My One and Only

Cassidy Simmons is an average 19 year old girl. She attends university, gets by with a part time job and does a webcast about One Direction with her best friend, Tori to entertain themselves. When one direction starts getting interested in this show, they decide to pay them a surprise visit. That’s when Cassidy meets Niall and starts falling for him more than she ever has for anyone. But when Niall returns these feelings, things start getting complicated. Can they survive it or will everything they once shared crash and burn?


3. Meeting The Boys


Cassidy’s P.O.V

        It’s been a week since we’ve got the Skype call from Paul. Tori and I have been bouncing off the wall with excitement. On Friday second last period ‘til home, we sat in literature class. I take literature because at STU, it was mandatory but event planning was my main one. I loved literature class. The teacher was nice, it was easy, and tori was in my class. The only thing I couldn’t stand about it was Zoey Brooks. Like from Zoey 101 but no relation. She has been a pain in my ass ever since this semester started. She was stuck up, rude, obnoxious and couldn’t stand the fact that Tori’s and I’s webshow did well. So like I said, we were sitting in class, working on the latest project, when Zoey felt the need to come up to our table. Tori rolled her eyes and I took a deep breath in. “well if isn’t Tori and Cassie.” I bit my tongue in my mouth. She knew I hated being called Cassie, and that’s why she deliberately did it. I gave her my fakest smile. “If it isn’t the devil in Prada.” I said it the exact way she said it: snooty and stuck up. “What do you want anyways?” tori said. I could hear all the hate in her voice she had towards her. Zoey flipped her blonde hair to the side and looked us dead in the eyes. “Saw you show yesterday. It sucked as usual.” That was the thing I didn’t get about her. She hated us, and our show yet she still watched it. “If it sucks so much than why do you continue to watch it? I know it’s hard for you to use that peanut brain of yours, so let me say it loud and clear: Don’t…Watch…It...” I said it nice and slow so she could comprehend it. She sucked her teeth. I noticed the two boys (one including her boyfriend, Rick), were listening to what we were saying. Sometimes rick and I talked because honestly, he was a nice guy. Plus, he was in my event planning class and we got stuck doing a project together one time. “I hope you know that One Direction will never watch your show. They have better things to do other than watch your stupid show.” Tori and I rolled our eyes at the same time. Tori just stared her up and down. “Whatever Zoey. We never did it so they can watch it. So why don’t you make like your ends and split.” She smiled like she was sweetest and perkiest thing alive. “Bitches.” We were bitches? She started this argument. I shrugged my shoulders “we may be bitches, but at least our boobs aren’t fake.” Rick laughed and Zoey turned to glare at him. He stopped but I could tell he wanted to laughed some more. “whatever.” She murmured and walked away. Tori and I started laughing as well. I felt someone poke me in my back. I quickly turned around to see rick looking at me. “Good one.” I smiled at him and turned back around to help Tori with the project.


        “I can’t believe her.” Tori said as we were walking on the street. It was the end of the school day and we were making our way to Tim Horton’s to buy ourselves a French Vanilla. I fixed the bottom of grey sweater that said ‘LOVE’. “You know how she is Tors” yes sometimes I called her tors. “Don’t let it get to you. “ “I know but, she just agitates me. You know?” I nodded my head as we walked into Tim Horton’s. We each bought a French Vanilla and drank it on our way home. “But enough about her. Are you as excited as I am?!” I asked with the perkiest voice ever. She nodded her head like a complete idiot and we picked up pace on our way home. We didn’t have to rush like last time because we got out of school earlier today. We had an assembly and they let us go as soon as it was done.

        When we finally got home, we both dropped our bags at the front door. I made my way to the kitchen while Tori went upstairs. We had an hour til the show started so I grabbed a brownie and shoved it my mouth letting the chocolaty taste fill my mouth. I went upstairs and saw tori in her room looking at the new clothes we bought last week. “Bring your clothes into my room and we’ll pick and choose for the concert.” I said. She nodded and grabbed two handfuls of clothes then dumped it on my floor.  We started going through each other’s clothes.


