My One and Only

Cassidy Simmons is an average 19 year old girl. She attends university, gets by with a part time job and does a webcast about One Direction with her best friend, Tori to entertain themselves. When one direction starts getting interested in this show, they decide to pay them a surprise visit. That’s when Cassidy meets Niall and starts falling for him more than she ever has for anyone. But when Niall returns these feelings, things start getting complicated. Can they survive it or will everything they once shared crash and burn?


6. Kisses, Kisses, and more Kisses




I woke up with in my bed with no memory of how I got there. I thought back to last night and it instantly put a smile on my face. Niall had asked me to be his girlfriend.  I was Niall Horan’s girlfriend and I got to call him my boyfriend. I sighed happily and jumped out of bed to go take a shower.  When I was finished, I brushed my teeth then put my hair in a fish tail braid.  I slipped on a pair of skinny jeans with a grey sweater that had the British blag on the front.  I didn’t bother with make up since it was just tori and I at our hotel room.

        I went into little living space we had and dialed room service to bring tori and I some Pancakes. She still hadn’t woken because her and harry were on the phone 'til like 4:00 am. I just lounged around the couch waiting for the pancakes when Niall texted.

Nialler :): hey. Did I wake you??

I grinned instantly. This boy was too sweet.

Cass2cool4u: hey and no I was b4. So what’s up??

Nialler :): nm. Do u think tht u can come over?? The boys left 4 br8fast wen I was sleeping and I’m all alone :(

Cass2cool4u: lol poor u.  Yah I guess tors is still sleeping so I’m free.

Nialler :): thanks babe XD

Cass2cool4u: oh... is tht my new name now :D

Nialler:): ugh!! Don’t ask questions. It took a lot of courage 2 type tht.

Cass2cool4u: LMAO kk. I’m coming there in like 5. Got to eat my pancakes XD

Nialler:): …..

Cass2cool4u: *sigh* ill just bring them and we’ll share yeah?

Nialler:): and this y I like u. lol see u soon.

Cass2cool4u: Aww!! I like you too. obvi. Lol ttyl.

I was pretty sure that I was blushing . He called me babe. Dawwh. The door knocked and I was pretty sure that it was room service. I thanked them and rested tori’s pancakes on the little table and started to write a little note for her telling her where I was. As if on cue, she walked in the room. “Hey, Cass. Where are you going?” “Just to the boys place to hang out with Niall. I got you pancakes.” She smiled and I knew she was going to tease me. I had told the girls that niall and I was a couple now and they vowed to tease me forever. “Ooo!! Cass has a boyfriend and she is going to go visit him!” tori sang. “And thanks for the pancakes.” I laughed at her and said my goodbyes before heading off to the boys’ hotel room.

        I walked down the hall to their room and knocked softly on the door about 3 times. Niall opened it not too long after. “Hey.” “Hi.” We gave each other a hug and I got that rush I always got. We walked inside and sat on the couch. Ii handed him the pancakes and he said, “You’re amazing.” “I know.” We both laughed as he turned on the T.V. we sat eating pancakes and laughing about what ridiculous jokes they had in shows. After we finished the pancakes we just sat around and talked.

        I got up and touched his guitar. I’ve always wanted to know how to play. “Try it. You know you want to.” He smirked. I squealed and picked it up. I attempted a few  chords but I failed in the end. I heard niall chuckle causing me to stick out my tongue at him. “Here. Let me help.” He sat closer to me and wrapped his big arms me while placing his hands on top of mine. It felt nice being in this situation. “This string..” he gently moved my hand to a lower string. And lightly guided me to strum.  “Is G. and these two..” he placed my hand on two strings and lightly strummed it. “Make the strum g flat. If you play those two notes I just showed you, it should play twinkle twinkle little star.”

