My One and Only

Cassidy Simmons is an average 19 year old girl. She attends university, gets by with a part time job and does a webcast about One Direction with her best friend, Tori to entertain themselves. When one direction starts getting interested in this show, they decide to pay them a surprise visit. That’s when Cassidy meets Niall and starts falling for him more than she ever has for anyone. But when Niall returns these feelings, things start getting complicated. Can they survive it or will everything they once shared crash and burn?


11. School+ Niall,Louis, and Harry= Disaster




        It was 6:30 a.m. on Monday when my alarm clock went off. The girls had gone home last night from our two day sleepover and I was tired as hell. We stayed up until one like idiots, aware that we had school and other things to do. Groaned and dragged my tired body into the washroom to take a shower. As the hot water hit me, I felt more and more awake. After 10 minutes had passed, I finally came out the shower and curled my hair, leaving it falling down my back. Well, not literally, my hair wasn’t that long.

I put my usual: mascara with pink lip gloss before going back into my room to pick out an outfit for today. I decided on a pair of white, high waisted shorts and a blue floral print top. I paired it with gold gladiator slippers and white feathered earrings that hung on a gold chain. Lastly, I put on a plastic, solid blue bangle high up on my wrist. 

I walked into tori’s room to see that she was still sleeping. It was 7:00 a.m.  I sighed before smiling and jumping onto her bed, screaming at her to get up. “Cass, I swear I’ll bite you in the neck as if I was Damon Salvatore if you don’t get off of Me.” she said sternly. I rolled my eyes amused by her reference to vampire diaries. That was my favourite show now. I grew tired of Degrassi.

Vampire Diaries just had a better story line. “Tors, its 7:03 a.m. we have school you know?” “Shit.” She cursed before jumping out of bed and into the washroom. Her beeped and she had a notification from twitter. Before the screen blackened I saw what it said. It was one of Niall’s tweets.

@NiallOfical on my way to the dentist to get these braces off for good.

I gasped and let out a loud scream. I ran into my room and grabbed my phone, yanking it off the charger and called Niall. “Hey, Cass.” “Omg!! When were you going to tell me?! This is like important boyfriend, girlfriend/ directioner news!” he didn’t answer for a while until her caught on. “Oh you’re talking about my braces.” “No, I’m talking about your abs. what else would I be talking about?!”

Niall chuckled. “Oh. So you talk about my abs.” I groaned. “Give me a serious answer!” “Well, I figured I would surprise when I saw you today at lunch. How’d you find out anyways?” “Well, tori got a notification about it on Twitter and saw your tweet so I- wait, I’m seeing you at lunch?” I don’t remember telling him I would.

He was silent for a while. “N-no. I never said that.” He stuttered.  I was confused. “But you said…” he cut me off and changed the subject. “So, how was the sleepover last night?” he questioned. I squinted. “Niall. Come on, what aren’t you telling me?” “N-nothing. I just meant that I wanted you to come over at lunch tomorrow but it came out more demanding. My mistake.”  Oh now I understood. “Oh, well I would love to come over tomorrow. But I have to go. Tori and I are running late today so just text me in class.”

Niall let out a fake gasp. “Cassidy Simmons is texting in class? What happened to miss goody goodie?” I rolled my eyes. “I’m so not a goody goodie.” “That’s a lot of talk but not a lot of proof. “Hmm… just wait ‘til come over tomorrow. That’ll be your proof.” He didn’t answer. I probably left him in awe and wonder. “See you tomorrow, Nye.” With that I hung up the phone, not waiting for his reply.


        “Hmm… just wait ‘til I come over tomorrow. That’ll be your proof.” I didn’t know how to respond to that. She had left me in complete awe and wonder. “See you tomorrow, Nye.” With that she hung up on me, not giving me a chance to ask her what she meant.  I groaned in frustration as I called her back, only to get no answer. She was doing this on purpose and it wasn’t funny.  How the hell was I supposed to know what she meant and more importantly, what she was going to do prove her point?!

Was I just supposed to wait ‘til tomorrow, wondering how my girlfriend (my very hot girlfriend might I add) is going to prove to me how she isn’t a goody goodie. This was really stressing me out. Even though I should be focused on what Louis, Harry and I were planning on doing during lunch. We were still going to Cassidy, Tori and Eleanor’s school today to try and figure out who had said those horrible things to Cass.

        The girls didn’t know though. And I almost told Cassidy just a few minutes ago. She suspected something up until I told her that I wanted her to come over tomorrow. I didn’t want to lie to her but I knew she wouldn’t let me do it if she knew. Plus, I wasn’t really lying. I really wanted her to come over tomorrow. I hope she didn’t spot at us at the school. Hopefully, she would leave campus during lunch so we could start our mission.