        We were standing in front of my long length mirror looking at our brilliant work. “I think we look… awesome.” Tori stated as she fixed her shirt. She was wearing white skinny jeans with a light green lace top.  She had a white undershirt underneath.  She paired it with a gold bangle and shimmery gold eye shadow with a light pink lip-gloss. I was wearing dark wash skinnies with one of those light tops. It was pink and I put on some medium- sized sliver hoops to go with it. I put on black mascara that added volume and length to my lashes.  Then I put on a suddel red lip gloss. My nails are pink and tori’s are white. “I’d agree.”  Tori’s phone rang and we sqeauled as if we knew it was Paul. She quickly answered it and he told us he was downstairs. We hung up and raced down the stairs. I took a deep breath and opened the door. But it wasn’t just Paul. There was seven more people there. One direction. And their girlfriends. Tori and I gasped and held onto each other for support. “Do you think their real?” I whispered to her. “I don’t know.” They all chuckled as we stood there in awe. “Yes. We are the living breathing One Direction.” Liam confirmed and we screamed. Liam opened his arms along with the boys and girls as if to say for hugs. We legit ran into their arms at our reaction. “You guys aren’t going to rape us are you?” Harry asked. We both laughed and shook our heads. We all hugged each other. When I got to niall there was this electric pulse that coursed through my body we were embraced in each other’s arms. I wasn’t use to this feeling. Did he feel it to? I told myself to ignore it as we pulled away and I went to hug Eleanor, perrie and Danielle.

        “I still can’t believe that one direction and their girlfriends are standing in our flat!!” tori sqeauled. They smiled and Louis started talking. “Well we watch you’re show all the time and we thought we’d come and visit, give you concert tickets and stuff like that. Oh! And we would like to appear on the show and answer questions for the fans if it’s fine.” We screamed again and I fell down in the fetal position.  They all laughed. I looked at tori and she was on the a verge of crying. I think I was too. We both nodded trying to fight back tears. After calming down, I tweeted our fans quickly on tori and I’s shared fan twitter page.

@Cass_Tors_1D guys we have VERY special guests on the show today. It will be 1 hour and 30 minutes instead of 30 today!! Tune in xx


        It was five minutes til the show and we had gotten to know better. You know, most we already knew but they told us some stuff that we didn’t. I think we all became friends. The girls were awesome too. They were all just full of life and very outgoing. Paul had left once he saw that we weren’t and wouldn’t harm them. Right now, we were sitting in my room setting up my Laptop and new posters tor and I bought when we went shopping. The boys were still in awe at my wall which was covered with posters of them. “This is just incredible.” Liam said as he took a look at the all the posters and articles I cut out of magazines.  “Aww thanks! I try.” I flipped my hair and they started laughing. “1 MINUTE!” Louis yelled making me jump and the boys along with their girlfriends sigh. “You get used to it.” Niall whispered beside me. Smiled at him and he went with the boys who were huddled I a corner waiting for me and Tori to give them a signal. We pressed ‘broadcast’ and we started the show.

Me: hey guyyysssss!!!

Tori: welcome back to Cass and Tors’. Today, we have VERY special guest today.

Me: we didn’t even suspect it they just kind of showed up. So without further ado…

Tori: we give you the one and only...

Cass and Tori: ONE DIRECTION.

        The boys came onto my bed and sat with us. The comments were blowing up with like ‘ omg!! You’re soo lucky’ or ‘I hate you two!!! ;)’

The boys: hey guys!!!

Cass; we also have three more guests here with the boys.

Tori: any guess who it is? Whoever gets it right gets a shout out from the boys.

Louis: SHOUT OUT!!

We all sighed.

@CARROTS1991 is it Paul?! Wid Harry’s sister & mum.

Tori: nope.

@Rockin_my _varsity three more directioner.