        I nodded and strummed the chords and I actually heard the melody of the lullaby play. I gasped excitedly. “You did it! Fast learner I see.” Niall explained. I turned to face him. “Maybe I just have an awesome teacher.” He smiled along with me. Our face was inches away to the point where we could feel each other’s breath on one another’s face. I usually didn’t want to kiss a guy ‘til at least one week in the relationship, s why did the feel the sudden urge to kiss Niall? Other than the fact that I was a directioner. We slowly leaned in further until we shared the same air we were *this* close to kissing, then the boys came in. “hey Niall. Sorry we didn’t bring you but we bought foo..” Louis trailed off when he saw us in on the verge of kissing. Soon enough, all the boys were staring at us. ‘Were we interrupting something?” Liam questioned. “Erm.. No?” Niall stated but it came out like a question. Zayn smirked and rose on eyebrow. “Really? Cause I think we were.” He gestured to the position we were in and we both quickly untangled from each other and sat on the couch awkwardly. We all just looked from one to the other in silence. “Erm.. Well I’m sure Tori need company by now so.. I’m going to go now. Bye guys. Bye Niall I’ll call you later.” I said quickly while leaping off the couch and shoving through the four boys who were standing in the doorway. I heard them snicker but I just needed to get out of that awkward situation.


“And then I just got off the couch and power walked out the room.” I explained to Eleanor, Danielle, Perrie and Tori. They came over a bit after that awkward situation I encountered. They laughed at the story while I sent them each death glares. “Sorry Cass but it’s funny!” Dani said. “Easy for you to say! You didn’t have them all smirking at us intertwined with each other and almost kissing!” Danielle shrugged and grabbed a handful of M&M. “Question!! If the boys didn’t come, would still have kissed him or stopped?” Perrie asked. I thought for a while. I didn’t know. “Honestly, I have no clue. I mean, I want to kiss him but I don’t know.. We just became a couple so it may be too early. But, then a gain it would be nice to have his soft, pinks lips on mine.” The girls stared at me as I fell into a daydream. I wonder what it would be like kissing Niall. His lips always looked soo soft and pink I wonder how they would feel against mine.  When I finally snapped out of it the girls were looking at me with huge smirk on their faces.  “Well, let me answer that for you: you would have defiantly kissed him.” Eleanor said. She got up and sat beside me, taking the gummy worms out my hand. I blushed. Maybe she was right. Maybe I wanted niall to kiss me. “Whatever. What are we doing today?” Perrie thought for a while before answering. “Well, the boys have a photo shoot and they are going to work in the studio for a while. Zayn said we could tag along or do our own girly needs.” That sounded a lot like zayn. We all agreed to tag along and started ready. “Before we get ready. I need to tell you something. Ever since the prank at the beach, zayn has been.. Distant. Not in a way were I think he’s cheating but, I don’t he just hasn’t been very happy around me. He told me he loved me but I didn’t say anything back. Do you guys think that’s what he is mad about?” we thought for a while. “Probably. He might think you don’t love him.” Danielle spoke.

        “But I do! With all my heart.” Perrie said. I sighed. “Well don’t tell us, tell zayn.” She sighed and nodded as well. We all proceeded with getting dress. I got a text from Niall.

Nialler:): u alright. U left pretty quickly.

Cass2cool4u: yah. Just an awkward situation thanks 2 the boys -__-

Nialler: yah. Lol they say sworry. Let’s just pretend it never happened yeah?

Cass2cool4u: yah.

Nialler: you coming to the photo shoot and studio.

Cass2cool4u: yup. The girls are telling me to stop texting and 2 get ready so ttyl.

Nialler:): kk. Later

        I just added more mascara to my lashes and I pink lip gloss to my lips. I was ready to go. Paul picked us up. He had already dropped the boys off earlier so it was just us girls and Paul. When we reached the photo shoot, it was packed with fans and I couldn’t even find the entrance. “Okay girls, just stick to each other and follow after me,. Don’t answer any questions.” Paul stated. We all nodded. When we came out the car, cameras were flashing in our faces and we were asked a lot of questions. Fans were screaming and trying to grab us . Thankfully, Paul was there to fight them off for us and to bring us safely into the building.

        When we finally got inside, the boys were walking around in the clothes they were suppose wear. Zayn was getting his hair styled by Lou, Louis was play fighting with harry, Liam was talking with the camera man and niall was scarfing down some donuts from the snack table. I smiled at the Irish boy and walked over to him wrapping my arms around his stomach from behind. “Guess who.” I whispered. “Is it… Ashley Benson?” I rolled my eyes. “You wish.” He chuckled and turned around so he was facing me. “Nah, I’m good with you.” I smiled as he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my cheek.  I grinned and we walked back to the others.