        It was 12:00 p.m. when Louis, Harry and I pulled up to St. Thompson University. A lot of kids were still leaving the campus, eager to get away from school for a while. Through the tinted windows of Louis’ car I saw Cassidy, Tori and Eleanor pass by. They were laughing at something. “Cass! You can’t make the boy suffer like that.” Tori said while laughing. Were they talking about me? They stopped right in front of the car. If they looked close enough, they may see us.

        Harry instructed Louis and me to duck down. We did as told and listened to what they were talking about. “Well, that’s what he gets for calling me a goody goodie. I know Niall, he’s going to be wondering what I’m going to do and work himself up and then after making him wait 2 days I’ll give him what he’s been waiting for. But it won’t be at all he was suspecting.” Cassidy laughed.

        What was she up to? What was she going to give me? Harry and Louis looked up at me with shocked expressions. “I’ll explain later.” I whispered they nodded. “But what if he still calls you a goodie goody?” Eleanor asked. Cassidy smiled. Then I’ll resort to plan B.” “Which is?” “Sending him over the edge.” My jaw dropped and I nearly screamed out loud before Louis put his hand over my mouth.

        “Hey. Is this Louis’ car?”  Eleanor questioned. We all went completely still as Eleanor examined the car. “I don’t know. I’ve never seen his car. Are you sure this is it, el?” Tori asked. “No. but it looks a lot like it. Eh, maybe I’m just seeing things.” She shrugged. Both girls agreed. “Okay, let’s go to my house and we’ll discuss your evil plan a bit more yeah?” Eleanor suggested. Cassidy and tori laughed and nodded and they walked away from the car.

        We all sighed out in relief. “Okay, what the hell did you do?” Louis asked, referring to what Cassidy said. “All I said was that she is a goodie goody and she told me she would prove that she wasn’t one tomorrow when she came over. “ Louis nodded. “And know she’s like plotting it like a mad woman. Yup, she’s a keeper Niall.” He said sarcastically. I smiled. I certainly think she is. Once the parking lot cleared a bit more we all got out the car and zipped up our hoodies and put on the hoods while entering the school.

        It was a pretty big school. “Okay, where should we start?” Harry asked. “Library?” Louis suggested. “How ‘bout   that room. We’re already here.” I said while pointing to a room that was labeled ‘Study hall’.  Both boys nodded and we walked into the room. A group of five girls were sitting at the table talking and laughing. Harry cleared his throat and put on a American accent, hiding his curls.

        “Excuse me? Sorry to bother you but do you any of you lovely ladies know a girl by the name of Cassidy?” the girls looked up and it was as if they froze. They didn’t move a muscle. One girl nodded and others did too. “What do you call her? Like her nickname?” Louis asked, using a American too. “C-Cass. W-we call Cass. One of the girls said.

        It was obviously not these girls. We all smiled and thanked them before walking out the room. Onto the next.


I couldn’t believe it. Niall, Harry, and Louis from One direction had just come into our school’s study hall. 3/5 of one direction was here. Oh god.  I whipped out my phone and tweeted about it. The world needed to know this.

@Heather_1d OMG!! Louis, niall, and harry are in my school, St. Thompson University. No lie! I’m going to pass out.

I sent it and got back some replies from some fans who said they were coming. It was only five. That couldn’t hurt anyone right?


         “Guys, we’ve been looking for so long and talking to so much girls. I don’t think that girl is here today.” I whined. Harry sighed. “Lou we only checked one other class room.”  Has it really only been one? I could’ve sworn it was more. Wow. I sighed as we walked up the stair, trying to find the library. As we walked up the stairs we noticed a lot of girls standing there looking at us. I thought nothing of it until one screamed, “OMG!! IT REALLY IS THEM! IT’S HARRY, NIALL AND LOUIS FROM ONE DIRECTION.” We all froze.

Suddenly there weren’t just 10 girls. Some came running out the library, others came from different wings from the school, screaming their heads off. How many girls were in this school? There were at least 30 standing in front of us right now. More came in from the entrance of the school. It all happened so quick. They all screamed at once as harry, Niall and I darted back downstairs running through the halls. The girls were hot on our trail as we turned corners and tried to open doors.

Unfortunately, they were locked. I looked behind me too see a mob of girls screaming off their heads and yelling our names. I cursed under my breath as one grabbed harry by his sweater, pulling him into the swarm of girls. I quickly got him back and we ran together looking for Niall.