Cass: nope.

@Nandosonmymind is it perrie Danielle, and Eleanor.

Tori: yes. Yes it. Louis do us the honors.

He nodded with a big grin and took a deep breath.

Louis: SHOUT OUT TO @Nandosonmymind!!!

I laughed as the girls came on my bed too.

The girls:hey.

Me: okay. Now that everyone is here. We may answer some question you have for the boys or any requests you have.

        Again, we were over ran with comments.

Zayn: @it_sadie_BITCH says: I love you guys!! Can you come to my house?!

Harry laughed and said no cause he was busy.

Niall: @NO!it’s_myNANDOSniall! Says: Cassidy!! Can you run your hand through Harry’s hair and describe its texture.

Niall put on a funny face as I laughed I ran my hand through Harry’s hair.

Me: soft. Yet frizzy from the curls.

I stroked my chin and nodded my head as they laughed at me. Little did they know I always wanted to do that.

Danielle: @donnttouchhmahairr says: kiss Liam!! I need a Payzer moment. You two are my OTP.

Danielle laughed and gave Liam a lingering kiss on his lips as ma and tori awed. Payzer was her OTP too. Mine was Elounor. .tori wanted to cry.

Tori: you two are WAY too cute. I need a moment.

She fake cried into harry shirt who patted her back as laughed and shook his head.   

@leeladstyles: niall! Y do u keep glancing at Cassidy?


When I read that, my head shot up to niall. He was indeed staring at me with crimson coloured cheeks. I was confused. I took out my miny mirror from my back pocket and checked my face. There was nothing on it. So why was he staring at me? When I put it back zayn was staring at me. Now what?!

Zayn: I’m soo proud!

He hugged me tight. Oh yeah, I was carrying around a mirror. I laughed and pushed him off.

Liam: well, it seems all the fans want to know why niall was staring at Cassidy now.

We all turned to niall. He looked soo uncomfortable.

Niall mumbles: I just think she’s pretty.

I didn’t hear him but I think Eleanor did.

Eleanor smirks: sorry didn’t hear you Nialler.

Niall sighs: I thinks she’s pretty, okay?

As if on cue, my cheeks started heating up.

Perrie: @Nialls_mine says, “Looks like Cassidy enjoyed your comment niall. Lol

All eyes snapped to me who was still blushing. Louis was smirking along with the rest. I sighed.

Me: anymore questions guys? Please say yes. They’re staring at me like I’m an alien.

They all laughed and we continued answering questions. Then we watched a new one direction funny moments video on YouTube. Tori and I were laughing the whole time. I was practically dying when niall was singing on the toilet. I leaned back into his lap and he looked down at me.

Me: any reason for singing on the toilet?

He shrugged and smiled.

Niall: it was fun. Like when harry walks around naked.

Tori whispering and mumbling: please do it now.

Harry’s eyes went wide along with tori’s. Poor thing didn’t mean to say it out loud. Niall and I bursted out laughing. Harry and tori’s blushing made everyone laugh. Harry shrugged.

Harry” well, if you insist.

He started taking off he shirt. Tori’s jaw dropped and I continued laughing harder. Harry laughed and leaned in next to tori.

Harry: just kidding.

He closed tori’s mouth with his hand and she blushed more. Then pushed him.

Tori: so not funny.

I laughed so hard it was silent and tears were coming down my face. Tori smiled and laughed lightly.

Louis:  @Louis my-lover says: wow. A Tarry moment. Or Hori. Sorry guys still working on the name.

Louis chuckled.

Louis: go with Tarry. Hori sounds like horny.

We all laughed.

Perrie: shout out to @Tru_directioner4evea. She says that there was some Ciall moments too.

I didn’t laughed this time. I bit my lip. It never came across that niall – or any of the other boys- and I could actually have a name like that. I mean, I made some up one time but I never took them for real. Ciall. I liked it. Niall and Cassidy. Ciall. Hmmm

Perrie: Um.. Cassidy? You good?