Us girls were watching the boys pose for the shoot and I was pretty I was about to faint. Niall looked really hot in his clothes. He was wearing a fitted black shirt with some khakis and white Nikes. He was biting his lip and his eyes were slightly narrowed.  “Great job, Niall. Okay, zayn your next.” The camera person said. They both nodded and switched positions. Niall sat beside me and Tori. “So, you guys enjoying your first one direction photo shoot.” We smiled and nodded it was really cool. After zayn had finished, the photographer announced they could all take a break before doing the group shots. Harry and tori disappeared into a dressing room and soon niall and I did too. I sat on the little couch with niall and snuggled up to him while intertwining our fingers and him playing with my hair. “Your hair smells like tropical fruit.” Niall stated. I laughed at his randomness and shrugged my shoulders. “Can I ask you question?” “Yah. Anything.” He responded. “Well, if the boys didn’t interrupt.. Would you have kissed me?” he was silent for a while, probably in thought. “Yah. Would you have kissed me?” I thought for a while. “I would. I usually wouldn’t but, you’re pulling me towards you so fast. I just feel like I need to.”  I looked at him and he nodded.

        He looked down at my lips and started leaning in. again we almost kissed but the photographer was yelling that the boy had two more minutes.  I accidentally sighed aloud and untangled myself from Niall. He stood up as well. “We should probably get back out there.” I stated he nodded. “Yah. We should.” I  started walking towards the door. “Cassidy?” I turned around, about to ask him what he wanted but he silenced me by pressing his warms lips against mine. It took me by surprise, but that didn’t stop the butterflies from erupting in my stomach. He didn’t give me the chance to kiss back because he pulled way about five seconds later.

        He had a small blush on his cheeks. “Sorry. I don’t know what got over me. I just needed to-“ I silenced him by putting my lips against his this time. I knew I had caught him by surprise, but in the end he kissed me back. I wrapped one of my arms around his neck and the other was playing with the little hairs on the back of his neck. He wrapped his arms round my waist, pulling me closer to him.  I wanted to stay like this forever. It was like I had no control of my senses anymore. “You two just couldn’t resist.” I heard someone say. We both pulled away and looked at the door, only to see harry, Tori, Louis and Eleanor smirking at us. My cheeks turned a shade of pink  as I looked down at my feet.

        “Come on. Lou needs to get you guys in your next outfit.” Louis chuckled. Niall nodded and we both walked out the room. I was about to leave but the girls pulled me back and closed the door. They both squealed rather loudly and demanded details. “Well, we were cuddling on the couch and I asked him if he would have kissed me and he said yes. Then he asked me if  I would have kissed him and I said yes too. The photographer said we had two minutes and I got up. He called me and I turned around then he kissed me. He pulled away and said sorry and then I cut him off by kissing him.” They screamed and I covered my ears while closing my eyes. I was the one who kissed him and they didn’t see me screaming my head off. Even if in the inside, I totally was.

        We walked back to the main part of the studio. The boys were wearing different outfits than before and were getting their hair styled by Lou.  Tori, Eleanor and I sat next to Perrie and Danielle as the boys started posing for their second shoot for the shoot of the day.


The boys finished their photo shoot and we were headed to the recording studio so the boys could record their angelic voices. There were not much fans his time, but there was a whole lot of paparazzi.  Niall had me by his side the whole time and we all dodged questions together.  We all made it into the studio in one piece and I sighed heavily, flopping myself on the black leather couch that sat upon the white plush carpet. Tori joined me as the boys piled into the recording room while Eleanor, Danielle and perrie took a seat on the white carpet. The boys sang Last First Kiss first. When the chorus came, niall looked straight into my eyes and sang as if it was meant for me.

I wanna be last yeah, baby let be your, let me be your last first kiss.

I wanna be first yeah. Wanna be the first to take it all the way like this.

And if youuu, only knewww,

I wanna be last yeah baby let me be your last, your last first kiss.

He winked at me and I smiled at him while shooting him a thumps up. When no one the boys were looking, we squealed together to show how we felt about Niall’s gesture towards me. “Guys, I have to tell you something.” I announced. Eleanor and tori looked at me and smiled because they already knew what I was going to say. Perrie and Danielle sat there patiently, waiting for me to continue. “When the boys had a break at the photo shoot, niall kissed me.” right then and there, almost in unison, both girls screamed at the top of their lungs, getting disapproving from the people monitoring the boys in the room. Eleanor, Tori and I covered our ears at the way they screamed. Thank god the boys couldn’t hear us, they would think we were on crack.