We found him in a corner backed up against the wall as girls tried grabbing him. Fortunately he got away but took off in the next direction. Half of the girls ran after him as the others followed harry and I. I suddenly regretted coming along with these boys.


        Eleanor, tori and I sat on el’s white couches, talking and laughing until my cell phone rang.  It was Emily. “Hey, Em. What’s up?” there was a lot of noise on her line. “Cass. You, el and tors need to get back to school now.” She demanded. “Why? What’s wrong?” “Harry, Louis and Niall are here and their being chased and mobbed by the second!”  She cried out. My jaw dropped. “They’re where?!” “At school you guys need to come back now!”

        “Okay, we’re on our way.” I hung up my phone and girls looked me. “Niall, Harry and Louis are at our school and being mobbed by the second. We gotta go back now.” I said quickly. It didn’t take them long to respond. They each jumped up from the couch and we all slipped back on our shoes and legit ran to Eleanor’s car.

        “What are they doing there?!” tori asked as Eleanor speed off. “I have no clue. Emily just called and told me. I have no idea why they would think going to our school was a good idea.” Tori nodded. We all got out the car when we reached the school and ran inside the building. I saw swarms of girls. Some of them- no, a lot of them- didn’t even attend STU.

        “How are we going to find them?” Eleanor asked. As if they heard us, Louis and harry ran by with a bunch of girls following after them, screaming their heads off. “Okay, El and I will get them. Cass, you go find Niall.” Tori stated. I nodded and we all took off running, trying to find our boyfriends.

        I checked the west wing of the school, only to find nothing. Then I checked the east wing. I ran through the hallways. I heard a lot of screaming and decided to follow it. Just then, a herd of girls ran by with Niall running for his dear life. “Please just leave me alone!” he screamed as he passed by me, not noticing I was standing right here. I sighed. “Oh, Niall.” I said as I ran the opposite way to meet them on the other side. I stood at the classroom  literature classroom  door waiting for them to pass by.

        When niall turned the  corner, I gripped his arm and clamped my hand over his mouth as he screamed while I pulled him into the classroom. I locked door while niall was still struggling to free himself from me.  I looked into his eyes which were full of fear. Wow. Did Directioners scare him that much? “Shh.. niall it’s just me.”  He calmed down and let out a sigh of relief.

        “Are you alight?’” I whispered looking at him. He smiled and nodded. I sighed. “Good.” I leaned and he did as well. He thought I was going to kiss him but instead I punched him in his chest. He let out a wince. “What the hell is wrong with you?!” I yelled at him. He looked confused. “What are you doing at my school?” his mouth formed an ‘o’ as he realized what I meant “I wanted to see you?” he tried. I squinted at him, growing impatient by the minute. “Niall. The real reason.” I said. He sighed and looked up at me. “I wanted to figure out  who said those awful stuff to you and tell them to leave you alone.” He admitted. I looked away from his gaze.

        “I told you to let me handle that.” I mumbled. “But I wanted to help you, cass.” I sighed. “I get that Niall. But you have to trust me if I say I can handle something on my own. What exactly were you thinking coming here and risking yourself getting hurt? Wait I’ll that: you weren’t thinking.” I looked down as if I was his mother scolding him.  I scoffed. “I should’ve known that something was up when you said you’d see me at lunch.” I paused, realization coming to me. “You lied to me!” I started pacing around the class, tugging at my hair. “Why?”

        I asked Niall as I stopped in front of the desk he was sitting in. “Why did you lie to me? Why couldn’t you just tell me the truth?!” “Because I knew you wouldn’t me do it!” he said he raised his voice back at me. This was the first fight we ever had. And I didn’t like it one bit. ‘You’re right, I would let you do it. Because I told you that I can handle it!” he ran a hand through his hair. “Cass, you came to my house and started crying because of what that girl said and you expect me just let you handle it by yourself?!”

        “Yes!” he sighed at my answer. “Don’t you trust me?” I asked him. He looked at me and his face softened. “Of course I do, Cass.” He said as he got up from the desk and held my hand as I leaned up against the wall. “It’s other people that I don’t trust around you.” I rolled my eyes. “Nye, I’ve been hearing that from my mother ever since I turned 14.” He chuckled. “What I meant is that I know that you get insecure when people tell you that I don’t care for you or that I don’t like you or even that I’m using you.”

        I bit my lip. How did he know that? I didn’t tell him this. “I know because that’s when you let people’s word phase you. Usually, you’ll brush it off but when it comes to that subject, you let your emotions get the best of  you.” I looked down. He was absolutely right. He lifted my chin back up and placed his hands on either side of the wall, so I couldn’t escape even if I tired.