Cassidy: huh? Oh yeah I'm good.

I really wasn’t.


After we all hung out tori and I’s place. We decided to play truth or dare. The rule was whoever didn’t do the dare or answer the question, had to sleep outside. “Cassidy. Truth or dare?” zayn asked. I thought a bit. “Truth.” He smirked “ what do you think about ‘Ciall’?” I glared at the dark haired boy. :” well… I think it’s cute. It’s obviously not real but I like it. I’m Directioner, remember?” I tried to blame it on my directionerness but I knew it wasn’t just that. It was my human being-ness. He smirked again but this time he looked at niall and when I turned to niall his cheeks were pink. Did he think it was cute too? Probably but that didn’t mean he took it into consideration right? Right. ‘ ARE KIDDING ME? HE LIKES U DUMB ASS’ my inner self screamed as I told it to shut up. I chose harry as my victim.  “ Harry, truth or dare?” “dare.” I needed a good dare. Then one popped in my head. “I dare to hit on Paul when he comes to get you guys.” Everyone laughed and Harry looked at me like I was stupid. I could’ve done something to embarrass him because I knew he liked tori. I spent a lot time studying these boys, I knew when harry was flirting. As if on cue he started flirting with Tori. “ You couldn’t have told me kiss Tori?” she blushed really bad and shook my head at the horny teenage boy. “Hey!! I’m not horny!!” he shouted. Must’ve said that out loud. “Sorry but u are. Don’t worry every guy is. You’re just going through puberty.” I put my hand on his shoulder. “ You’re going through changes, Harry.” He raised one eyebrow at me as the rest laughed. “You’re one year older than me. Not 10.” I laughed and sat deeper into the white couches. Harry took his turn. Zayn. Truth or dare.” His bit his li in thought. Omg… he’s soo sexy. “Dare.” “I dare you to break your mirror and not look into one for 30 minutes.” Zayn’s jaw dropped. “No!! Not my baby!!” he shrieked like a little girl. “Can’t I just not look at Perrie for a while.”  Perrie slapped upside his head and shook her head. Harry laughed. “Nope. You got to do it or else you sleep outside.” Zayn sighed and took out his miny mirror. We all followed him to the kitchen. Tori came out the storage closet with a hammer. He held the hammer up high and smashed it down on his mirror. I swear a saw a tear roll down his cheek. Poor thing. I took out my Samsung Galaxy SIII  and put the timer on for 30 minutes.  “ Timer started” I stated. “You have a SII?” niall asked I nodded. “Both tors and I do. Just got them 2 weeks ago actually.” He nodded and took out his SIII. “Yay!! Samsung Buddy!!” I said as I attacked him with a hug. He chuckled and hugged me for a while. There was that electric pulse again. This is really starting to bother me. How come I’ve never had this feeling before. We pulled away. “ So, can I have your number. That way we can talk after this.” Niall said. I looked to my left then my right, and behind me. “ You’re talking to me?” I was stunned he wanted my number? The Niall Horan wanted my number? “ No I’m just talking to the wall. You know, we’ve been having this ongoing relationship and I’d like to take it to the next level.” He said sarcastically as he rolled his eyes. I rolled mine and laughed too.  “Y-yah. Sure.” I said biting my lip. I saw tori giving me the thumbs up and doing a little happy dance in my honor. Stared at her with a funny look on my face. Niall turned around and tori pretended like she was just stretching. I laughed and gave niall my phone to put in his number. He gave me his phone and I put in my number. I saw him taking some retarded picture on himself for his contact picture. I laughed and puffed up my cheeks and squinted my eyes for my picture. We traded back phones and soon, everyone was exchanging number and taking stupid pictures for the contact picture. I felt accomplished. I had all their numbers now.