        “Omg gosh!! How?” Danielle asked. I told both of them the story and they had clamped their hand over their mouths to restrain themselves from screaming again.  “So you guys are officially official.” Perrie gushed. I rolled my eyes at them.  The boys came out of the studio and sat on the couch. Niall sat beside me and rested me head on his shoulder, receiving’s ‘awes’ in the process. “So, what did you guys think?”  Liam asked while folding his hands politely on his lap. “It was fun to hear you guys sing in the recording studio. You know, other than watching it on YouTube.” Tori stated. They nodded and we all just lounged around, waiting for Paul to tell us we can go back to the hotel. “What do you guys want to do when we get to the hotel?” harry asked. We all thought for a moment. Tori and I looked at each other knowingly. “Lazy day!!”

The others looked at us, waiting for a better explanation. I smiled brightly as I lifted myself from Niall’s shoulder. “Okay, ever since Tors and I were 13, we just sat around our living rooms in our pajamas eating junk food and watching movies. We decided to call them our lazy days.” Tori nodded in agreement and we all decided to have one of our famous lazy days.  


        We were all the boys hotel room now (it was bigger than all of ours combined), sitting in our pajamas with a bucket load of chips, cookies, candy and other kinds of junk food sitting before us. Perrie and Eleanor were trying to agree on the first movie we should walk. We had also stopped at the Rogers store to get some movies to watch. We each chose one movie. I chose The Avengers, Tori chose the whole twilight saga (we all persuaded the boys. They couldn’t resist us), Eleanor picked Chronicle, and Danielle had picked out more of a chick flick that we harassed our boyfriend to watch with us. It was The Last Song. None of us saw it but always wanted to. Perrie picked Break It like Beckham.

        Harry picked the notebook, Liam had felt satisfied when he won the debate him and Danielle had over him picking toy story all the time. Zayn picked The Amazing Spiderman and Niall picked Finding nemo. Don’t think I forgot Louis. He choice was just very disturbing. He went through all the horror films and picked out Texas Chainsaw. Niall had laughed at my horrified expression and promised to be by my side. All girls protested but the boys seemed to like the idea of us all cowering beside them. Pfft. Boys.

        I was wearing my Betty boop p.js. It was a black tank top that flowed and said Betty boop all over it with pictures of her. The bottom was shorts that were a light pink with kiss stains all over them. I had my hair in a high ponytail and my purple fluffy slipped pushed aside. We had blankets and pillows thrown around the TV so we can sit. We all gathered around the TV. With our boyfriends beside us as Liam put the avengers.


It was now dark outside and in the hotel room. We had watched all the movies except for Texas chainsaw. We were watching it right now. I was holding onto to niall for dear life as the guy ripped through the girl with the chainsaw. I whimpered and he held me closer. The girl’s scream was silenced by her death. Louis was enjoying the movie way too much. He held Eleanor close and her head was ducked behind his back. Tori screamed along with the girl and Danielle and perrie were practically crying. When he was done, the chainsaw dripped in blood and he smiled sickly before turning on the chainsaw and aimed it at me “you’re next.” He said sickly. I screamed at the top of my lungs before burying my head in Niall’s sweater. That actually terrified me.  Niall patted my back. “The movies done now, Cass.” No way in hell was I coming out now. I shook my head furiously. “He’s coming to get me and you expect to come out your sweater now?!” I scoffed. “Nice try, Horan.” I heard Louis laugh and someone got slapped. Probably Louis. Good for him. It was his fault. “Cass, he’s not even real. Even if he was, he couldn’t get you. He’s in Texas. He doesn’t even know who you are.” Niall pointed out. He had a point there. I slowly lifted my head to see Niall staring at me. He sheepishly lifted up a bag of gummy worms making me smile. I took the bag and started eating them. Eleanor was shaking next to Louis as he tried to comfort her. I saw some tears roll down her cheek. Louis’ face immediately changed. “I shouldn’t have picked that movie.” He mumbled. My head shot up from Niall’s chest. “Oh. I was just terrified  and you laughed at me. But Eleanor starts crying and then you say that we shouldn’t have watch this movie?!” he nodded. “I’m way too scared to go sleep in my own room. Can we all sleep at yours, Tori?” Perrie asked. Tori nodded. We stayed with the boys a while longer to get El to calm down. Then we left to tori and I’s room.  Niall gave me a kiss on the cheek before we left while I gave him one last hug.