        “That’s why I wanted to help you. Because I don’t want you feeling like that if this girl was to ever say something like that  ever again. So I thought if I confronted her, she would leave you alone.” He admitted. “I’m sorry, Cass. I didn’t mean to upset you or yell at you.” I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck. “I’m sorry you too.” I whispered. He smiled as I put pressure on his neck, pulling his head down to meet mine.

        “Just tell me the truth from now on, okay?” he nodded and I pressed my lips gently to his for 5 seconds before we both pulled away, smiling. “Since we’re being honest. I should probably tell you that I heard what you el and tori were talking about in the parking lot.” So that was Louis’ car. I smiled. “And?” I said as I my head in the crook of his neck. “And, I’d like to know what exactly you’re planning on doing. Because I heard ‘give him want he wants’ and ‘sending him over the edge’.” I giggled.

        I had to keep him wondering. “Hmm.. . I don’t think you deserve that anymore.” He sighed. “Do you enjoy teasing me?” “mmhm.” I said before connecting lips once again.  He grabbed my waist so that our stomachs were touching.  Not exactly though, I was a little shorter than Niall.  The kiss was starting to get a bit heated.

        Niall bit my lip, asking for permission. Just as I was about to let him, someone cleared their throat.  I assumed it was harry because that’s what he usually did when he saw Niall and I kiss.  So I didn’t pull away instantly. Instead,  I gave Niall one last kiss, lingering near his mouth before I looked over his shoulder. It wasn’t Harry though.  It was Mr. Payne. My literature teacher.  I quickly let go of Niall’s neck and moved to side, fixing my shirt that Niall had moved furthered up on my stomach.

        “Hi Mr. Payne.” I said shyly for obvious reasons. My teacher had just witnessed me and Niall in the middle of a heated kiss.  Mr. Payne looked at Niall, then me before smiling politely. “Hello, Cassidy.  Sorry to interrupt your… prior event. But, I need my classroom back.” I nodded my head and grabbed Niall’s hand, leading him to the door.  “I’m assuming that he was the reason for the mob of girls running wild through the school?” he questioned while smirking at Niall, who was blushing a bit.

        I laughed. “Yup. Him and his pose. Are the girls gone now?”  Mr. Payne nodded his head and I thanked him while telling him that I would see him next period. Niall and I left the room and started walking to find the others. “Busted by your teacher. I feel like I’m in high school again.” He chuckled. I smiled at him and intertwined our fingers as we walked the hall. It didn’t take us long to find the others.  They were in the cafeteria with Emily who looked like she was going to pass out. Niall stopped in his tracks when he saw her.

        “Is she going try to rape me too?” he asked. I looked at him with shock. He explained. “One of the girls was screaming ‘just let me rape you’ as I was running.” I laughed and shook my head, dragging him into the cafeteria. “I promise, this one isn’t going to hurt you.” He nodded. “I trust you.” This made me grin instantly before he kissed me. “Thank you.” I murmured against his lips before kissing him again.  “Oh god.” I heard Emily breath out.

        I broke away from Niall to see her gripping the table for dear life, something she did when she fan girled. I smirked lead Niall to her. “Niall, this is Emily. One of my directioner buddies. Emily this is my boyfriend, Niall.” I loved calling him that. I never got to so much. So I felt good when I could. “Hi, Emily.” Niall smiled. “H-hi.” She stuttered. It was the exact thing she did when she met Eleanor.   I chuckled. “You guys are really cute together.” she blurted out.  Niall smiled and wrapped his arms around my waist .

        “We are aren’t we.” I blushed as he kissed my cheek. Emily started chanting something as she sat down and tried to collect herself. “Niall, stop. You’re giving her feels.” Niall laughed as Emily nodded along with my statement.  I  took in that we were the only ones in the cafeteria. Eleanor was talking to Louis and Harry and tori were just sitting on the tables. “Well.” Harry said clapping his large hands.

“We should probably get going, lads.” I pouted because I didn’t want Niall to leave even though I knew he had to. Louis and Niall nodded. Harry and Louis each kissed their girlfriends before getting up and walking to the exit. Niall kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear. “Come over today?” I faced him and smiled while nodding. I peck his lips before he left with the boys. “Are they gone?” Emily whispered. I nodded. With that, she left out an ear shattering scream, making el, tors and I laugh. 


so... what did you think? please like my fanfic. it would mean alot to me. what would you do if your teacher saw you making out with your boyfriend O___o. wierd.... wel, aidos!!

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