        Unfortunately Paul came to pick up the boys and girls and they left. Of course, they gave us our tickets and said they’’ see us at the concert but I still missed them. Tori was currently stoking the spot on my bed where harry once sat. That girl.. “Tors. Stroking that spot isn’t going to make him appear.” I said as I sat down beside her. “I don’t care. I still want to touch the spot where his ass once was.” She pouted and I laughed. My phone starting playing ROCK ME telling me that I had a Tango call. Who would possibly be video calling me at 9:30pm. I answered the call and it put a huge smile on my face. Cause on my screen was niall horan. “Hey niall!!”I chirped. “Hey Cass. What’s up.” “Nothing. Just watching tori stroke the spot where Harry’s ass once was as she says. “ Niall laughed his beautiful laughed and tori gave me a looked. At almost the same time, her and harry came into the screen.  Harry had one eyebrow raised as he smirked at Tori. “Really now?” harry said as tori started blushing. “Well… I… CASS HASN’T STOPPED TALKING ABOUT NIALL.” She shouted I gasped and slapped her. It was true though. I told her that I felt something when I hugged him and she awed. I think my feeling were growing towards niall in a non-fan way. But, it was still too early to confirm. “Really?” niall said a smirk now playing on his lips. I sighed. “yah.” No point in denying it right? Niall's eyes seemed to get softer and more intrigued into why as I was talking about him. Harry noticed and took this opportunity to leave. “Well I’m going to see if Louis wants to play modern warfare with me. “I want to play.” I huffed. I wasn’t good at the game but it was fun. Harry shook his head. “Maybe next time. Text you later, Tori.” He winked and sauntered off. Tori ran into room. Probably watching her phone for a text from harry. That just left niall and I. “so, what’re you doing?” I asked him in an attempt to start up a conversation. He blinked his eye as if I snapped him out of his thoughts. “ Nothing much. I just made a sandwich and watched a movie.” I nodded. “Which movie, but more importantly, what kind of sandwich?” I asked. I was kind of hungry. He laughed at my question. “ Avengers. And a grilled chicken sandwich.” I gawked at the sandwich. I love chicken!! “ And you couldn’t save me any?!” I asked trying to sound serious but failing miserably. Again, he laughed at my comment and shook his head. “Sworry. I’ll make some next time for you.” “You better. Or else the mini directionaters for come for you in your sleep.” I squinted my eyes. Tori and I made up the league of mini directionaters. We believed that they came for you in your sleep and took you directionerness. He put on a funny, confused face and I laughed at it. “ They take your directionerness in the night.” I said in a ‘duh’ tone. “OMG!! We don’t want that happen to your pretty little head do we now?” he asked raising his eyebrow. “No we don’t. And thanks, now I know I have a pretty head.” I smiled. “And eyes.” He said but when he did his eyes widened and he blushed madly. I heard a lot of ‘oohs’ and ‘awes’ in the background. “Ooh!! Nialler’s flirting.” Louis said as he popped out of nowhere. I screamed and backed away from my screen. Louis grinned and waved at me like a mad person. “Cassie!!” he said and smirked. He knew I hated being called that. I told him so today and he smirked and continued to call me to anyways. I glared at him and sighed. “Hi Lou.” I kind of wanted him to go. I was about to confront nail’s meaning behind calling my eyes pretty. At that moment Eleanor became my favourite person in the world. “Leave them alone, Louis! They want to talk1” Eleanor came into the screen, giving me a short hi and then went back to dealing with her boyfriend. “Make me.” Louis challenged. He had a smirk playing on his face. Eleanor smirked back and grabbed his foot. I heard a ‘thud’ on the floor and a groan. Probably Louis. I saw Eleanor dragging him away. Niall was looking at them and laughing. I mouthed a ‘thank you’ to Eleanor and she winked. Niall faced me a again. “Sorry ‘bout that, Cass.” I put my hand up. “It’s ok. No big deal. So, you think I have pretty eyes.” I said with a small smirk. “Well,”

“Yah, niall you think she has pretty eyes?”

“Yah niall do you?”