        As soon as we got to the hotel we all crashed. I woke up panting because I had a dream the guy with the chainsaw was going to kill me. My first instinct was to call Niall. I grabbed my phone and punched in his number. “Hello?” his raspy voice greeted me. “Niall? I had a nightmare.” “Well, what was it about?” he seemed to be up a bit upbeat. “H-he came after me niall. I was screaming for you but you never came. “ I breathed out  a shaky breath. “Cassidy. Remember it was just a movie. And plus, if you were ever in danger, I’d do anything I could save you.” I smiled at the thought of Niall being there for me whenever I needed him. “Okay. Thanks niall.” I heard a knock on the door. I gasped and quietly crept up to the door. Before doing that, I picked up a pillow, ready to swing. I swung open the door to see my boyfriend looking at me with an amused smile. I let out a breath. I hung up the phone and hugged him.

        “I thought you were the Texas Chainsaw.” He chuckled. “And if I was, what were you going to do? Beat me with a pillow to death.” He laughed as I felt his chest vibrate. “Oh shut up!! I could barely find anything in the room to defend myself with. The pillow is the quickest thing I grabbed. “ We both pulled away and gave him a lingering kiss as we walked into the room. He closed the door. “Thank you. For coming.” He smiled at me and kissed my cheek. “You were really scared. I had to.” He smiled along with me as I cuddled with him. I could feel his heart beating through his chest. He pulled out his phone. “Wanna take pictures?” I nodded. He put the flash on and we both smiled. But, since we weren’t used to the light, the flash blinded us and we ended looking really retarded.

        I laughed at it and he sent it to me. We spent half of time taking retarded pictures in the dark and the other just talking with the occasional kiss. Niall was pulling me to him so fast. I liked him so much in such an early period of time. Each day, I could see my feeling for him growing stronger. I didn’t know if was safe. Would he hurt me? Or would someone else come along and he would lose interest in me. He’s niall Horan for god sake! He could have any other girl in the world. “Yah, and I chose you. “I froze when he spoke. Did I say that all out loud?! “I’m not going anywhere. I like you a lot. Too much to let you go. And lastly, I’ll never hurt you, Cass. Ever.” He spoke while he held my face in his hands. I nodded and gave him a longing kiss. He kissed me back and I leaned back , supporting my weight by placing my hands on the floor. Niall moved up without breaking the kiss. His hands rested on either side of my so he was sort of hovering over me. I felt a light in my face but Niall and I didn’t break apart. I sat up again as niall leaned against the couch while I ran my hand through his hair and on rested on his stomach. He held my waist, tugging me closer so that not even a magazine could be placed between us. I felt another light in face but we still kissed.

        Eventually, we pulled away and I was smiling at him madly. I was hovering over him as he tucked my hair behind my ear. “You look beautiful. I can see your natural beauty.” He stated. I closed my eyes, mentally abusing myself for letting him see me with no makeup on. “Open your eyes. You look beautiful. Really.” I opened them but put my hair back in my face. But he gently tucked it behind my ear again. Another flash came across our face and we looked around to see Danielle looking at us with a smirk on her face. Was she.. She took pictures of us?! She is such a stalker. “How much of that did you see?” she laughed. “I saw from ‘ I’ll never hurt you’ ‘til ‘you look beautiful really’.” I sighed and sat beside niall. “Were you taking pictures?” she nodded and sat beside, showing me the pictures. One was when he was hovering over me as I leaned back, another was when I was hovering over him and letting my hand roam through his hair and the last one was when he tucked my hair behind my ear. “stalker.” Niall mumbled. Danielle smack him as I dramatically gasped and hugged niall from the side.

        “Don’t hurt my boyfriend! He’s fragile.” Niall and Danielle laughed at me and Niall decided to go back before the boys got worried. I gave him one last hug and kiss before shutting the door and lying back down. “He really likes you, Cass.” Danielle said. I smiled and nodded. “I know. I really like him too.” she nodded and we both fell back asleep.


