months.” He grinned brightly. “Happy six months, babe. I miss you so much.” I bit my lip and looked down. “I miss you too, Nye.” My voice was barely a whisper. “Don’t be sad, Cass. Just one more week and I’ll be home.” Niall declared as I looked back up at him. “I know but it seems so far away you know?” Niall nodded. He was about to say something but there was a knock on his door. “Come in.” he shouted. I heard the door open and what sounded like Liam say. “Hey, Niall. Paul said we got to go to a quick rehearsal now.” Niall nodded and turned my way with a sympathetic look. “I’ll talk to you later yeah?” I smiled and nodded. “Yeah, sure. Bye, Nye.” He said bye as well before we both hung up and I groaned and ran a hand through my hair. Great, not only could he not be with me but I couldn’t talk to him either. I hated the way I was feeling right now. And I’m sure the people around me didn’t like it either. But I couldn’t help myself. I just wanted one thing today. But he was in another country. Well, I guess I could deem this as a big FML moment. ***** It was around 3:00 p.m. right now. I had just finished a Facebook chat with Lindsay, who was still upset about the “Payzer” break up. She wasn’t a big fan of Sophia but she didn’t send her hate. She just sort of… hated her in silence. I closed my laptop and went downstairs to see Tori still occupied by the TV. “Hey, Cass. You want to watch a movie or something?” She asked. “Sure. Why not?” I said with a shrug. I was still feeling down and thought that a movie would help take that feeling away. At least I hoped. “I’ll get some snacks and drinks and you can choose a movie okay?” Tori smiled and nodded while turning to search for a movie on Netflix. I walked into the kitchen and began looking through the cupboards for a bag of chips or some cookies. When I turned around to go in the fridge, there on the island was a bouquet of purple roses. I cocked an eyebrow up, rested the chips on the island and walked back into the living room. “You are aware there is a bouquet of roses sitting on the island right?” I asked Tori. She shook her head but I could see a small smile creeping up on her face, indicating she was lying. I squinted my eyes at her and crossed my arms over my chest. “You are a horrible liar, Tors.” “I’m not lying!” She squeaked, another sign that she was lying. I rolled my eyes. “It’s okay, Tors. You can tell me if they’re from Harry. I’m not going to break down because Harry got you flowers and Niall didn’t get me.” Tori shook her head. “Harry didn’t get me flowers. Honest.” If Harry didn’t get her flowers that can only mean one thing. I walked back into the kitchen with Tori hot on my trail. I picked up the card that was rested in the bouquet and read it. ‘To: Cassidy Happy six months, princess xxx From: Niall’ I couldn’t contain the smile that was growing on my face right now. Niall was the sweetest person I have ever met in my entire life. I couldn’t believe he had sent me flowers. He really knew how to make me feel better. I noticed there was another piece of paper in the bouquet. It was folded up. I rested the card down and picked up the folded up paper before unfolding and began reading it. Dear Cassidy, Happy six months, princess! I am so sorry that I can’t be there with you right now. I wish I was so I could see the smile on your face right now. Well, I hope you are smiling… you are smiling right? Anyways! Wow, six months. Tell me something, how did you manage to put up with me for such an amount of time? I don’t really care how I am just glad that you did. I think it’s fair to say that they have been the best six months of my life. I hope they have been for you too or else I just sound really pathetic. Maybe I shouldn’t have written that… oh well. Ugh I’m getting off topic again. I wanted to say that even though I can’t be there with you right now doesn’t mean I don’t plan on taking you out on a date. It will be a week late but I still want to have a special day with you; just us two. No interruptions what so ever. Hmm… that reminds of the day we were throwing water at each other in my house and I made you wet… ;). And then we cuddled in my bed while you were wearing my clothes with your head on my chest as I ran my fingers through your hair. And then after Zayn called we made out. I quite enjoyed that day. Although I wasn’t very pleased that you threw steaming hot water at me and made me think you were giving me a blowjob… -_- Anyways where was I… oh yah! Our special day. Does it sound good to you? I hope it does. I miss you, Cass. I miss you more than I let you see. Just one more week and we will see each other again. I can kiss you and we cuddle and go on dates again. One more week. Are counting down with me? Love, Niall P.S: Please say that you are because if you aren’t it will make me look like a loser… :/ His letter made me blush, smile, laugh and roll my eyes all at once. I was afraid if my smile got any bigger it would rip my face. I let a tiny squeal escape my mouth as I ran around the kitchen in search of a vase. “What are you looking for?” Tori giggled at my reaction. “A vase. I need a vase to put them in or they’ll die.” I said with a smile still on my face. Tori laughed and shook her head at me before reaching in a cupboard high up and taking out a glass vase. She put some water in it and rested it on the counter before I put the roses in the vase. I admired them for a while, mumbling stuff like “He’s so sweet” or “I have the best boyfriend in the world” before I’d sigh and breathe in the sweet scent of the purple roses. I put the vase on the table before running upstairs to go call Niall to thank him. Much like earlier that day, I flopped down on my bed and dials Niall’s number. “Hey, Cass.” He said as soon as he answered the phone. I smiled and said, “Thank you.” “For what?” I rolled my eyes, the smile (which I’m beginning to think is now permanent) still on my face. I know he knows what I am talking about. “For being the best boyfriend in the world. And for the roses.” Niall chuckled. “You’re welcome. I try.” I giggled at his words. “So, no more depressed Cassidy?” He asked. “I wasn’t depressed.” “You were depressed.” I rolled my eyes. “I was just sad because I wanted you here, you know, so you could wrap your arms around me and kiss me.” I said, leaving my cheeks a soft pink. “Yah, I miss being able to do that.” He admitted. Niall and I talked for an hour and thirty minutes straight. When we hung up, I went into Tori’s room and flopped down on her beside her with a stupid grin on my face. “Well, I guess you’re in a better mood now.” She giggled and I nodded. “I need to go shopping.” I stated and tori raised an eyebrow before saying, “For what?” “Well, Niall said he wanted to take me on a date when he came back I need something to wear.” Tori laughed. “Cass, that’s not for another week.” I shrugged. “I know but I feel in the mood to go now. So, do you want to come?” tori smiled and nodded. “Great!” I squealed. I told tori to meet me downstairs when she was done getting ready before I went back into my room. I let my wavy hair fall free before putting on a pair of acid jeans and a white V- neck, with a black leather jacket. I decided to wear cream coloured flats with it. Tori was downstairs before me. She was wearing white skinny jeans with a pink graphic tee. She put her hair in a ponytail, leaving her bangs out and slipped on her black converse. We both went outside and into my car and drove away. We picked up Eleanor, Aliyah and Christina on our way there. I hope I could find the right outfit. It was going to be tricky since Niall decided it would be fun not to tell me where we were going. So I decided to go casual, but not too casual. And not to fancy either. Hopefully, I could find just what I was looking for.
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