“Aww!! My little niall is growing up.”

“Get off me El!!”

Poor Louis. Niall rolled his eyes and put his finger up as if telling me on second. I nodded and saw him get up and move around for a bit. I heard a door open and close then niall sat on a bed. I was guessing he was in his room. The walls were painted a light blue. The sheets on his bed were a chocolate brown. “Sorry again. They all decided they wanted stay at my house and annoy the crap out of me while I talk to you. “Oh, so you were planning on talking to me?” he sighed. “One question at a time.” “Well, why do u think my eyes are pretty?” I questioned. “ I just think they big and a brilliant shade of brown  that shine and always have that cute twinkle ‘is all.” He cheeks had turned red and I could feel my cheeks heating up. I never really liked my eyes. I thought they were just something to help me see. But, niall gave me a new reason to look deeper into them. Unconsciously I was biting my lip. “ Why were you talking about me?” he asked. “ ‘Cause… you’re interesting and nice. You’re not shy and you’re not afraid to be yourself. All in all, you’re an interesting topic.” I said. I decided to drop the question about him calling me. “Want to play 20 questions?” he asked. Weird. “Yah, sure.” I would do anything to escape this awkward silence. “I’m warning you though. I pretty much know every, single thing about you. So don’t freak out if I already know the answer to the question.” He laughed. “How ‘bout I just do 20 question on you then.” I nodded. “Favourite colour?”

“purple.” I responded.

“Favourite food?”




“Full name.”

“Cassidy Alexandra Simmons.”

“Course in Uni?”

“Event planning.”

“Favourite T.V. show.”



“Twilight saga and most adventure movies.”

“Favourite One Direction Member.”

I smiled and bit my lip.

“I honestly don’t have one but, I think one is growing on me.” I said still biting my lip. I was never really one to flirt but sometimes I caught myself doing it with some people. Niall’s cheeks turned a bright red and put his head down, smiling to himself. “It’s official.” He mumbled. I was confused. What was official? “What’s official, Niall?” I asked. He looked up. “Nothing, really. I’ll tell you another time. I promise.” I smiled “okay.” A yawn escaped my mouth. I looked at my clock. 11:00pm?! “tired.” Niall said with a little disappointment showing on his face. I nodded. “Get some sleep. Can I text you tomorrow?” he asked. I smiled. “ Sure, so, I’ll tal- “HARRY TEXTED ME!!!” tori screamed out laughed. Niall and I gave each other ‘WTF’ faces and laughed. “I’ll talk to you tomorrow, niall. “ “Ok. Night, Cassidy.” “Night, niall.” He ended the tango call and sighed a happy sigh. I cuddled up under ,u sheets and slowly drifted off to sleep with a smile of contentment on my face.

Niall P.O.V

        When I ended the call with Cassidy I had a smile of contentment on my face. I had gotten to know her better and know I was sure my feelings for her were real. Hopefully, one day I’d get to take her out on a date and call her mine. She flirted me a bit near the end of the call. She said one member was growing on her. By the way she was staring right into my eyes told me she was talking about me. I was so lost in my thoughts I didn’t even hear Harry open my room door and sit down beside me until he said. “You like her, don’t you.” I nodded and smiled at the thought of her. I pictured her big, brown eyes and cute little nose. And her ovalish head shape. The way her brown hair framed her face so perfectly as it cascades downs her shoulders stopping right at her chest. The way her smile lights up the ro- “Niall?! Are you even listening to me?” harry complained. I blinked. “Sorry mate. I didn’t hear word you said. But I’m guessing it was ‘ I like tori and I’m texting her right now making her ovaries explode by the minute.’” I said in my best harry voice. He laughed and patted my shoulder, leaving my room. I climbed under the covers with one thing on my mind: Cassidy. 

~Sorry i haven't updated in a while. stupid computer kept shutting off and erasing my work. plus, i have exams. i have been studying and preparing and stuff like that. i'll try to update soon but no promises.~ 

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