When I woke up, all the boys were there along with the girls. I crept into the washroom to brush my teeth and take a quick shower. I put on some house clothes: a tank top with a pair of yoga shorts. I redid my now messy ponytail and put on a pink lip-gloss with some black mascara. Those were the two things I couldn’t live without. I walked back into the living room and gave the boys a short hi before sitting down next to niall. “So, what do we have planned for today?” I asked. “Well, we were all thinking that we should we all go to the zoo.” Niall said. I nodded. The zoo sounded good to me. “What time?” “2” Liam answered. I checked my phone. It was only 11:30 now. We had time to kill. “I’m going with Danielle to the store to get her these shoes wanted, Perrie and zayn are going to have lunch, and tori, harry, Louis and Eleanor are going to just walk around. Which leaves you and niall to just lounge around watch T.V., make out..” Liam trailed off and I  choked on my salvia from the last thing he said.

        I looked at Danielle, knowing she had showed them the pictures. She smiled innocently as I gave her a death glare. “Yah, that’s right. We saw the pictures. I was wondering where Niall went last night. “ Louis chimed in. I blushed slightly before shaking my head and laughing. Everyone left which left me and Niall to do whatever we wanted. “Want to go down to the pool. No one will be there now.” Niall suggested. I nodded and he left to go get ready. I took off my tank top and shorts, leaving me in my bra and underwear. Sometimes, I did this when I was home alone. Especially if I couldn’t find anything to wear. I grabbed a banana and peeled it before biting it. I sat on the couch and finished the banana. Then I started putting on my bathing suit. This time I put a pink summer dress over it with purple sandals.  Niall came in just his trunks, making me stare at his chest. He looked majorly hot. “Take a picture, it will last longer.” He mocked me form what I said yesterday. I rolled my eyes and playfully smacked him. “Hey!! I thought I was fragile?” I laughed and pulled him out the door and to the elevator to go down to the pool. I realized that it had to pools. One on the roof, and one inside.  We were going to the one inside. When we got there, I took off my sandals and dress before Niall and I jumped in the pool at the same time. We intertwined our fingers as we stared at each other. He kissed and floated back up, leaving me there in awe.

        I floated back up and swam around on my back, while niall watched me. I felt his hand on my back after a while and I sat up waiting for him to come back up. When he did, we both sat around in the pool. “When I was 7, I use to go to the pool and pretend I was a mermaid.” I admitted. He looked at me and smiled. “That’s cute. I can imagine you trying to act like a mermaid.” He laughed. I really wanted to see what he was imaging. He held my waist underneath the water and kissed my forehead. Then I kissed his lips while playing with his wet hair. When we pulled away, there was a girl looking at us in awe. She looked like a directioner to me. Shit. “Are you two.. Dating?” niall and I both shook our heads. She raised one eyebrow. “So you kiss all your friends, Niall. Just admit it. Ciall is real.” I sighed I had a feeling she wasn’t going to give up. “Yah. Cassidy and I are dating. But you can’t tell. I don’t want Cass to expose to the media.” She screamed and nodded her head. “I swear to god, I won’t tell anyone. Well, I’ll let you  guys enjoy your time. I came to look for my mom but I guess she’s not here. Bye niall, bye Cass. I love you guys!!” we thanked her and she left whispering Ciall is real. I laughed. “Do you notice that every time we kiss, someone sees us or interrupts us?” Niall nodded his head. “If we don’t be careful, we’ll be exclusive very soon.” I nodded in agreement. I knew how mean directioner could be. Trust me, I belonged to that fandom. Directioners were sexually frustrated beings whose ambition was to destroy all of the boys relationships by sending the girlfriends hate. I don’t think I could handle that just yet. I mean, in time Niall and I would be known to the world as couple and I’d be getting a lot of hate. So I wanted enjoy the time we had before that happened.

        We stayed in the pool a bit longer before going back to his hotel room to dry off. I couldn’t help but play with his guitar for a while. He taught me some new strings and Jingle bells. Then we watched T.V. while cuddling with each other. Around quarter to one, we fell asleep wrapped in each other’s embrace.



“Aww!! They’re too cute.”

“Take another picture.”

“Yah, they’re cute. But if we don’t wake them up, were going to be late to go to the zoo.”

“Louis, the zoo isn’t going anywhere. We need to savour this moment.”

“When they wake up, they’re going to think we’re all stalkers.”

My eyes fluttered opened to see Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn, Perrie, Eleanor, Danielle and Tori staring me. Tori had her phone in her hand which probably meant she had taken a picture of me and Niall sleeping. His arms were still wrapped tightly around my waist and I made no effort  to move my head which was buried in the crook of his neck. “When did you guys get here?” I asked quietly. I was still recovering from the effects of sleeping. “We came looking for you two.  Did you guys go swimming?” Tori asked. I nodded my head remembering the fan and everything. I felt niall start to move around. “Cass, lie back down. I want to cuddle with you more.” My cheeks instantly turned a bright shade of red as Tori raised her eyebrow while the others gave me and a half awake Niall weird looks.

        Louis snickered as I turned around to wake up Niall. “Niall, it’s time get up. We have to get ready so we can go to the zoo, remember?” he groaned and shifted on so that he was sitting up, but I was still on his lap. He rested his head on the crook of my neck as he dozed off again. “Niall. Come on, get up.” I said as I shook him awake. He was awake now, but still suffering from the effects of sleep. “When did you guys get here?” he questioned as he gestured to others. “We got here when you both sleeping, took some pictures, then witnessed you tell Cass to lie back down because you wanted to cuddle with her more.” Harry stated with a smirk on his face. I turned to Niall who cheeks tuned a light pink. “Oh. What time is it?” He asked. Tori pressed a button on her phone. “1:30p.m.” I did the math in my head. Niall and I slept for 45 minutes.  “Well. Both of you two get your lazy asses up and go get ready.” Louis stated I groaned and got off of Niall’s lap so he could get up to. I stretched and started walking to the door to go change. “Hold it!” Louis yelled. I turned around. “What?” “Are you wearing one of Niall’s shirts?” he asked, very amused because he knew that I would start blushing. He was right. “Erm.. Yah. He lent it to me because he didn’t want my dress to get wet.”

        Eleanor was smiley hugely.” Smiled and grabbed my dress and changed in the washroom instead of going back to the hotel room. I slipped out of Niall’s shirt and back into my summer dress. I let my  ponytail down and shook my hair so that it looked natural wavy. I examined my makeup and it was all smudged. I guess I would have to go back to my hotel room after all. I walked out the washroom and told everyone I would be back, I didn’t give Niall his shirt back because I wanted to keep it for a bit longer. I put it in my suitcase and fixed my make up before meeting the others at the boys’ hotel. Niall was wearing black jeans with  a blue pull over sweater. “Finally!! To the zoo we go!!” Louis screamed. Niall got equally excited and I laughed at him.



        When we got to the zoo we each spilt up and decided to meet at the food court at 5:00p.m.  Niall and I went to the see the tigers first. There was this guy who worked here who was telling us information about the tigers. I saw a baby one and instantly fell in love with it. “Aww!! It’s soo cute! Niall, can you buy me a baby tiger?” he laughed at me. “I can buy you bunny, cat or dog. No tigers.” “Tigers are cats.” He shook his head as I bonded with my new tiger friend. Niall took of me looking through the fence at it. We then went to see the polar bears where we saw Perrie and zayn talking. Zayn had a huge smile on his face as Perrie had a blush on hers. That’s probably how Niall and I looked while we talked. We looked at a few more animals before seeing it was 4:45 and we should start looking for the food court. We finally found it and got there around 4:55.

        Liam, Danielle, Harry and tori were already there. Soon Louis, Eleanor, zayn, and perrie showed up so we left. We decided to just order Chinese food. We hung out at the boy’s room while watching an old episode of ridiculousness. I loved this show. The clips were hilarious. Niall’s laugh rang through my ears which made me smile. His laugh was so adorable . And it was all  mines. He was all mines. I didn’t have to share him with directioner cause he was official my boyfriend. And was so happy to be able to finally call him that. 


hey guys sorry i took so long to update. but this chapter is long right? and there are alot of Ciall moments. i'm fangirling and i wrote this story. it's ridiculous. 

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